Sunday, January 16, 2005


Hereinafter be there verse so perspicacious
please look long at the words, take ye the time
to see: can I this or that word, so ostentatiously used
obsequiousubsequentially rhyme,
and just how neologistically chiarobscure can I be -
how obtuse my esotericidiosynchronicity?
Try to see now as deep delve these dactyls so deftly perverse
how dhaunting is this poesy dythyrambically inverse?
Does it seem cacaphoric, dysphemystic (or worse);{>

Monday, January 10, 2005

Here's The Deal

After 53 years of life fraught with pain, intensive study and durance vile, here's the deal -

1) Human beings are comprised of:
A) A Soul
B) A Body
C) A Personality
A1) The Soul is a dictator.
B1) The Body is a vehicle.
C1) The Personality is a slave.
2) Reincarnation is a fact.
3) You're imprisoned in a body for "fourscore and 10" (give or take).
4) "As above, so below."
5) Everything else is bullshit, but therein lie the tales.