Saturday, December 26, 2015

Two Toned Too Stalk

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You know, in 2003, I was forced to hock all my musical equipment: 8 classic electric and acoustic guitars, stacks of amps, monitors, mics etc, and sell my 3000 classic vinyl albums - all stuff it took me 30 years to collect - and hit the road in the dead of night in a beat-up Subaru station wagon for which I had traded my dead grandfather's last guitar.

I had received credible death threats (not on MY life, which I would have ignored) but on the lives of my friends, if I didn't leave Golden, Colorado, and cease my 3 year independent investigation there of undercover law enforcement Drug Task Forces.  These threats were made by paid confidential informants, working for both West, and South Metro Drug Enforcement Task Forces.

I started this blog way back then, after reaching the relative safety of car camping hidden in the desert wilderness west of Sedona. I would sneak into town and post from the library there, but I never wrote down, or told ANYONE, the entire story.  My current situation is reminiscent of those daze.  Local police have threatened to "delete me".  So, I will share the details of both these stories with you all now.  This will comprise my 5th self-published book of investigative journalism, entitled: "Two Toned Too Stalk".

I'm 64 years old, had a double-bypass in 2009, and am slowly dying of congestive heart failure.  I am so tired of the persecution for exposing corruption and abuse, and sacrificing everything I hold dear in the process, that I will file a DNR order, because I just want to 'cycle-off' out of this compelled-to-bear-witness lifetime.  So, this may be the last big piece I write.  Mahalo.  );{>