Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Worm Realizes It CAN Turn

A few years after my handler and I and a few more of "the crew" had moved to Colorado because Richard Nixon (being out of the black-ops loop) had started trying to find out where all this LSD was coming from and that was compromising our operations in CA, and a few years before the "Company" gave up on LSD as a behavior modifacation tool and sent C. E. to run a 'Trekker' bar on Lake Atitlan, in Guatemala (ostensibly to keep an eye on things for them there because, as a Native American, he looked like an "indio" and was less suspicious than some 'Anglo') we found living in what used to be the town bordello of old Central City during the filming of the movie: "The Duchess And The Dirtwater Fox" with Goldie Hawn and George Segal.

The cast and crew had taken over the town and transformed it into a relica of 1800's San Francisco because most of the buildings had been preserved in that era's style. For a week they covered up all the asphalt on the streets with dirt, painted brick or put planks on all the concrete sidewalks, got all the cars out of town and brought in horse drawn buggies and wagons, repainted the downtown local storefronts and even went so far as to set up newspaper stands with 1800's copies of "The San Francisco Chronicle" on all the street corners.

C. E. (who was renting the room next door) and I had been invited to the cast party the night before and he had evidently awakened a bit overhung and had forgotton the reason behind the town's transformation behind too much expensive champagne, because he came bursting into my room after he had ventured downstairs and wandered outside. I'll never forget the look of absolute astonishment on his face as he yelled at me from the door: "John, come quick - we've been transported back in time!!!"

It was then I knew that all of my LSD inspired brainstorms and epiphanies and the subsequent 'reports' (qv: "Naked Lunch", by William Burroughs) they had generated about things like "Probablity Vector Calculus" and "'N'th. Dimensional Shifting", as well as all my insistant rants about most Science Fiction actually being cutting edge Theoretical Physics had at least had an effect upon him and perhaps had influenced those beyond him. 'Twas then I realized that THIS 'worm' COULD turn!

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