Monday, February 13, 2017

The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup (part 1)

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The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup

If you have read my FaceBook Page "Abuse Of The Elderly Poor", you should be up to speed enough on the backstory of my struggles here at "Villa Escudilla" (rough trans: 'Frying Pan Manor).  Anyway, the night of the first game of the World Series, I'm watching TV in the 'common area' with a couple of long term residents who are senile dementia sufferers, & a polio/stroke paraplegic. We are just talking and watching the game, and the subject of our weekly LDS missionary visitors came up. I just happened to rhetorically muse aloud: "I wonder why a religion would call teenagers "Elders".

The two delusional septuagenarians became rabid, suddenly, & asked me to stop insulting the "Elders". I did stopped talking to them, got up and left immediately, but when I got to my Apt., I turned around and came back to apologize, not because I had done anything wrong, but to try to make them feel better in their  addled state of mind. I was met with belligerence after apologizing, so I left again.  Two days later, I was served with 2 Injunctions Against Harassment. If you have read the FB Page, you know why.

Anyway, My CHD flared up, and my back went out after that & it was months before I ventured to ask for a hearing, to have the orders dismissed. I took the gentleman first, because he had been most belligerent and the same judge who had granted the initial injunction against me because I was "taller" than the Plaintiff (I swear, I have the hearing transcript) after refusing to accept local Police Dept's report exonerating me in the incident a year before already delineated in AOTEP Page dismissed then the injunction because it did not meet statutory requirements (as did the first one neither).

I guess this enraged both of the septuagenarians, because they both walked out of the TV room as I walked in to watch the Super Bowl, feeling as though it might be safe to, finally, to not have to hide in my room anymore, intending to file to have the second injunction dismissed the next day. Boy was I stupid!

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