Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Inelegance Of Code For Profit, And Prophets Forced Into Code

"next to of course god america i
love you land of the pilgrims' and so forth oh
say can you see by the dawn's early my
country 'tis of centuries come and go
and are no more what of it we should worry
in every language even deafanddumb
thy sons acclaim your glorious name by gorry
by jingo by gee by gosh by gum
why talk of beauty what could be more beaut-
iful than these heroic happy dead
who rushed like lions to the roaring slaughter
they did not stop to think they died instead
then shall the voice of liberty be mute?"

He spoke.  And drank rapidly a glass of water     - ee cummings

"The Devil came from Kansas.  Where he went to I can't say.  If you really are my brother,
then you better start to pray." - Procol Harum, "The Devil Came From Kansas"

"Vapid, variegated and verisimilitudenous we vy,
plying the repetitive metaphor of mannerism
we move, through the sullied simile of being." - J Thrasher

So sometimes I wonder if it's just me, and if my initial 15 years experience with computers, using only Macs, has somehow spoiled my brain. I mean, I can still sense a hack in this PC I use now, I can generally find program incursions, things that insinuate their way into my CPU that are either supportive of me and my unique talents or programs/files/code that are designed to be destructive either to me or my computer systems. Of course then there's the stuff that is just there to track me (I will always be that "loose nuke" to some in various intelligence services, US and otherwise). The problem with my particular manifestation of electrokinesis is that my data is intuitional, not empirical. I never learned basic, or any language thereafter. Never needed programming skills with Macs, the elegance of a WYSIWYG GUI was quite amenable to psychic manipulation and perception; But I still don't like all the "default user" NTAuthority javascript backdoors into what SHOULD be MY hard drive, my Administrator Services, my proprietary original music
and written works.  Yet every week, there is some new intrusion into my property,  sanctioned by the inelegance of Windows, and the apparent belief on the part of software companies that private property doesn't exist if you use their services. And then I have to send a surge back along the trace, ask the Cherubim to do some "smiting" (it's for what they were built, and they do enjoy it);{>.

Why should I have to worry about whether some rabid fundamentalist is going to take
exception to my contention that no translation of the Bible is "inerrant" and place a script in my computer that entitles itself: $$$PROTO.HIV, and when I research it it looks like Mainland Chinese codework, used by the "God Hates F*gs" Kansas Church types of 'worshippers' who, unbeknowst to them, are actually getting their inspiration from an old aquaintance of mine. Having been an original Luciferian Rebel (as defined by the Urantia Book) myself, 250,000 years back, I was (and am still) friendly with many of the "Fallen", and the
"Neutral", and the remaining "Hosts". (Remember: Gnostic I. IHVH is the usurper, guilty of
Demiurgenic abuse). Anyway, check it out: at the next protest at a funeral by a church,
notice the overabundance of big, black flies that accompany the protestors. Not just because
they're Necromongers, but they are being manipulated by a Duke of "Hell", who is also the
"Lord Of Flies".  Fairly famous, name stats with "B"? someone else should have noticed by

Or why do I have to use port monitor programs that tell me I'm always connected to an IP in
Germany, just because I tell the truth about the sociopaths the US imported to fight the
commies after WWII.  I made no blanket condemnation of any Nation in general, but there's
always someone to piss-off.  If I say that Osama made a trip to Dubai last week, still
clean-shaven, expensive western suit tailored to exacting standards, and has been living
quite comfortably (plastic-surgery notwithstanding) in Riyadh for years, with the blessings
of the Haliburton clan (remember: Osama's father and Prescott B went WAY back - look it up).
But then Osama DID help the CIA (who armed him in the first place to fight the Russians)
get the NSA's $20 dollar bill plates (lent to Iraq back when they were decimating Iran)   Sigh - just means someone will not have learned from the disappearences of all those former interlopers upon
my CPU.  Still, I insist that code written to make a quick buck (and keep competitors from
using it) will just end up being all too hackable.  Know what I mean? 

I had friends and connections that wrote code from the beginning (I actually
traded "BlueBoxes" on the Berkeley underground barter market economy for goods and services,
knowing someone who knew "Captain Crunch", one of the first anarchist hackers).  For those
who aren't familiar with the history of anticapitalist monkeywrenchingtech, the
first'BlueBoxes',attributed to the inventiveness of the good Captain, were hand held
gadgets with a recording of the tone that a quarter being deposited in a pay phone
made, telling the network phone switch that money had been tendered. A 'McLuhan plug nickle'
I called 'em.  Quite an ingenious invention, for the time, and no self-respecting late
'60s/early '70s Yippie or Weatherman would leave the pad without one.

Which brings me to a digression I have seen coming for some time, so bear with me, the
record really needs to be set straight, so listen up because the American people have been
lied to about this for decades:  To my knowledge, (and I knew a lot at the time)

THE SO CALLED "WEATHER UNDERGROUND"; A.I.M.; THE S.D.S.; THE BLACK PANTHER PARTY, or any"revolutionary" organization associated with, and/or populated by the 'counterculture'.

I was there, I knew every "true believer", and I knew, we all knew:

Case in point: the S.L.A.. A PAID FRONT GROUP FOR THE FBI!  I was living a half-block from
the apt. from which Patricia Hearst was kidnapped when this travesty occurred.  Within a
Hour of hearing the news on TV, I had made the rounds of my associates in Berkeley and
Oakland, dedicated anti-establishment representatives from all the hard-core groups, and
had learned that Cinque and company, who friends of mine knew quite well, were narcs,
Confidential Informants for various law enforcement agencies, and were NEVER considered to
be even sober enough to be considered "hippies" let alone '"revolutionaries". 

The revolutionary types I knew were ex-military Libertarians, one of whom had a 50mm
anti-tank gun and 500 rounds of ammo in his garage,in the suburbs.  Another guy had a
working WWII tank he'd assembled from surplus pieces in his basement in the Berkeley Hills. 
They were just waiting for a Government action in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act to
goad them into action.  Others I knew were just as convinced that the Kennedy Assasination
was a Coup D'eTat by the Military-Industrial Complex GENERAL IKE EISENHOWER HAD WARNED
ABOUT.  And, with the infiltration of the Intelligence Establishment by concentration camp
officers and scientists, all branches of the US Government were actively using American
Servicemen and civilians as unwitting guinea pigs; assassinating members of the Civil Rights
movement, duly formed legal militias and mutual-defense groups (The Black Panthers and
A.I.M. factor as those); you had people like George White, head of the OSS/CIA, bragging
about the prostitutes and drug addicts and hippies he and his organization had kidnapped,
raped, experimented on, tortured and killed. It certainly seemed to many civil libertarians
of the day some action needed to be taken, but almost everyone I knew, grokking the lesson
of Gandhi and King, along with the enlightened perspective that came with the transcendent
consciousness that Huxley, and James, and McLuhan and O'Brown and Marcuse and  had forseen
and prosyletized knew NO "revolution" worth supporting was going to be achieved through violent
means, not within the outmoded paradigm of power that was Goldwater's Amerika.

Every single instance of "terrorism" I have researched, laid at the feet of Anti-war,
Anti-draft or Anti-civil rights protestors, was actually planned, organized and funded by
the US Government, its agencies, or State/Local Law enforcement. EVERY ONE! No wonder the
Thus, I have digressed, but I really had to address this longstanding idiocy and conspiracy
to protect the guilty still inhabiting their sinecures to this day.  Nevertheless, it does
explain some of the surreptitious hacking that has lost me hundreds of hours of my time,
destroyed, stolen, damaged or deleted numerous pieces of my original music and written
works. Some of the people responsible for these predations upon the American people are
still skulking in their old-boy networks and/or retirement communities, hoping against hope
that 'bread and circuses' and middle-class comforts will keep the public from ever caring
enough to listen to the voices crying for justice, and redress and an end to the politics of

Anyone guilty of the destruction of historic documents, like all the tens of thousands of
MKULTRA pages destroyed by CIA Directors Stansfield Turner and Richard Helms, AND any
Political office holder, from President on down that either orders or condones such
destruction of records that protect murderers and torturers, sociopathic scientists and/or
military martinets, should be adjudged guilty of treason, and prosecuted as such. The
MKULTRA docs were destroyed so that the ruling class of America could not be held liable for
mass murder, lifelong psychological damage to thousands and the exposure of how little those
in power cared about the citizenry the were sworn to serve.

Right about now, I believe some former child-abusers, Nazi's and Black Ops apologists are
finding the very real effects of Angelic retribution to be signifigantly apparent, as will
all who have hindered my struggle to simply exercise free speech, and tell the truth as I
know it.  And remote-viewers can know a great deal.

Like, well, NEVER PUT YOUR GOOD STUFF INTO A COMPUTER THAT IS CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET.Hence, the chapters of my Memoir that were hacked and presumably stolen: my proposals only,a bunch of threads that go nowhere, but demonstrate my abilities as the finest neologist
since Joyce etc, etc. I have it all in hard copy. Now I just have to get MY "Monster" which,
in manuscript is twice the size of Spalding Grey's "Swimming To Cambodia". I'm leaning
towards a Clemens' type of format - dictating along with memories (mememnemonic encapsulated
in code). Then I'll have to collect the hundreds of hours of original music I've left safely
as tape with people that hardly remember they have it. The songs I shared so far were my
demos, I did think ahead you know.  Quantum computing using multiple Dalphebrains across
parallel reality matrix analogs gotta be good for something besides war against the Drachs. 
Just a matter of getting all the variables to line up and PLINKO!  Something good will occur
for us all. The loss of a great deal of my current work is just something to tally.

"And Ezra Pound and TS Eliot, fighting in the Captain's Tower
while calypso singers laugh at them, and fishermen throw flowers"- B Dylan, "Desolation Row"

Next up:  "Three Parallel Earths", implications of the upcoming nexus of
convergence/divergence of three 'bundled' sets of geometrically 'nested'
vectors of future probability.

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