Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Past, And Future, Of The Michael Teachings

"There Is Only One True Teaching"

There Michael says: ‘In order for this group to achieve the cohesion necessary to provide growth, a level of intimacy and trust far exceeding what you now have must be reached. This cannot be achieved through dialogue. Dialogue is false personality’s defense against emotional center.’

In order to PROPERLY align, prepare, invoke, receive and promulgate the "True"/"Higher"/"Esoteric" Michael Teachings, an Intentional Community MUST be formed!

Just like I have said since MY first Guru, Akashic Channel Stephen Gaskin, left San Francisco with 700 "Monday Night Class" regulars in hippie schoolbuses in 1970, to journey to Arkansas, and there form the oldest '60s rooted, Intentional Community and world-famous working Organic Teaching Farm: "The Farm" (still the biggest and most profitible Channeled Teachings based community in the world):

Michael Teachings students MUST form an insular Intentional Community and integrate themselves into it to receive the entire 'package' of Teachings, THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE FOR TOTAL RECEPTION !!!  All other methods will only ever receive partial transmissions.

As I have said before, I knew this in the '70s, was living in Berkeley and the rest of my Band (The Chumpmonks) had a house in Orinda a mile from TOMG.  WE WERE WHERE WE HAD AGREED TO BE, READY TO PLAY GIGS 7/365 TO HELP FUND THE COMMUNE!  WE HAD 'TRIBE' - A LOOSE ASSOCIATION OF ABOUT 50 MATURE AND OLD SOULS READY TO MERGE.  WE WERE A BRANCH OF TIMOTHY LEARY'S "BROTHERHOOD OF ETERNAL LOVE" CHURCH.

We collected every scrap of Michael Message we could wrangle, also studying Seth, and Lazurus, Brother Bartholomew and James. We waited for TOMG to incorporate and form a 501C around Sarah  .  .  .  and waited  .  .  .  and waited.  For 5 years we were loyal to our agreement - '74 to '79 - ALL 50+ OF US !!!  Then we knew that CQY had intruded upon the agreement, stolen the memes, published the MFM books and then dissed the Teachings for 10 years, having made enough money off them to do so. 


I will be moving to a 2 1/2 acre site near Show Low, Arizona, owned by one of the Chumpmonks on or about July 1st to ascertain suitability for an Intentional Community.  After a few weeks, I will proceed to an acre near Colorado Springs for the same reason, then to a 20 acre site outside Lyons, Colorado.  I have other sites that I have collected over the years (all owned by close friends amenable to an Intentional Community concept) - sites in Wyoming, and near Yreka, CA

I have been slowly making my way through Michael Teachings groups and sites, since 1995, evaluating potential recruits for attitude and suitability for communal life.  I have lived in 3 communes over the years - they are incredibly difficult to sculpt into viable, self sufficient, self-sustaining WORKING social environments with enough time to concentrate on collective spirituality.  Most of the 100s of students I have observed over the years I wouldn't recruit for a Block Party - no ability to put group before self.  The 20 or so I thought MIGHT work are almost all Buddhist or in service to the Michael Community already.  There are a few Native American shaman I could recruit, I believe, some with Teaching organizations and networks already either incorporated or as LLCs.

This is the first time I have divulged ALL of this story. The 1' Gemini Lunar Eclipse/New Moon, at 4:47pm PDT today, is one of the most powerful Gates for initiating this kind of energy in decades.  I will son be putting all my stuff in storage, firing up my RV, and hitting the road.  The I Ching says "companions will arrive during the journey".  We shall see. 

The ideogram image (Hexagram 24, Return, no lines of change) is of rings of strung, linked 'cowrie' shells, used for money in Ancient China.  This is the Chinese character meaning: "Partners". 

The Channeled "Chandra Symbol" for 1 degree Gemini is:

"Knots In A Cord. They Are Messages In Code"

Coming up against limits. Aware of what is not. Inhabiting a bittersweet combination of longing and the quickening of awareness.  What is sought and desired being indefinitely held away. Crosspurposes between the greater self and the little one. THE LITTLE ONE WILL NOT HAVE IT. (caps mine - sound familiar?) Reactivities, tangents and compulsions.  Going through cycles of a very extreme kind. Always self-critical. Pressurized and suspicious. And yet you move through all of this as quickly or as sharply as is desired or is sought.
Arbitrary self-will stops the flow and a reversal of emphasis starts it moving again. Trials, ordeals, initiations, exile, return." - "Inside Degrees", Elias Lonsdale

So, that's what THIS Michael Channel is doing about it, what are the rest of you gonna do?
Live in your separate little boxes and pretend a Skypefest is a communal spiritual gathering? <)lol(> I DON'T SEE MANY OF YOU ANSWERING THE CALL.  Which is probably cool, cause SOME of you are even bigger assholes than I am, and that's hard to believe  .  .  .

"May your feet always tread light upon your path", -John Will-I-Am Thrasher, (aka: Jondalf)  

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