Saturday, December 11, 2004

Oh, and by the way - The Point!

There were quite a few ways in which my LSD experiences changed me I must say. I don't believe my relative 'sanity' was ever an issue. A supposed IQ of 172 brings with it an expectation of, at least, eccentricity. The integration of my disparate characters (the results of childhood abuse which created Multiple Personality Disorder) was a plus, my emerging abilities as a conscious channel were unexpected but welcome, and certainly, becoming the world's most facile and prolific neologist since James Joyce (something to do with the chemically induced re-wiring of my brain's linguistic sectors, coupled with my already exceptionally large vocabulary) added to my unique worth as a writer!

So, a caution, Gentle Reader. Just as old maps emblazoned with blank spaces labeled "Terra Incognita" were wont to impute, at this point I believe it behooves me, in this, my guise as the 'anonymous narrator' (or "Central Scrutinizer" as Frank Zappa so aptly named it) to warn that, where the mapmakers of old felt compelled to say: "Here Be Dragons!"; I will, for those who can only navigate with prescriptive dictionarial sextants and transits say - "Here be Neologisms!"

These missives are meant to be the metaphorical mitochondria of a singular seed, one genetivcally engineered, by myself, to produce a paticular type of life: The mythical "Tree Of Life"!

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