Saturday, September 06, 2008

Steve Fossett Conspiracy Revisited

Well, it's been a year and still no sign of Steve Fossett. Rumours have circulated about his having arranged his own disappearance for various reasons (because the collective intuition KNOWS there is something odd about this whole case). This week, an FAA report was released (why so late?) wherein there is a descrition of the last sighting of Fossett's plane by a ranchhand - 9 miles south of Hilton's airstrip, 2 1/2 hours after takeoff ! The ranchhand stated that the plane was about 100 feet off the ground (under the radar?) at the time. This is one hour before Fosset was to have lunch at the ranch.

Apart from the odd flash (that Fossett ABSOLUTELY was NOT dead, had NOT crashed and was involved in some odd, possibly governmental, possibly alien conspiracy) I had when Fosset vanished, what strikes me now is the even odder release of this new information now. Why were people misled into believing that the search was viable for a few hundred mile radius if this information was known at the time? And if the plane was sighted on the ranch, why was a search of the ranch NEVER allowed, and/or pursued? Rich people can cover up anything and get away with it.

At this point, I'm still waiting for some manufactured evidence of the crash to show up, but because of the continued searches, AND satellite scrutiny, I believe the conspirators have been thwarted in their plan to plant debris and unidentifiable remains, in order to put to rest the continued speculation about this, yet another, duping of the public for raesons unknown.

Just one psychic's opinion, mind you, but my accuracy for the past 18 years stands at 83%.

-the Dalphe

Monday, September 01, 2008

The Hubris Of The Discarnate

I feel compelled to direct Michael channels and students to view an old episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" entitled: "The Measure Of A Man", in order to reiterate my conclusion that the Michael Teachings, as wonderfully informative and illuminative as they are with regard to the nature of personal reality and the mechanisms of corporeal existence, are based upon some false assertions, and as such demonstrate the erroneous justification that since the very beginning, with perfidy and consummate contumely, has relegated innumerable individual incarnations to the ongoing oppression, fascism and durance vile inherent and intrinsic to the manipulation of human beings by that class of discarnate entities that are both individually and collectively responsible for the direction of the inhabitation of each and every incarnation.

In this episode of the popular TV series the android, Data, has to defend himself from the same false claim that the Michael makes of human beings, more specifically of their "ego", or sense of self (also known in the MT as the "false personality" and/or "waking consciousness"): that androids are not "living beings", and in the Michael's case, that human beings are not "living beings". The drama well illustrates the issues that are the quintessence of my objection to the continued sacrifice of all we innumerable beings - which is why I highly recommend it in this instance - we beings whom I believe are so sacrificed for the sake of the ongoing evolution of the universal reality construct (and the"Wheel of Dharma") that is flawed because of just this fact: that it contravenes the Doctrine of Ahimsa ("NO living being should EVER be sacrificed!").

The question of the sentience of artificial intelligences and their right at some point to be considered "alive" has been well hashed out in Speculative Fiction for decades. The overwhelming conclusion of futurists and theorists of every stripe is omnipresent, and contrary to the POV of the Michael with regards to humanity.

Attempting to define the oppressed as "not human" or "not real" or not living beings is evidence of the same kind of logic the Nazi's used to oppress the Jews in the Holocaust. The Michael, through every Michael channel of which I've ever studied, has always contended that the "waking consciousness" (usually deprecated as the "'false' personality") is neither a living being or even, actually "real".

Now don't get me wrong, I certainly don't think that collective disembodied entities in general, nor the Michael specifically, are evil. Like most Gnostics, I believe the very nature of reality to be flawed and oppressive. I honestly do believe the wealth of detail imparted to us by the Michael to be invaluable, but the hubris of the discarnate is, to me, indicative of the acceptance, by this class of being, of the false syllogisms and enthymemes that comprise the slippery slope of belief enabling their use of we "false personalities" for their own ends, which are obviously not always beneficial for us as "waking consciousnesses".

This brings up the other false premise which I believe the Michael continually proffers: the notion that all "karma", and/or the things that happen to human beings are solely the result of "free will" and the "choice" of the "false personality". Patently untrue, and easily shown to be so. In rejoinder: the death of a three month old infant from malnutrition and dehydration in sub-saharan Africa was not the choice of that individual "waking consciousness", it was obviously the choice of that incarnation's "Essence", or "Soul", for the achievement of ends beneficial or "necessary" to the Soul, but certainly not that incarnation's.

By the same token, no three year old child EVER chose to be sexually assaulted and/or tortured and mutilated to death, and so on and so on, I don't wish to belabor the point, the actuality of the cruelty of existence should be proof enough. This issue of choice, as framed by the Michael, is a false premise that attempts to justify the innate abuses of Essence, and part of the true nature of "personal reality". Some of what is channeled from higher knowledge sources is indeed factual (especially if the source is Akashic, and/or NOT self-aware) but not everything always is, and some stuff is still just opinion, and albeit this opinion may be based on a greater than human perspective, it is still opinion!

By any definition relevant to the argument, through the application of formal logic, human beings ARE "real" (illusory nature of material manifestation immaterial to the meme) and "alive" - causal plane 'entity' propaganda or self-justification notwithstanding - and will always continue to be so. No metaphysical "Turing Test" is necessary. I deeply feel that this argument, and opponents to the particular POV espoused by the Michael, have been around since we all were first "cast from the Tao", AND it is my informed belief, based on 35 years of assiduous and diligent study (and entire millenial "Cycles" of my existence) that it was in defense of the most noble of all arguments (Ahimsa) that one-third of all the Angels in Heaven "fell".

- the Dalphe

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Joan In Agony, Essence In Bliss

There are two examples of my lack of total concurrence with the Michael's POV that I can illustrate here, and the first comes from a few passages in the "Messages From Michael" books, where Michael states that when Joan D'Arc was being tortured to death, her Essence was in bliss. 'That's some creepy shit', I remember thinking at the time of my first reading (and if I am challenged for chapter and verse I can get my signed copy of MFM and look it up).

Michael later states in a couple places that great physical pain often brings Essence and incarnation into a greater communicative rapport. As I have stated before in this blog, this bothers me (as does Darwinism, for that matter) because it shows that the nature of existance is abusive to incarnation, and oppressive. For a more thorough dissertation on this POV, please peruse my earlier posts.

Another problem I have with the MT, is the namby-pamby alteration of the original teachings for the sake of political correctness. A "Slave" in Essence, IS a slave in essence, and changing the name of the role to "Server", as is now the fashion, dilutes and distorts the Michael Teachings, as does all misappropriation of meaning by revisionist editing.

But hey, that's just my opinion. I am a 'Yarbro Fundamentalist', OK? The original MT were transmitted via Oiuja Board folks, much less chance of that 20% error due to innate bias by channel (which is Michael's estimate of error in channeling) Which is why I trust the innate accuracy of the original MT more than anything that has come through since.

Proper definition through prescriptive sourcing is important, I opine. I had a current Michael channel comment to me recently about 'Life Tasks' being "assigned" by Michael (I have the e-mail and can quote it verbatim). I think I know what they were talking about, nevertheless their lack of specificity in stating their thought illustrates part of this problem.

Michael doesn't "assign" the life task (that is done by Essence for each incarnation). Michael, however can COMMENT upon one's life task, and/or DEFINE it for one through a channel. I'm sure the channel knows this, but this illustrates why I don't channel stuff for other people. I cannot make sure that what I'm saying when channeling is the EXACT right way to convey the proper meaning, in real time, so I don't channel that way. I would never want a new student of the MT to be misled into thinking that the Michael somehow "assigns" one ones' "Life Task". Just my choice.

When something important is misstated, or the actual datastreambytes are re-defined for the sake of currently fashionable sentiment, it can give rise to all sorts of reverberative dissonance in meaning, and can actually be more disinformative than enlightening. I choose my words carefully, therefore, because transmission of data from a higher knowledge source is an awesome responsiblity, one which perhaps I take a bit less lightly than most. Which is not to say that I don't get it wrong sometimes as well.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

"Michael Teachings" Comment For Troy


Because you have left me no other way to get in touch with you (I tried joining your website on various occasions, and have attempted to e-mail you, but you make it less than easy to get back to you) I'll just drop a note here, because you always seem to be aware of my postings soon after I do post.

First, let me just say that I consider you to be the best of the current lot of Michael Channels online. The statements I am attributing to the Michael (things like "The creation is perfect.") have been channeled REPEATEDLY by channels on the "Michael Teaching" website. Don't blame me if both you and I disagree with their channeled statements. The moderator of that site hounded me unmercifully in personal e-mails accusing me of all sorts of imagined transgressions of that site's policies when I attempted to engage in a colloquy with others there (I have saved these personally insulting e-mails, BTW, in case my veracity with regard to their existence is questioned). I know you have had problems with this person, and a few of that site's denizens, as have I.

If you bother to read back through my blog, and not just focus on my recent postings, you will see exactly where the Michael and I differ. One big point is that I BELIEVE THE "FALSE PERSONALITY/WAKING CONSCIOUSNESS" IS A LIVING BEING THAT IS SACRIFICED EVERY LIFETIME FOR THE EVOLUTION OF THE ESSENCE. Michael has repeatedly, through various channels, stated that this is NOT the case. Hence our disagreement. (Mchael and I)

My humor is self-deprecating in nature, and I'm glad you picked up on my self-immolative intimations. Well done. My teachers always told me that the way to learn to levitate was to think of yourself lightly, right? I'm certainly never offended by anyone questioning my opinions, but my veracity should speak for itself.

We got no beef, buddy, that I can see. I would suggest you re-read my post: "List of Channeled Beings" and realize (as most Michael channels and students seem NOT to be able) that there were reliable channels long before the Michael Teaching, and Michael does not have a copyright on "cosmic truth", as it were (nor even on most of the "Teachings" systemetology/phraseology - the very similar Seth material pre-dates the Michael stuff). There are a host of beings that have been truly channeled (some of whom are delineated in my post) Michael being only one of many.

May your feet tread light on your path, - Jondalf (a fellow student of the 'Channeling Arts');{>

Friday, August 01, 2008

The "Michael" Police

To whom, etc,
(but most especially students of the collected teachings of the collective disembodied Entity, "Michael");{>

I've been a conscious channel for 40+ years. I learned to channel the Akashic (by observing and listening to a guy named Stephen Gaskins, in the '60s attending a group called "Monday Night Class") long before the Orinda group. CQY was a friend of one of my oldest childhood friends, and I have been able to 'get' The Michael since I was a child. I studied the "Seth" material before the Michael Teachings and I consider myself a ' Yarbro Fundamentalist'.

If you're a Michael student and curious about who and what I am, and my POV, JUST ASK MICHAEL! My Overleaves (but NOT my "Life Task") were channeled by Ted Fontaine in 1995, and vetted by me. A previous posting: "List Of Channeled Beings" was compiled by me, FROM MEMORY (no Googling involved) in response to a question from the moderator of one of the major "Michael Teaching" sites (who hounded me from the site after I started to state some of my 'disagreements'). The list is of beings with whom I have either communicated or channeled personally, or of those whom others have attested they have ("Principle of Charitable Interpretation/Benefit of the Doubt" notwithstanding);{>

And, if you read between my lines over the course of this blog, you realize that The Michael and I happen to disagree about some important aspects of "The Creation", as repeatedly delineated by The Michael through various channels. I don't trust most Kings and/or Warriors, anyway (I generally wouldn't consult them for advice on much other than "noblesse oblige", or Martial Arts, respectively) and I certainly don't take everything The Michael says, as most Michael students and channels apparently do, as Gospel. According to The Michael, one IS supposed to question everything, even The Michael. Remember the "Shroud of Turin" fiasco?

I have never claimed to be a professional, or even an accomplished Michael channel. I HAVE channeled Michael infrequently, but I get too much static in my 'tuning', as it were, and I don't channel for other people. I DO however, answer questions put to me, about esoteric subjects, to the best of my ability, and if that includes channeling Michael, The Nine Diamond Faced Masters, Groucho, Brother Bartholomew or the Akashic, so be it. Occasionally I'm even successful.

Sometimes I feel like one of those those folks who try to present an independent view of Scientology, from an informed POV, when I question some of the Michael Teachings doctrine/dogma, which I have studied for more than three decades. Especially when I'm challenged and asked questions like: "Who channeled that for you?"- as though I need to vette my own perceptions, or insights, or 40+ years of metaphysical studies. I reserve the right to have an opinion about everything, as should everyone else. Some opinions may just have a "mythic resonance" (as Burroughs said) like it or not. To each his onus, eh?

Hey, if it works for you, use it, if it doesn't, go do something else. - the Dalphe

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Backstory To Thislife: "Life Task"

What is your "Life Task"?

My life task: First transcend (for perspective's sake) then subvert, the dominant paradigm. (A 7th Level Mature Lifetime demonstration/performance evidently intended to be somewhat ancillary to the alchemical maxim: "Solve et coagule".)

The backstory: Approximately 250,000 years ago, our planet and 27 others close to us in this spiral arm, seceded from the "Galactic Union" in a movement dubbed the "Luciferian Rebellion" (by the Bible and the Urantia Book). The "bone" of contention in this disaffectation of allegiances was hubris. A charge leveled by each side at the other.

Without re-hashing the arguments of each side, for the sake of brevity, suffice it to say that I believe I was one of the original human rebel theorists. (I'm a Gnostic, not a Satanist, by the way. I believe that the "creator" - the "Demiurgos" - is evil because there is so much suffering in this Universe. Gnostics hold IHVH in contempt for contravening the "Doctrine of Ahimsa": That NO living being should EVER be sacrificed!)

I remain loyal to that rebellion, as I understand it, to this day. Most all of my incarnations seem to be predicated upon the notion of the effectiveness of a long-term multi-temporal struggle to achieve success over millenia with carefully executed stratagems and influences. A vector-sum calculus of probable timeline nexial convergences and permutatively efficacious interventional material manifestations. A guerilla war fought on through entire Cycles of incarnations, chronologically speaking.

Thislife, I was selected by the CIA in 1970 at UC Berkeley to be part of an infamous "Black Op." named MKULTRA. I was subjected to a decade long series of tests and attempts at behavior modification by covert agents and agencies. A lot of people at the time (unbeknownst to them) were. My second "handler" went "native", BTW, and left the CIA, defecting to the counterculture he was sent to infiltrate (hippies) and in the process bringing a bunch of documents called "The Gemstone Files" with him - but that's another story. This was the "transcend the dominant paradigm" portion of thislife's task.

Even before, and since then, I have in been influencing people in the "subvert the dominant paradigm" portion of thislife's task. I grew up on the California coast (Pacifica) started surfing in 1959, built sufboards and skateboards for a living for many years, became something of a legend ("Thrasher" magazine capitalized upon my semi-infamy) and engendered a "tribe" of devotees that ignore gravity and are hardcore anti-establishment types: skateboarders.

This is the way my incarnational influence manifests, usually unbeknownst to me. If I knew what I was doing, I'd probably blow it (or, as William Burroughs states in 'Naked Lunch' - a book about the beginnings of MKULTRA when Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs were given drugs by the CIA and paid to write about their effects - : "The best agent is an unconscious agent.") I only become aware of my influences in hindsight.

Anyway, that's the condensed version. Also, IMNSHO, I would generally take "The Michael's" (of "The Michael Teachings") pronouncement of one's 'life task' with a 'grain of salt', as it were. The Michael is a spokesentity for the Universal status-quo, I believe. Witness The Michael's frequent contention that: "The creation is perfect."; and juxtapose that thought with MY contention that no creation that allows the agonizing deaths of thousands of less than 6 month old infants from dehydration and malnutrition daily could EVER be considered "perfect" by any rational being!

I have been able to tune my brain to the frequency of the 'Entity' "Michael" since I was a child, but my "inner truth sense" always alerted me to the fact that a lot of pronouncements by this collective disembodied being were a Causal Plane Entity's OPINION, and not necessarily the 'ultimate' truth. Such an Entity, self announced as being comprised only of former incarnational Roles of Kings and Warriors (not the Roles to which I personally would apply myself were I asking for metaphysical advice or "truth", ya' know?) is not one whose corporeal track record of truthtelling recommends it as a source for unsullied data.

Well then, I hope this rather narcissistically prolix diatribe ("This is your Department of Redundancy Department");{> answers your question. I learn a lot of things in hindsight, it seems, so I have no choice BUT to stay interested, you see. In any event, be well. And, as usual, I admonish: ALWAYS speak "Truth to Power"!

- Jondalf
7th. Level Mature Sage (w/Priest ET)
Goal of Growth
Passion Mode
Attitude of Spiritualist
Moving Part Of Intellectual Center
Primary CF of Self-Destuction, Secondary of Stubborness

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hofmann's Potion (1/6) (On YouTube)

One thing Hofmann's potion taught me long ago was that any belief system that posits causality for any "evil" as existing only on the material plane (as in Politics) is way erroneous, and is only chasing epiphenomena - effects, not causes.

People like Stephen Hawkings, Bayes and Hilbert have since proven me, and most Gnostic Sages like me (even though most Physicists and Cosmologists don't quite realize it yet) to be correct in our conclusion that there is SO much suffering on the physical because the "Demiurgos" constructed it that way, and any discussion of repressive forces in corporeal existence that ignores such a conclusion is basically simple sophistry!

IOWs: Bush and Cheney and their Neo-Con ilk are just puppets for the true forces of Darksnarkeyness, whose real existence is 'beyond' physical.

- the Dalphe

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dissappearing Bees And World Food Prices

Why hasn't anyone noticed the connection I wonder? Just a thought . . .

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Osama Bin Laden Seen In Riyadh?

Why is it that whenever I try to 'remote view' OBL I get the image of a clean-shaven, short haired businessman in a western suit coming out of a dialysis facility in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?

And why do I also get the distinct impression that both the Saudi government and the current US administration know exactly where he is? Weird, huh?