Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup (part 4)

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The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup (part 4)
- wherein our hero is punished for calling Tom Brady a "bi-yotch" -

So, sorry for my hiatus here, but being evicted at 65 and having to scramble for new digs puts a damper on one's ability to deal with anything other than survival here at 7,000 ft in winter in the White Mountains. Renting a room from the one bright light in this rural darkness, a friend without whom I would be homeless till the local mechanics can diagnose and repair the engine of my 1985 Toyota 'Dalphin'.

I did finally receive a copy of the Police Report of my lifetime-first arrest for 'Disorderly Conduct', and 'Violating A Court Order', as was published in the local rag: "The White Mountain Independent". It seems that while I was imprecating "bi-yotch" at Tom Brady, whom I despise; the delusional septuagenarian who still had an illegally granted "Injunction Of Harassment" against me was walking past the 'common area' of 'Villa Escudilla' where I was watching the Super Bowl. In her delusional state, having heard me utter: "Bi-yotch, bi-yotch bi-yotch" at Tom Brady, 3 times as she was walking past the TV room, she of course induced I was somehow referring to her, even though I was NEVER aware of her presence.

This, then, evidently led to her calling police, saying I 'violated a court order', conflating that charge with claims that she "could hear me "yelling & shouting" through her Apt. door, 50 yards down a hallway from the TV room! (Funny, multiple folk who live between her Apt. & the TV room heard laughter from us watching the Super Bowl, but NEVER heard ANY shouting/yelling!) Hmmmm . . . could it be the local police responding were unaware that the SPD did not take phone calls (by her own admission) from this particular delusional resident for a year, when she kept trying to convince them there were dirty old men camped on the hillside behind Villa Escudilla, attempting to ogle the old women as they changed clothes in the 2nd story windows of the facility!

(Late last week, the AZ Attorney General's Office called me, and, in light of my years of complaints against the Corporate Management - BPI - of this HUD funded facility encouraged me to file a Civil Rights complaint against them, AND the Round Valley  Justice Court, for my ongoing persecution! So be it. I will be doing so!)

So, after 20 hours with NO medication, AND NO PHONECALL!, I am released from the St. John's Jail. Still only in my t-shirt and slippers, with NO money and 34 miles from home, I attempt to just survive by trying to walk the 34 miles back to Springerville in a 28mph wind and 40' temps as the sun is setting! Gotta love being "innocent until proven guilty" in Fascist AridZona, right? Being prevented from having a phone call by St. John's Jail has put me at risk of death by hypothermia in my attempts to reach home. Is this "Truth, Justice and The American Way"? I DON'T THINK SO . . .

 . . . But then, as always, my Guardian Angels are watching out for me - so, as I start my 34 mile trudge back to Springerville, a gust of wind blows a grey New Mexico Mining College hoodie to get stuck on the top of a 6 foot fence, just as I am walking by! I look around for the sweatshirt's owner, but there is no-one around. I grab the hoodie (one size too small, but hey, this is miraculous stuff happening here) and, as so often has happened in my life before, I accept this gift from the Multiverse, pull it over my head, and walk on.

As I walk, my history of having lived on the street in Berkeley & elsewhere in the '70s kicks in, and I am scoping out abandoned buildings to target for an overnight stay.  The sun has almost set, and I don't wanna end up a corpsesickle, so shelter is a paramount priority. Fortunately, two guys just getting off work at the local power plant see my thumb as I walk and pick me up. They are going to Springerville, and I'm not gonna die on this night! -);{>

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