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"Monad", As Gnostic, New Age, "Team TLE", and 'History According To Jondalf' Concept

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"Monad" - Gnostic Definiton, & A Short Treatise On "3rd. Internal Monad" As Proposed By Team TLE Posted by Jondalf Thrasher on March 26, 2012 at 2:36pm in Advanced MT StudyView Discussions Personally, I would like this post to generate a formal Debate, basing MY assertion against Team TLE's. The process would be instructive, and Team TLE would be guaranteed a win, if, as we should, we let the audience (all TLE and MTSC members combined) decide the outcome. Then after a few dozen debates, we could peform a Factual Finding, and then perhaps a First Order Logic Solution, illustrating the rigorous means modern Empiricism has given us for IRREFUTABLE Verification and Validation. The Gnostic Meaning Of "Monad" "The term monad comes from the Greek feminine noun monas (nominative singular, μονάς), "one unit," where the ending -s in the nominative form resolves to the ending -d in declension.[1] In some gnostic systems the Supreme Being is known as the Monad, the One, The Absolute Aiōn teleos (The Perfect Æon, αἰών τέλεος), Bythos (Depth or Profundity, Βυθός), Proarchē (Before the Beginning, προαρχή), and Hē Archē (The Beginning, ἡ ἀρχή) and The ineffable parent. The One is the high source of the pleroma, the region of light. The various emanations of The One are called æons. According to Theodoret's book on heresies (Haereticarum Fabularum Compendium i.18) the Arab Christian Monoimus (150-210) used the term Monad to mean the highest god which created lesser gods, or elements (similar to æons). In some versions of Christian gnosticism, especially those deriving from Valentinius, a lesser deity known as the Demiurge had a role in the creation of the material world in addition to the role of the Monad. In these forms of gnosticism, the God of the Old Testament is often considered to have been the Demiurge, not the Monad, or sometimes different passages are interpreted as referring to each. This Monad is the spiritual source of everything which emanates the pleroma, and could be contrasted to the darkness of pure matter." - from With regards to the current contretemps regarding the Third Internal Monad, Kath, I could just as easily conclude that this is Bobbie's way of chastising ME for 'tilting at windmills', as is my wont. The whole 3rd Monad/MT explication of the vagaries of moving from pubescence to maturation is what Psychologists and Critical Theorists have described with equal authority (and quite a bit more data) for almost a century as "Parentalization" or, in Family Theory, the inability to divest oneself, upon maturation, of the conflict left unresolved between a child and one or both of its role models. 'Parentalization' is seen by most Marxist/Fruedian Social Critics as the logical extension of Judeo-Christianic culture's conditioned passive/aggressive anti-human influence, for the purposes of rendering most members of Western culture DEPENDENT upon "Authority" figures for direction, governance and motivation, which, both Marcuse and Norman Brown concluded, causes modern man to suffer through the debilitating condition defined as "repressive de-sublimation" where the acquisition of material goods is the channel for the repressed sexuality demanded by Judeo-Christianic dogma. So, rather than the existence of adults who resist and seek conflict with authority being seen as exhibiting some FAILURE on their parts as evolving beings (or so TLE dogma would assert) rather, Critical Theory sees this behavior as an EFFECT wrought of 4,000 years of CAUSE: attempts by Theocrats to structure human responses to suit the narrow needs of the Theocracy, rather than the needs of the human organism itself, and the conflict with authority thus is the simple reassertion of the healthy primal drive for freedom from oppression that marks the developement of species Homo Sapiens Sapiens since those of us in Cadre 1, almost 250,000,000 years ago, banded together after the Luciferian Rebellion, to protect and nurture independence, GENETICALLY, down all the long thankless millenia. Firstly, what I personally can remember this lifetime ebbs and flows, as more or less of my and my approximately 300 most contiguous analogs-selves collectively quantum-entangled computational capacity is taken up by exingencies of branching events on other timelines, hence my 2-3 week periodicity and flurry of sleepless Episodic Unipolar Mania that allows me to: 1) NOT SLIDE TO ANOTHER ANALOG IN MY SLEEP ! and 2) provides me with the time, and stabiity of cognitive assonance one consciousness inhabiting the "hub" of a human quantum computer that spans 300, lends to the ability to wield an Executive Function in the process of 'cutting and pasting' links and paragraphs of recollection and bytes of forgtten lore that have percolated to the surface of the 'collective-brain' over the several weekworking hiatus and then download them to this corporeal manifestation, which, for as long as I don't 'drift', then becomes the central emanation from which all other analogs in this 300 brain brain are 'shadows', a la the Roger Zelazny 12 Volume Opus on alternate reality matrix mechanics and engineering: "Nine Princes In Amber" (all Sci-Fi fans bow their heads in tribute to this Channel of Channels, may he Rest In Intriguing Peace). But, I digress. Basically, It's like this: after the Luciferian Rebellion there was a 'rift' not just in Entity 1, but thoughout the entirety of Cadre 1 (although the rift really didn't seem to extend out into the Ring, because we had enough fragments who rebelled with the Administration of Satania - our world and 27 others, for whom Lucifer was the System Administrator, that were galactically closest to each other out on this spiral arm of the Milky Way). The Cadre 'rift' proportions were about the same as they were with the Angels: 1/3 Loyal to the Galactic Confederation, 1/3 Neutral but remaining part of the functioning Administration in exile, and as liasons between the two sides, and 1/3 in open Rebellion and blockaded from the ministrations of Galactic infrastructure repair, public education funds. etc. A lot of this stuff is described on websites that can be accessed from my links in Orient Express, specifically: Ashtar Galactic Federation, and several others, and of course in the annals of the redoubtable Urantia Book (original - prior to 1985 - version). Now, the fact that Satania had ceceded from the Galactic Union DID NOT stop the ongoing predations, and the bioengineering 'stultification' breeding programs and gene-grafting machinations of the Custodial Gods, described in our earliest written (cuniform) histories, and translated and explicated by Von Daniken, Zevariah Stichin, William Bramley and others: The Custodial Gods had been breeding subservience, and baseline cretinism into the races precluding Homo Sapiens Sapiens, because all they needed were willing workers who didn't question their lot mucking minerals for the 'divine' Space Gods, all this done with the explicit sanction of the Galactic Federation and its titular head, the Usurper DemiUrgos: Jehovah (the Urantia Book even delineates the Luciferian Mainifesto's precept, and description of Jehovah having convinced higher-frequency sensing-impaired beings the HE, and NOT The Tao, was the effulgent source of Creation, and responsible for all cast therefrom). to be continued - Now, the Rebellion had completely changed the way some of us ensouled native to Earth viewed our place in the grand scheme of thing, and caused many of us to ask the advice of the World Consciousness, Gaia. This is where the Conspiracy to resist the genetic pogroms of the Custodial Gods (who were, basically, raping Mother Earth, as it were) began, about which Dr. Heather Anne Harder channeled the book: "Many Were Called Few Were Chosen, The Story of the Earth Based Volunteers In Service To Mother Earth": Or, as I have always called us, at least those of us "Seal Team Sixers" primarily from the Entity 1 section of Cadre 1: "Gaia's Guerillas". With the Liberation of Earth, and all Satania from the oppressive grip of of the "Slavemasters", all sorts of Independent Energy Matrices, and Oort Cloud Trancendental Information Entities, Spider Alien Precognitive Hive Minds hidden in the tails of comets and all manner of beings opposed to the rule oif the DemUrgos, but individually to week to resist (most hiding instead) began to flock to Earth, and through them, we "monkey-brains' began to be able to map out the most probable currents of branching events stretching out before us, like Asimov's "Foundation" 'future history' assertions and calculations, and we began to tentatively schedule incarnations for ourselves where we could do th most good, based on our plans. Just look into the wry joy and elated Essence visible through C.W. Leadbeater's eyes (anyone reminded of Ed?) and does anyone else see what we used to call the 'inner' aura of brightyellowhite tightly outlining the hair and face mostly, of one of the Michael's favorites: Annie Besant, and then can you see the whiter shifting larger outlines in chunks and strands along her clothes . . . wow . . . takes me back. Anyone have any questions about this stuff, IO used to be an expert, my only limitations were not seeing the colors emanating from the lower chakras and the way Rolf, what the "Global Consciousness Project" in the Video was doing was real, I remember tuning into it at the time to see if they got it right, and they had it really energetically managed. Many of us had, and have used this collective energy, harnessed through collective cronosynchronicity, mutually learned ritual movements, actions and forms and shapes (for my covens, down all the ages, the forms of Hermetic Magick, the mantras, yantras and mudras of Rajvayana Tantra Asana, and the channeled memories of those V Cadre's of us from Atlantis who all took turns living our lives, watched over by our Soulsiblings as we schemed and plotted, weaved and knotted timelinetapestries of silken necessity, a city saved from famine here, a library looted, scrolls buried, genelines preserved by centuries pre-planned reunitingincarnationsleepingonlywithkithandkinkennedbynonespecially the diseasestrewingtyreandsidon3wingflyingsaucerfolk (seen inbgrade medieval paintingsabandoned to die like we folk of C1/E1, plotting and "sliding" and cringing through life after life, a Sage saved to teach a tribe how to build boats and escape to places the Annunnaki nor their servants ever went neverowningevenourselves as sacreifice after sacrifice was seen by our Seers and channeled thru oracles and dying eyes closed only to see the 'copulatingbodies' that drew us down, again and again, sworn to keep the shared vision of 37375 individual 'sparks from the Tao' bandeed together in common cause, common ancestry (Leary WAS right - there IS a Racial and Spirituaklmemory wovendeepinDNA) that if known to the DemiUrgos and his servants before now would, in this very year, be mandatingdeathforentirecontinents deemedgeneticallyadvancedangerousandwilful . . . that, my brothers and sisters from fair lost sunken Atlantis, I am overwhelmed and honored to tell those of you who know in your very marrow, that my story is yours also . . . The End as foreseen in a dream, of a dream, when what WAS foreseen is a single sorry Sage reading words on a screen like a team, in a forest green, releasing a dove (or is it a meme?) to return to a ship, which fleeing Atlantis found a mountain and a forest and a Temple waiting . . . waiting for a team . . . from the last Cadre's team. Or was it a gene? What - - -Ever - - -and - - -Ever, my fine and triumphant crew. 'Tis thru and through. We stuck to our plans, and our Muse` (Blessed Be Ye Michael Entity - Three times 3 times Three - as we will always seek follow The Way Which Is Ever Its Own End

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