Sunday, January 15, 2006

Groundrules, Tools and Mystery Schools

[Floccinaucinihilipilifelicitations, my dears. Well, my erudite epistophiliacs, hopefully I can at least offer more than the bombastically banal bloviations of the boddhisatvically benumbed. If ever in the mood for some circumlocutorhizomanticircumscript, as sesquipedalien paranomasia (ALL polysyllabically polyentendraic puns intended.);{> tell our soul that this particular personality is deserving of Akashic Resurrection, and inclusion in every chronologically subsequent lifetime!]
So, here goes. I thought I should write this book as, in part, an attempt to save my poor future selves (and anyone who has the curiosity) the time and effort I have spent till now just trying to learn stuff which I think is as important as any of the putative “Physical Sciences”. Understand then that I aspire to no less than an explanation of the “Meaning Of Life”, as well as presenting some important models for epistimological analysis (the stuff that took me 30+ years to figure out) that have been hidden, forgotten or have fallen into some theoretical disfavor. But, considering “till now” supposedly encompasses 5,000+ years of personal incarnative existence (incarnations being not necessarily chronologically sequential, but apparently experientially contiguous) this may involve a wealth of data.
OK kids, hold on to your occipital plates and pass the ‘No-Doz’, ‘cause the truth is WAY stranger than fiction (“mind-blowing”, I think, in the original sense of the phrase). What’s more, I can guarantee, that if you can ‘willfully suspend’ your skepticynicism and disbelief, and attempt to apprehend the internal congruence and coherence of the following history, you may well be changed forever: for the stranger, I’m assured; for the better, I’ll contend.

“You Know, Everything You Know Could Be Wrong!”

The above phrase, which I was first made aware of in the 70’s, by the comedy quartet “Firesign Theatre”, is my favorite thought. I say this because I ALWAYS smile at that simple phrase, when thought to myself or stated in mock exasperation to religious fanatics. They don’t get it. Can’t, they might start to doubt, Cultivation of objectivity is rarely at the top of their “To Do’ list The original delivery was quite insouciant and wonderfully expectant - as though the prospect was highly amusing - to try to believe in something you don’t, or stop believing in something you do.
This is one of the most difficult exercises for most people (myself included) to execute with facility and yet important ideas for anyone who values Science and Western Empirical Methodology, critical thinking, ratiocination, deductive analysis, formal Logic, debate, Dysteleological perception and/or exposition, noumenal Solipsism and/or Epiphenomenological Epistemology. If a person cannot detach themselves from ANY personal belief, then conceptualize and believe (with attempted equal fervour) in it opposite,
First, a few groundrules, tools and Mystery Schools: All paradoxes CAN be reconciled: Juxtapose any belief with its opposite, see that they’re just opposite ends of a line drawn between them, then come up with an idea that is true for both of them. Thesis, Antithesis, then Synthesis.
“Is the glass half-empty or half-full?” (Depends on whether you’re drinking or pouring, doesn’t it?!);{> I believe the simple act of attempting to perceive existence from within the framework of a ‘world-view’ much different than that of the dominant paradigm with which we are culturally imprinted is transformative, and can be transcendentally epiphanthetic. “Outer Limits” here we come.
First, an Hermetic Principle to be explicated, illuminating some esoteric history upon which to stretch a fabric of cosmology .
I’ll try to explain as we proceed. The phrase: “As above, so below.” is called “The Principle Of Correspondences” and simply means that if things are related to each other in one way, on any one plane that can be observed, then, the corresponding principles, on any other plane, stand in that same exact relationship. IOW: If the government down here is SNAFU, which it so obviously IS, then the government in “Heaven” is so likewise.
Approximately 250,000 years ago, our planet, and 27 others nearby, in this arm of our galaxy, seceded from the “Galactic Union” (for want of a better term). Our prehistoric ancestors weren’t much involved, being too far down on a cosmic evolutionary scale to be of much help to one side or the other.
Other than the three railgun mass-driven asteroids that destroyed the failed reptile developments (read: sterilized the test tube), the Rebellion, subsequent “Fall” of 1/3 of the Angelic Host, and our planet’s status as one of the secedents has had more to do with the course of human history on Earth than of which it’s possible for me to convince anyone.
The carefully contrived, and successful evolution, of a simian model for ‘soul-vehicle’ development, after the abject failure of no less than 3 previous saurian (reptile-derived) model lines, had finally garnered the local bio-engineering System Administration praise, almost offsetting the disappointing discovery that the viability of a neighboring planet’s primary gene-line (the scions of a mutation in a lemur-like progenitor, and one of the older races extant in this part of the galaxy) was waning; and the aliens we know as “Little Greys” were at zero population growth even back then. Even a lifespan of centuries can’t make up for a gene pool too small, non-diverse and recessively replete from too much tinkering (and inbreeding). If there was such a thing as chromosomal hubris, they had it, in spades.
The ‘Greys’ had served their gen-engineer maker/s less than well throughout their history, being both markedly amoral, and acquisitive. Though good survival skills in ‘bootstrapping’ experimental development schemata (like our own) that utilize Darwinistic ‘natural selection’ ecologies as self-correcting genetic winnowing methodologies, these traits proved ultimately counter-productive to the goal of designing tractable and compliant self-replicating soulvessel livestock/DNA factories.
The ‘Greys’ were still astute, if not prolific, and they realized that only drastic (and perhaps even prohibited) measures would suffice for their survival. Compatible genetic stem-cell material was needed in large quantities, in order to genesplice a robust DNA sequence onto the ‘Greys’ deteriorated one, and sometimes entire worlds with no native sentients were laid waste just to serve the energy and raw material needs of the Greys for a few years.
Along with their surreptitious collection expeditions to primitive worlds like ours that were producing compatible gene-plasm (and for the most part were lacking interstellar or interdimensional travel capabilities - so we couldn’t run OR hide from their predations), they seemed to care nothing for the terror and trauma their criminal sperm and ova poaching produced. Alas, it was all too easy to understand when you realized that they used us like we use lab rats, and, apparently, had as low a regard for our intelligence and right to autonomy as we have for any of the millions of “dumb animals” we experiment upon every year.

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