Tuesday, February 20, 2018

2013 - "Anarchy In The USA, eh?"

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Anarchy Today In The USA, Eh?

*Logic of Self
*Imagination to create and destroy in the metaverse.
-To train self logic
-To tame personal demons. Uncontrolled they are dangerous.
-Imagination versus Creativity (and my interpretation of both words/worlds.

*My current personal perception of self-deity
-A rebel (but not foolish about it)
-A warrior of Chaos
-A raider of the antithesis of Law and Rule
-An advanced barbarian tribesman, perhaps a shaman?

Stupidity is not condoned.
This book contains quotes from even the most rebellious webwarriors. You have been warned."

-Anarchic Self Intellectualism: Magick and Chaos 

An 'objective' standard for the ability to be an "intellectual"? I would venture to opine that rather than vitriolic contumely, sophomoric race-baiting rhetoric or deliberately bellicose verbiage, one might consider the old IQ test.  Anyone under 160 (Mensa standard) fails to have the wit to weigh in.  172 here.  I doubt even one of you scores higher.  But 'intellectualism" or intelligiance means NOTHING without the motivation to aid all who wish to evolve intellectually in that struggle. Offensive hubris serves no function other than self-aggrandizement, and that does not aid the struggle to see a ruling hegemonic-colloquium of the Proletariat in our lifetime.  So stop the self-congratulatory back-patting and get to work securing "All Power To The People" as I have been doing for 40+ years, twits!

The BIC is an asymptotic result derived under the assumptions that the data distribution is in the exponential family. Let:
x = the observed data;
n = the number of data points in x, the number of observations, or equivalently, the sample size;
k = the number of free parameters to be estimated. If the estimated model is a linear regression, k is the number of regressors, including the intercept;
 = the probability of the observed data given the vector of parameters ; or, the likelihood of the parameters given the dataset;
L = the maximized value of the likelihood function for the estimated model.

Anarchists were held to a higher standard in MY day (UC Berkeley, 1968).  I have been a hard core Anarcho-Syndicalist since then, yet these folks can't even couch an argument in terms of "First Order Logic".  

The martyrs of the Ludlow Massacre died in vain, as did all the Wobblies, ever.  These folk haven't the Revolutionary drive to even study the History of the movement, yet they profess to be 'Anarchists'.  Sacco and Vanzetti are spinning in their graves.  Bunch of poseurs !!!

BTW, folks, if you can put your argument into the terms of First Order Logic, then you can mathematically prove it to be true, or untrue, AGAINST ALL OTHER ARGUMENTS, LOGICALLY, SCIENTIFICALLY, FOR  ALL TIME!  My first year in the S.D.S. taught me this, and we proved our points beyond any rational doubt, for ALL "intellectuals" to see.  You can do the same, just study the material of your beliefs and assert your conclusions is scientific terms.  Then "rage against the Machine" with purpose, and efficacy!

I must apologize for my self-righteousness, but when I think of the many thousands of dedicated brothers and sisters in the cause who have given their lives to further these "memes" the silly twaddle that sometimes ensues on these threads makes me wonder what our Anarchist forbears would think of all this stupid posturing and banal chatter?  Not talking about Alexia, per se, her heart and mind are in the right place, but more wondering if the Admins have forgotten (or ever knew about) "the dialectic"?  

Alexia:  “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is a hallucinating idiot...for he sees what no one else does: things that, to everyone else, are not there.” 
― Marshall McLuhan

 Guerrilla Street Theatre, as it was taught to be by the Yippies on the tear-gas clouded streets of Berkeley during "People's Park" and the Cambodian Invasion riots, will ideally make of itself an object of ridicule, or derision, or contradiction.  This is the best way to teach non-judgement of others, by only using one's self as an example of cupidity/stupidity, eh?

And that's . . . wait for it . . . "The Dialectic"!  <)lol(>

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup (part 5)

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The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup (part 5)

If you are following this, the story of my last 3 years of solo #Resistance to institutionalized corporate "Abuse Of The Elderly Poor" (the 2 1/2 year chronicle of my struggle, delineated on a FB Page Website, so entitled) supported by Judicial Dereliction, overreach and hubris in a rural AZ "Justice Court", and the duplicity of a Federal Agency, HUD, in publishing encouragement to HUD residents to organize, free of worry about retaliation for doing so, then refusing to defend someone (me) so retaliated against for doing just that; then you'll not be surprised when I say I'm looking for a Civil Rights lawyer who wants to split a settlement in a Civil Rights/Defamation Of Character lawsuit against: HUD; Biltmore Properties Inc.; The City Of Springerville Police Dept; The 'magistrates' of the "Round Valley Justice Court"‪; AND individuals complicit in discrimination of me, for my disabilities and the exercise of my 1st Amendment Rights.‬

‪Said lawsuit was ‬prompted by a call from the AZ State Atty. Gens office last week. Will split settlement 50/50 with my legal reps. Half of what I get will go towards forming a 501c Org. specializing in legal help for abused elderly tenants in HUD facilities. ETA for settlement = appx. 2 yrs. Meticulous Case Notes & Narrative, Eyewitness testimony refuting smear campaign against me effectuated by local AZ (In)"Justice Court". Etc, etc.

I will briefly proffer my analysis of 'what went wrong' in the pursuit of "Truth, Justice & The American Way" here in extremely rural AridZona:  "Justice Court" Justices, here in AZ, need not even be Lawyers, BION! What has happened here in rural AZ, and around the country, is the ubiquity of lower court's Judicial abuse of the "Restraining Order/Harassment Injunction" Statutes, by folk so unqualified in the practice of 'American Jurisprudence' that their decisions are boilerplate evidence of 'Judicial Dereliction' in ALL Appeal's Courts, nationwide!

From (recorded Justice Court) hearing transcripts, I can prove that 'Round Valley Justice Court' Judges have overstepped their authority, on MULTIPLE occasions, and have used 'Harassment Injunctions' to enable themselves to assert they have a right to judicially conduct 'risk/threat assessments' in granting 'Injunctions Against Harassment' - based SOLELY on the testimony of even proven to be delusional senile dementia sufferers, against other citizens! NO 'proof' need be offered to these (In)'Justice Court' Judges, other than the assertion (however addled the accuser may be, notwithstanding) that the Plaintiff 'feels threatened' by the Defendant!

THIS IS MADNESS !!! - an insane accuser here in Springerville AZ, can have a totally innocent person arrested, just by lying and being believed by these demonstrably 'faux' Judges, and/or local Police. But make no mistake, even though these 'Judges' DO wield 'power' locally in the backwaters of Amerika, in State or Federal Appeals Courts, their 'Judicial Dereliction' WILL NOT BE IGNORED by non-parochial members of the Higher Judiciary. "Injunctions Against Harrassment" are BY FAR the most abused, and consensually despised statutes under the purview of incompetent "Justice Court" judges nationwide, and this I can EASILY prove to non-local, rational members of the Appeals Court judiciary. Am looking forward to proving these over-reaching petty despots wrong, in the eyes of The Law, and my 50,000 readers, worldwide!!!

As for my personal persecution: this has now happened too often for me, the old Berkeley original "SDS Member/ YIPPIE", to legally ignore. So be it!  I will continue my struggle against 'corporate warehousing of the poor & elderly' all the way to the United States Supreme Court, with the help of the AZ State Atty. Gen.'s Office, and the ACLU (of which I am a member)! Mahalo, all. -);{>

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup (part 4)

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The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup (part 4)
- wherein our hero is punished for calling Tom Brady a "bi-yotch" -

So, sorry for my hiatus here, but being evicted at 65 and having to scramble for new digs puts a damper on one's ability to deal with anything other than survival here at 7,000 ft in winter in the White Mountains. Renting a room from the one bright light in this rural darkness, a friend without whom I would be homeless till the local mechanics can diagnose and repair the engine of my 1985 Toyota 'Dalphin'.

I did finally receive a copy of the Police Report of my lifetime-first arrest for 'Disorderly Conduct', and 'Violating A Court Order', as was published in the local rag: "The White Mountain Independent". It seems that while I was imprecating "bi-yotch" at Tom Brady, whom I despise; the delusional septuagenarian who still had an illegally granted "Injunction Of Harassment" against me was walking past the 'common area' of 'Villa Escudilla' where I was watching the Super Bowl. In her delusional state, having heard me utter: "Bi-yotch, bi-yotch bi-yotch" at Tom Brady, 3 times as she was walking past the TV room, she of course induced I was somehow referring to her, even though I was NEVER aware of her presence.

This, then, evidently led to her calling police, saying I 'violated a court order', conflating that charge with claims that she "could hear me "yelling & shouting" through her Apt. door, 50 yards down a hallway from the TV room! (Funny, multiple folk who live between her Apt. & the TV room heard laughter from us watching the Super Bowl, but NEVER heard ANY shouting/yelling!) Hmmmm . . . could it be the local police responding were unaware that the SPD did not take phone calls (by her own admission) from this particular delusional resident for a year, when she kept trying to convince them there were dirty old men camped on the hillside behind Villa Escudilla, attempting to ogle the old women as they changed clothes in the 2nd story windows of the facility!

(Late last week, the AZ Attorney General's Office called me, and, in light of my years of complaints against the Corporate Management - BPI - of this HUD funded facility encouraged me to file a Civil Rights complaint against them, AND the Round Valley  Justice Court, for my ongoing persecution! So be it. I will be doing so!)

So, after 20 hours with NO medication, AND NO PHONECALL!, I am released from the St. John's Jail. Still only in my t-shirt and slippers, with NO money and 34 miles from home, I attempt to just survive by trying to walk the 34 miles back to Springerville in a 28mph wind and 40' temps as the sun is setting! Gotta love being "innocent until proven guilty" in Fascist AridZona, right? Being prevented from having a phone call by St. John's Jail has put me at risk of death by hypothermia in my attempts to reach home. Is this "Truth, Justice and The American Way"? I DON'T THINK SO . . .

 . . . But then, as always, my Guardian Angels are watching out for me - so, as I start my 34 mile trudge back to Springerville, a gust of wind blows a grey New Mexico Mining College hoodie to get stuck on the top of a 6 foot fence, just as I am walking by! I look around for the sweatshirt's owner, but there is no-one around. I grab the hoodie (one size too small, but hey, this is miraculous stuff happening here) and, as so often has happened in my life before, I accept this gift from the Multiverse, pull it over my head, and walk on.

As I walk, my history of having lived on the street in Berkeley & elsewhere in the '70s kicks in, and I am scoping out abandoned buildings to target for an overnight stay.  The sun has almost set, and I don't wanna end up a corpsesickle, so shelter is a paramount priority. Fortunately, two guys just getting off work at the local power plant see my thumb as I walk and pick me up. They are going to Springerville, and I'm not gonna die on this night! -);{>

Monday, February 27, 2017

Abuse Of An Elderly Poor Person

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So, I am being evicted as retaliation for reasons first stated to HUD over a year ago and further explained by all the posts in this Page. I first complained to HUD on 12/22/15. They say my only recourse is to complain to the abusive Corporation that has been persecuting me for years. Can you say "Catch 22"? Sure, I knew you could.

Anybody who has read the 2 years of documentation of my persecution, believes it shameful that my my new home may resemble one in the picture posted with this piece on the FB page "Abuse Of The Elderly Poor", please communicate your outrage to the person below:

Patricia A. McCarroll, Property Supervisor
Biltmore Properties, Inc.
2330 W. Mission Lane, Suite 10
Phoenix, AZ 85021
Telephone: (602) 997 - 0013

In the HUD handout: "Resident Rights & Responsibilities", IT CLEARLY STATES residents have: "The right to organize as residents without obstruction, harassment or retaliation from property owners or management." !!! Yet I complained 2 YEARS AGO to Senior HUD officials in LA about being "obstructed, harassed & retaliated against" for attempting to form a Tenant's Union without ANYTHING being done about it. HUD was and is obligated to protect me from retaliation and has failed to do so. WHY? Now I am 2 days from being homeless, after being served with 'intent to evict' papers AND HUD HAS STILL DONE NOTHING! Why not? As I've said, I first complained to HUD on 12/22/15, in communications with Tanya Schulze at tschulze@hudoig.gov. Now I'm being evicted!

If you had read the carefully documented evidence of retaliation  and discrimination on my Facebook Page "Abuse Of The Elderly Poor" as I requested from its beginnings two 1/2 years ago, you would know about my struggle to have this 'warehouse for the poor' properly maintained, so it will come as no surprise that my 'Disorderly Conduct' arrest and during the Super Bowl and subsequent eviction notice occurred less than a couple days after my discussions with the new maintenance guy (the 7th in 2 years) about the rat and bat feces (and the black mold) in the attic that has seeped into the sprayed ceilings along the joists in my Apt. He admitted that he had been in the attic and it was EXACTLY as I described it.

I guess the cost of remediation was a greater liability to corporate management than the possibility of a tenant's lawsuit, seeing as HUD has NEVER had the motivation to do much about such situations anywhere in the US (and especially in THIS town where the Police and Judiciary not only do nothing to protect 'whistleblowers' like me, but actively pursue campaigns of defamation and illegal retaliation against activists who try to get things fixed)! All this diligently documented by me, to no avail.

No private lawyer or Government Agency to whom I have applied in the US Southwest has EVER expressed an interest in going to bat for us abused old folk, threatened with such appalling neglect from the corporation that takes in $300,000.00/yr for supposedly "maintaining" this festering warren here in the poorest County in the State of Arizona. Thus I am defamed with slander and libel, false allegations and false arrest with NO recourse to legal remediation. You'd think some lawyer somewhere would have the chutzpah to go after the 'deep pocket' of a multi-million dollar, multinational corporation, but evidently those lawyers familiar with this boondocks judicial purview know full well how the deck is stacked against private litigants. "So it goes."

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Defend Campaign Against Abuse Of The Elderly Poor

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OK, my beloved droogs - for almost 15 years now I have given all 31,000 of you everything I had, absolutely free. I have never even allowed ads to be posted on this blog. Now, I need help. Anyone following my current serialized real life story "The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup" will know how the 'powers that be' are attempting to screw me. For those of you not following along, my 2yr FaceBook Page "Abuse Of The Elderly Poor" exposition of how an entire town, and a multinational corporation have been getting rich warehousing the poor in a HUD sponsored low-income facility, where I have lived for 2 1/2 years, here in Springerville, AZ This has aroused the ire of local administrators, and corporate profiteers. I have now been set-up, arrested, and am being evicted. I need help with my legal fees, so I have set up an account on the "Funded Justice" crowdfunding site to accept contributions for my legal defense. Please contribute if you are able. I have never asked for anything, save to share what scant gifts and insights I possess, but I'm asking now. I'm 12 days from homelessness in at 7,000 ft, in the White Moutains of Eastern Arizona, and freaking out at the prospect. So, if you can help, please access the link below. May your feet ever tred light upon your path! Mahalo -);{>


The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup (part 3)

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The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup (part 3)
- 12 days till homelessness & counting -

Sorry for no post yesterday, as one of my online friends said: "You must be busier than a one-legged man in a kicking contest." I am.

So, when I graduated from High School at age 16, with all sorts of National honors and a full Scholarship to UC Berkeley majoring in Chemistry, my supposed IQ was 159 (as of last year - 137, but that's another story: MKUltra).  Back in the '60s, the Autism Spectrum was not well defined, if at all. Yeah, I knew I was different than most of the kids, but not intolerably so.  My intelligence successfully overcompensated for stuff like my tics & OCD (also not well defined in the '50s) by making me "Class Clown".

I was ejected from my 4th grade public school class 72 times in one year, so my parents (actually step-grandparents I eventually found out, were both evangelical Christians, "Dad" being a Southern Baptist Minister) so they thought religious indoctrination might help and enrolled me in the "Pillar Of Fire Academy"! (You can't make stuff like that up);{> Suffice it to say that what I have now come to accept as a valid definition of my behavioral non-'normality' is usually described as 'mild' (IOWs - 'not qualifying for SSI') Asperger's Syndrome.

Also, after decades as a rock guitarist, and in a day job as a Machinist, my ears are shot. I have had tinnitus ever since my 2nd wife left in 1995 (I attribute that to the absence of her screeching, in part. I am also 6'4" and weigh 230 lbs. Put all this together (Physique/deafness/Aspergers,  and you have a big, loud weirdo. This was the basis of my being set-up by local residents & authorities.

But, back to the story. On the 34 mile drive from Springerville to St. Johns, handcuffed in the back of the Police car, head ringing from its inexplicable contact with the roof on my way into the back seat, I am channeling my inner "Protector" Alt. "Billy" (with me from early childhood, due to abuse). Oh yeah, did I mention I also have DID? Anyway, Billy is excoriating the hapless officer who bought into the fabricated testimony of the old folks who set me up, so I guess he deserved the ration-of-shit I am projected at full volume, non-stop, for 45 minutes through the plastic separating us.

We get to the jail and I am escorted to the holding cell, whereupon I begin requesting meds (CHD/double bypass in 2009) and my phone call (which I was never given, for the record). What fun. So they keep telling me I'll get my phone call after I'm booked. 4 hrs go by during which they finally move me to a cell with a toilet so I don't have to sit or lie 6" (in my T-Shirt and socks still, no bed, pad on floor) next to the pee-filled hole in the floor. I keep asking for a phone call even after I've been moved and why it's taking so long and they say "It's only been 45 minutes."

Finally the give me some jail clothes, a burlap sack for a sleeping bag and the most disgusting piece of holey threadbare muslin for a blanket. Still no meds, or phone call. Forehead swelling. 6hrs, 8 hrs . . . Finally, the next morning the judge who had dismissed a false harassment claim against me 2 days before shows up and signs my OR form, realizing that his dismissal of one of the Injunctions against me was the proximate cause for the final remaining Injunction Plaintiff to conspire with two other residents to fabricate the story for the police of my having violated said Injunction (I had not even made eye contact with her since it had been granted) I was watching the Super Bowl with two guys, neither of whom was her! She and I were NEVER even in the TV room at the same time, but that's not the story the officer was told. I'm guessing she was the "3rd victim".  Now the set up is starting to make sense. 16 hrs, still no phone call . . .

Next: I get released after 20 hrs to attempt to walk 34 miles home in my T-shirt and slippers as the sun is setting into the teeth of a 20mph wind . . .

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup (part 2)

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The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup, part ll

So, found out at the initial hearing for "Disorderly Conduct" that the 'Letter Of The Law' means nothing here in Springerville, AZ. Judges ignore statutory requirements in favor of false statements from delusional Plaintiffs. I guess the idea is: if a plaintiff "feels" threatened, even if that feeling is delusional, that's all that matters. Whether or not the threat is actual, or corresponds to the definition in a Statute seems of no consequence to the Judiciary here in Round Valley.

One of my 31,000 worldwide blog readers, a barrister in the UK, described part of my problem as "Physiqueism"! I am 6'4" and weigh 230 lbs. To a 5'5" 150lb delusional senile dementia sufferer, my very physical being is threatening. Obviously a logical fallacy legally, but one that has evidently become ingrained as a function of what clearly seems Judicial Dereliction here in rural AZ.

The acceptance of false testimony from delusional old people as fact here is absolutely antithetical to the concept of American 'jurisprudence'. The fact that arrests are made, charges filed and sentences handed down based upon fantasies and subjective conceptualizations, regardless of the facts is SO wrongheaded it needs to be addressed by better minds than mine. I am endeavoring to find some.

But, back to our story: I'm in the common TV room watching the Super Bowl with two other residents. No one else is there. We're joking and watching and then we start talking about "Deflategate" & I say: "Yeah, Trump & Brady belong to the same branch of the Liar's Club." One guy laughs uproariously. The other is silent. Then I turn to the guy who was silent and I say: "But you listen to Fox radio 24/7 so you wouldn't know that."

The silent guy who is apparently offended is the same guy who has used the "N" word, in reference to Obama, dozens of times in the past 2 years in conversations with me. The same guy who said Obama was from Kenya and a "monkey" repeatedly. He gets up and leaves. Comes back a few minutes later like nothing happened. A few minutes go by as we watch the game and suddenly a SPD Officer strides into the room, tells me I'm under arrest for "Disorderly Conduct" and hauls me away, in my t-shirt, slippers and thin indoor pants (remember that).

Today in court, I found out there were listed 3 'victims' to my 'crime'. There were only 3 of us in the room for the 10 minutes I got to watch the game! I obviously didn't complain to Police about myself! Curiouser and curiouser. This is the state of 1st Amendment Rights in a HUD funded facility in a town made up of white racist religious conservatives in Fascist rural Amerika. Rights for white GOP lovers and no one else. Seriously twisted stuff folks. Waiting for the Police Report. Will include a screenshot of the AZ "Disorderly Conduct" Statute In my Twitter and Facebook posts.

Next post: I react vociferously with righteous indignation and outrage to my false arrest on the 34 mile drive to the County Jail, after somehow head-butting the Police car's roof on my way into the back seat . . .

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup, interlude . . .

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The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup, interlude . . .

So, when I was first locked up in St. John's Jail, which is 34 miles from Springerville, where I had been arrested, I was put in one of the middle holding cells. No toilet or washbasin, just an open drain on the floor, disgusting sewer water about 3 inches below the metal bars across it, and a plastic pallet on the floor right next to it. Cell was about 10ft by 4ft, cinder block walls, and a 1ft by 1ft grating in the lower rear corner. No window. Small one in metal door. No bedding.

After about 1/2 an hour, someone from the next cell started talking to me, through the grating. He asked me who I was, with a Latino lilt, and what I was in for etc. I told him my name and replied with righteous indignation still fueling my outrage, said I had been falsely arrested on false allegations and someone was gonna pay, and so on.

He stopped talking for about 15 minutes, and then started again, which was when things got REALLY WEIRD! He flat out asked me if I had really taken LSD 500 times!!! This is a detail only accessible from my blog, or by one of my Facebook friends where/with whom I've delineated my 12 years with MKUltra, in the '60s & '70s, having been a 'Tester' (read: Guinea Pig) for the CIA, in Bay Area CA. Certainly no random inmate in St John's Jail was gonna know this. My '60s 'hippie spidey sense' (was always a 'counter-intel' double agent for the CounterCulture while in MKUltra) and I began to piece together possible scenarios.

I had always been pretty sure, in this backwoods environment, having personally witnessed numerous abrogations of the 1st & 4th Amendments by local police, that my IP connection was monitored illegally and I used some IT & InfoSec tricks to verify & record that data for future use.  My "Men Who Stare At Goats" trained 'abilities' have always stood me in good stead, in that regard.

The reason for this interlude is thus laid bare - to wit, I will wait as long as necessary to continue the chronological narrative, because therein will be documentation of the multiplicity of those depredations visited upon me by the HUD sponsored Corporate Management of my Apt, and the local Police, Jail and Judiciary. If my plans were divulged before and/or dependent upon the outcome my legal proceedings, I would be tipping my hand, as it were, as to exactly what and how many verifiable claims of injustice I might be making in possible lawsuits.

So, bear with me folks, and all shall be revealed. Just wanna see how I'm to be treated, and whether with real American Justice, or that of the "Frontier" sort, before I finish the next part of this ongoing saga, eh? Mahalo. -);{>

The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup (part 1)

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The Asperger's Super Bowl Setup

If you have read my FaceBook Page "Abuse Of The Elderly Poor", you should be up to speed enough on the backstory of my struggles here at "Villa Escudilla" (rough trans: 'Frying Pan Manor).  Anyway, the night of the first game of the World Series, I'm watching TV in the 'common area' with a couple of long term residents who are senile dementia sufferers, & a polio/stroke paraplegic. We are just talking and watching the game, and the subject of our weekly LDS missionary visitors came up. I just happened to rhetorically muse aloud: "I wonder why a religion would call teenagers "Elders".

The two delusional septuagenarians became rabid, suddenly, & asked me to stop insulting the "Elders". I did stopped talking to them, got up and left immediately, but when I got to my Apt., I turned around and came back to apologize, not because I had done anything wrong, but to try to make them feel better in their  addled state of mind. I was met with belligerence after apologizing, so I left again.  Two days later, I was served with 2 Injunctions Against Harassment. If you have read the FB Page, you know why.

Anyway, My CHD flared up, and my back went out after that & it was months before I ventured to ask for a hearing, to have the orders dismissed. I took the gentleman first, because he had been most belligerent and the same judge who had granted the initial injunction against me because I was "taller" than the Plaintiff (I swear, I have the hearing transcript) after refusing to accept local Police Dept's report exonerating me in the incident a year before already delineated in AOTEP Page dismissed then the injunction because it did not meet statutory requirements (as did the first one neither).

I guess this enraged both of the septuagenarians, because they both walked out of the TV room as I walked in to watch the Super Bowl, feeling as though it might be safe to, finally, to not have to hide in my room anymore, intending to file to have the second injunction dismissed the next day. Boy was I stupid!

"Abuse Of The Elderly Poor" In Springerville, AZ (cont.)

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Sorry for no post yesterday, folks. Feeling quite depressed at being forced from my home of almost 3 years by bullying and harassment because of my disabilities & politics (& trying to start a Tenant's Union, which is a protected activity in HUD supported multi family buildings) A new round of complaints & a lawsuit are pending my court appearance tomorrow. Will be pleading "Not Guilty" to the false allegations of 'Disorderly Conduct'. Will also be pursuing charges against: my persecutors & local authorities, and the corporation that manages this property. Have solid evidence against them all. Meanwhile, here is an article on Bullying In HUD multi family facilities like this one. More after my arraignment tomorrow. Mahalo.