Sunday, October 28, 2012


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As a Gnostic, for me, the "LOGOS" is, with the TAO, one of the only two truly 'Divine' forces in the Cosmos, so you could say that I am "Logomanaical", or, if feeling unkind, that I have "Logorrhea". Must have been the 20,000 mic full pippette my ex-Korean war vet Pawnee/Osage 'Teacher' Scotty slipped into my beer during a 'blotting' party on Ward St, in Berkeley in 1973. Or the dosing ourselves every 3 days for 2 years so we built up a tolerence and wouldn't accidently lose any of the N.I.H.s 3lb batches of ergotamine tartrate that ex-army rangers under the command of OSS/CIA head George Hunter White kept bringin to Berkeley to make the 6,000,000 hits of "Purple Microdots" "Operation Sunshine" needed to push Tim Leary, and son "Acid Jack" and the Church Of Eternal Love out of the manufacturing and distribution control for the Asian-Pacific Rim/Western United States LSD market. Because the brains in MKUltra and the DOD were convinced they could just aerosolize and weaponize the 'crystal', and spray it on Viet Cong stongholds and achieve instant victory. More on those operations, next installment. Homework: - follow the links after joining (It's MY site, so all the links should still be legit) - I asked Anonymous to monitor it - so everything is totally open, and undoubtedly surveilled, but folks: "Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free." - Come hear this 'Uncle John's Band . . . got some things to talk about, here beside the rising tide, of the ""Citizen's United" decision, which will allow Capitalism to destroy Democracy, if we let it . - Jondalf

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