Thursday, July 31, 2008

Backstory To Thislife: "Life Task"

What is your "Life Task"?

My life task: First transcend (for perspective's sake) then subvert, the dominant paradigm. (A 7th Level Mature Lifetime demonstration/performance evidently intended to be somewhat ancillary to the alchemical maxim: "Solve et coagule".)

The backstory: Approximately 250,000 years ago, our planet and 27 others close to us in this spiral arm, seceded from the "Galactic Union" in a movement dubbed the "Luciferian Rebellion" (by the Bible and the Urantia Book). The "bone" of contention in this disaffectation of allegiances was hubris. A charge leveled by each side at the other.

Without re-hashing the arguments of each side, for the sake of brevity, suffice it to say that I believe I was one of the original human rebel theorists. (I'm a Gnostic, not a Satanist, by the way. I believe that the "creator" - the "Demiurgos" - is evil because there is so much suffering in this Universe. Gnostics hold IHVH in contempt for contravening the "Doctrine of Ahimsa": That NO living being should EVER be sacrificed!)

I remain loyal to that rebellion, as I understand it, to this day. Most all of my incarnations seem to be predicated upon the notion of the effectiveness of a long-term multi-temporal struggle to achieve success over millenia with carefully executed stratagems and influences. A vector-sum calculus of probable timeline nexial convergences and permutatively efficacious interventional material manifestations. A guerilla war fought on through entire Cycles of incarnations, chronologically speaking.

Thislife, I was selected by the CIA in 1970 at UC Berkeley to be part of an infamous "Black Op." named MKULTRA. I was subjected to a decade long series of tests and attempts at behavior modification by covert agents and agencies. A lot of people at the time (unbeknownst to them) were. My second "handler" went "native", BTW, and left the CIA, defecting to the counterculture he was sent to infiltrate (hippies) and in the process bringing a bunch of documents called "The Gemstone Files" with him - but that's another story. This was the "transcend the dominant paradigm" portion of thislife's task.

Even before, and since then, I have in been influencing people in the "subvert the dominant paradigm" portion of thislife's task. I grew up on the California coast (Pacifica) started surfing in 1959, built sufboards and skateboards for a living for many years, became something of a legend ("Thrasher" magazine capitalized upon my semi-infamy) and engendered a "tribe" of devotees that ignore gravity and are hardcore anti-establishment types: skateboarders.

This is the way my incarnational influence manifests, usually unbeknownst to me. If I knew what I was doing, I'd probably blow it (or, as William Burroughs states in 'Naked Lunch' - a book about the beginnings of MKULTRA when Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs were given drugs by the CIA and paid to write about their effects - : "The best agent is an unconscious agent.") I only become aware of my influences in hindsight.

Anyway, that's the condensed version. Also, IMNSHO, I would generally take "The Michael's" (of "The Michael Teachings") pronouncement of one's 'life task' with a 'grain of salt', as it were. The Michael is a spokesentity for the Universal status-quo, I believe. Witness The Michael's frequent contention that: "The creation is perfect."; and juxtapose that thought with MY contention that no creation that allows the agonizing deaths of thousands of less than 6 month old infants from dehydration and malnutrition daily could EVER be considered "perfect" by any rational being!

I have been able to tune my brain to the frequency of the 'Entity' "Michael" since I was a child, but my "inner truth sense" always alerted me to the fact that a lot of pronouncements by this collective disembodied being were a Causal Plane Entity's OPINION, and not necessarily the 'ultimate' truth. Such an Entity, self announced as being comprised only of former incarnational Roles of Kings and Warriors (not the Roles to which I personally would apply myself were I asking for metaphysical advice or "truth", ya' know?) is not one whose corporeal track record of truthtelling recommends it as a source for unsullied data.

Well then, I hope this rather narcissistically prolix diatribe ("This is your Department of Redundancy Department");{> answers your question. I learn a lot of things in hindsight, it seems, so I have no choice BUT to stay interested, you see. In any event, be well. And, as usual, I admonish: ALWAYS speak "Truth to Power"!

- Jondalf
7th. Level Mature Sage (w/Priest ET)
Goal of Growth
Passion Mode
Attitude of Spiritualist
Moving Part Of Intellectual Center
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  1. You have a very interesting take on Michael and what they teach. I enjoyed reading it. I look forward to seeing more.
    Sandy Stevens
    2nd level old Sage (Warrior ET)
    Intellectual part of Emotional Center
    goal of Flow