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Angels Outside Time, Human Methodological Solipsism and the Multiverse

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It is well known that quantum physics deals with phenomena characterized by uncertainty. A typical expression of this uncertainty is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, where, the more precisely we know the position of a particle, the more imprecisely we know its momentum (and/or vice versa).Opinions are divided as to whether this epistemological uncertainty is also an ontological uncertainty. Of some relevance here is the following observation by Quentin Smith: "Heisenberg originally interpreted [the uncertainty] relations epistemically, but Bohr convinced him in private communications to accept a verificationist metaphysics, with its attendant ontological interpretation of the uncertainty relations" (Smith 2002, 137) There are many competing interpretations of the quantum mechanical mathematical formalism. Of these interpretations, particularly well-known are the so-called Copenhagen interpretation of Bohr (where it is asserted that the position-view and the momentum-view of reality are complementary, and cannot be considered in the same context), and the many-universes interpretation of Hugh Everett. Roughly speaking, the latter asserts that whenever a measurement is made of a particle, the universe splits into copies, each one of which corresponds to the different possible outcomes of the measurement. This I assert, from countless personal experiences, is absolute truth, but immersed in chronology as we are, it difficult to conceptualize while being carried past every "choice", as it were. Angelic beings, though, who are by nature "chronosynclastically infundibulated" (term coined by Kurt Vonnegut) have no such limitations, and are able to view a multiplicity of 'lines of future probability' and their possible/probable 'vector sums'. Now for me, incidental numeric occurrences are Omens, and personally, 11:11 is an Angelic prompt to: "Pay Attention, 'Monkey-Brain'* ! I am encouraged to scrutinze my surroundings when my attention has been caught by the numeric sequence, looking for portents, clues, epiphanies and possibly: "branching events" My Gnostic Heresy worldview and claim (told to me by no less than seven separate psychics, over a twenty year period, all with no knowledge of each other) to have 2 Cherubim as my personal guardians and spirit guides didn't set too well with the 11:11 folk. They seemed convinced that Gnosticism was evil, or Satanic, or some such typically ignorant "Christian" condemnation. And they REALLY didn't like my having a private line to the legendary 'smiters' of all that was unholy - it really messed up their "good-evil" value judgements. The recurrence of 23 is an Illuminati/R.A.W. prompt for me, and the constant appearance of 454 is an Essence prompt (it is my "raw" number in Entity C1). "The Book Of Lies", by A.C. is a must for an numeramismaphiliac, BTW, a treatise, in numerically and Quabalistically correct poetry, on the hidden (Hermetic) meaning of numbers (excerpt follows): "KEΦ AΛ H ΛZ 37 DRAGONS Thought is the shadow of the eclipse of Luna. Samadhi is the shadow of the eclipse of Sol. The moon and the earth are the non-ego and the ego: the Sun is THAT. Both eclipses are darkness; both are exceedingly rare; The Universe itself is Light, Commentary (Λ Z) Dragons are, in the East, supposed to cause eclipses by devouring the luminaries. There may be some significance in the chapter number, which is that of Jechidah the highest unity of the soul. In this chapter, the idea is given that all limitation and evil is an exceedingly rare accident; there can be no night in the whole of the Solar System, except in rare spots where the shadow of a planet is cast by itself. It is a serious misfortune that we happen to live in a tiny corner of the system where darkness reaches such a high figure as 50%. The same is true of moral and spiritual conditions." *['Monkey-brains' is a phrase used in the "Prophecy" movies (the first three of which I recommend as having valuable memes about the nature of Angelic beings) used by the Angels to describe mankind.] Illustration: Michael Student: "Do you agree with the opinion that "angels" are individual essences who chose to never incarnate for whatever reason or purpose, but are otherwise just like us at the essence level? (i.e. they too have an entity). As permanent residents of astral, they would likely become known as guides and teachers. But, why do they not need to learn lessons from the physical realm? Are they no longer doing grand cycles in the physical, but still cast from Tau?" Jondalf - "You must have been reading one of my minds (remember, I 'quantum commute' amongst about 300 of my closest analogs, so sometimes even I don't know what I am thinking - lol). Of the 9 Angelic Orders, only Angels and ArchAngels and Principalities hang out mostly on the Astral (Higher and Lower) Cherubim are native to the Akashic Plane, Seraphs gravitate to the Transcendental, Thrones are mostly on the Buddhic. Dominions, Virtues and Powers are generally Causal Plane Beings. Unlike "free-willed" ensouled evolving fragments and Entities, the Angelic races were "constucted from", not "cast from" The Tao. THEY DO NOT HAVE FREE WILL! They are analogous to androids with Artificial Intelligence, each order has specific hierarchical functions and purviews. They are the maintenance robots of the Metaverse, with far greater Intelligence Quotients and computational speeds and data capacity than ANY ensouled being could ever imagine. THEY DO NOT HAVE SOULS! I repeat: they are not connected to any ESSENCE, other than that of the Usurper (if non-"fallen", or non-Neutral), and ultimately, the Tao. They are their own Essences, said essences being programmed with their purpose." At least that's what I get from the Akashic. The Urantia Book has all the very detailed details, and the channeled book "The Keys Of Enoch" has some interesting factoids, as does "OAHSPE". The "Dictionary Of Angels" is a good compilation of earthly textual references. Urantia: OAHSPE: Keys Of Enoch: - Jondalf Thrasher

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