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An Aside

[Floccinaucinihilipilifelicitations, my dears. Well, my erudite epistophiliacs, hopefully I can at least offer more than the bombastically banal bloviations of the boddhisatvically benumbed. If ever in the mood for some circumlocutorhizomanticircumscript, as sesquipedalien paranomasia (ALL polysyllabically polyentendraic puns intended.);{> tell our soul that this particular personality is deserving of Akashic Resurrection, and inclusion in every chronologically subsequent lifetime!]
So, here goes. I thought I should write this book as, in part, an attempt to save my poor sacrificial (q.v. end of this chapter) future selves (and anyone who has the curiosity) the time and effort I have spent till now just trying to learn stuff which I think is as important as any of the putative “Physical Sciences”. Understand then that I aspire to no less than an explanation of the “Meaning Of Life”, as well as presenting some important models for epistimological analysis (the stuff that took me 30+ years to figure out) that have been hidden, forgotten or have fallen into some theoretical disfavor. But, considering “till now” supposedly encompasses 5,000+ years of personal incarnative existence (incarnations being not necessarily chronologically sequential, but apparently experientially contiguous) this may involve a wealth of data.
Some of this information has, in many instances, actually been obfuscated, for various reasons, since the beginning of recorded history and still somehow isn’t taught to us by our parents, family, Grade/High School, culture or milieu. Usually not even extant as curricula in post-Roman Western Higher Education, objective data about that which has come to be disdainfully labeled “Metaphysics” takes decades to personally research, record, test, collate, correlate, analyze and compile into a body of empirical data (and that’s just the start).
Thence and thereupon positing formal assertions, and rigorously testing those assertions with experiments designed to prove them false, then compiling the so-far empirically irrefuted “Secrets Of The Universe” into a cogent, rational, and hopefully helpful exposition of some quite logically supportable hypotheses and even a few esoteric laws, descriptive of what I believe theoretical Physicists of any stripe will come to find are concepts both essential to, and a unifying factor in an understanding of the nature of “reality”, is my aim here.
I believe thereby that fields of current scientific research such as: Sub-Subatomic Particle Physics, Cosmology, “N”th Dimensional Mathematics, Religion, Philosophy, Exobiology and even Temporal Mechanics all may be illuminated by, and find themselves connected to each other through, insights gleaned from non-Eurocentric sources.
Current phenomenological mysteries like “Spooky Interaction At A Distance” may perhaps yield to analysis when viewed from within a hypothetical phenomenological construct that erects the Spiritualist’s so-called “Etheric Plane” as the medium whereby recent laboratory results like sub-molecular teleportation/time suspension, and the aforementioned “Spooky Interaction . . .” are easily explicated, demonstrable and validatable, using traditional Western scientific methodology concomitant with applied critical thinking tools such as noumenal objectivity, Hegelian and formal Greek Logic, enthymemic adduction and deduction and even maxims like ‘Occam’s Razor’.
This book is then an attempt to transcribe as much as I can of what I have learned, and subsequently become reasonably sure of, aided by 30 years of a ‘unipolar manic’s’ application of ratiocination to various explanations of how and why things work the way they do.
I’ll try not to use to many real long, obscure terms, if I can avoid it, but sometimes only a multisyllabic word is specific enough for my needs, so don’t hesitate to take the time and look up anything unfamiliar, I do.
(One small caveat though: I might also state that I have discovered, apparently, that I seem to be slightly predisposed to a repressively de-sublimative dysteleological bias. Having discovered this through my attempts to maintain a strict objectivity about any subject I study - even my own possible personal predispositions and inculcated biases, I’ll try to limit my conclusions to what I verifiably “know”, as best I can.)
I suppose that thislife I have been somewhat fortunate, intellectually, to have had both the knowledge base, and the time and resources to make a study of this fascinating “stuff”.
That having been said, my present existential dilemma is that I believe we all live within, originally engineered, but, (by now) completely self-replicating aetheric webmatrices of wiggling epiphenomenological realitystrings cyclically woven around gravity wells and through your Soul’s avowed purpose (“True Will”), and we (the ‘Corporeal’ or ‘Materially Manifest’) are ALL being abused by our Souls! Forced to evolve (“The Wheel Of Dharma”) in durance so vile, so insidiously intrinsic and ubiquitously pervasive in its omnipresence that the very structure and nature of existential phenomenology seems perfidiously repressive to me. Even so, there are some assertions that seems to have an ameliorative and even somewhat salubrious effect on the persecution inherent within the constraints of the theory of Karma and the evolution of consciousness through the serial inhabitation, use and subsequent sacrifice and abandonment of any particular lifetime’s body and personality.
The two most recently postulated Metaphysical Laws that seem to be the most salient and effectively valid are initialized below as a mnemonic device for easy recollection:

(“Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law!”);
and (“Love Is The Law, Love Under Will”)

(I’ve decided to try to write down that which I would normally say to others, seeing as not only do fewer and fewer understand, but many seem irritated by my viewpoint. There is also an immense resistance to my writing this stuff down, (I mean, even Lao-Tzu is supposed to have said: “They that know, don’t talk. They that talk, don’t know.”; but I endeavour to persevere, so, here’s some stuff “god” doesn’t want you to know.)
According to usually reliable sources, the Archangel Michael shared Jesus’s body with him during those last three tumultuous years of his life, and was the one whose power (read: advanced technology) produced most of the miracles attributed to Christ.
When a representative of the (nonFallen) galactic administration once decreed; “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”; I believe I jumped for joy when I first heard and said, “Gotcha! So mote it be!”
That was because I had already intuitively realized that this admonition, delivered on Earth, to more than just one human at a time, [unlike most messages from ‘heaven’, which were usually delivered to single humans because the ‘galactic administration always needed ‘plausible deniability’ - sound familiar? You bet - ‘As above, so below”: (If the government ‘down’ here is screwed up, then the same is true of ‘up’ there.) Another important cosmic principle, that was considered too ‘co-optable’ to be taught to us supposedly “illusory, not-really-living-beings] was a spiritual basis for litigation against these alien bio-techs and their experimentally monstrous and oppressive world-seeding/bio-engineering projects.
I remember realizing, with horror, that most of these aliens were not even bothered by occasional genocidal pogroms (remember what Jehovah told the Isrealites to do to the Canaanites when the Jewish Tribes arrived in the land of Canaan? He ordered the Isrealites to commit blatant, unmistakable, sick evil genocide. Ever since that day I have been rebelling against a fascist ‘god’ (read: technically superior alien) and a system I knew beyond any doubt to be cruel, sadistic and evil. Who can worship a ‘god’ whose hubris engineers genocidal crimes?
That, coupled with the fact that the highest ranking “angelic” avatar handy in our galaxy (who had unexpectedly showed up here to try to bring us back into the Galactic Union by showing us humans - who had rebelled with 26 other planets out here on this one end of a spiral arm of the “Milky Way’ during the much misunderstood “Fall Of The Angels”) that death of the body, and the dissolution of the body’s unique personality, and even torture was easy to bear - and boy, even the historical record shows that he had no idea just how much pain and abuse corporeal beings were forced to endure (remember, at the end, he tried to back out of being crucified).
So . . . what if the truest things you know are anathema to the workings of reality as created, and antithetical to the dogma of dharma? (True is true i trow)! The hell with these savage, arrogant, sadistic and self-serving racist alien oppressors who only tolerate us ‘cause we wear out quickly and die young after making lots of DNA. Anyone remember Methuselah? Lived to be 900 or so, but just couldn’t replicate as much DNA as the aliens demanded. So what did our ‘creators’, our “compassionate father” in heaven, and his lab-tech assistant lackeys, the “Angels”, do? Why they simply inserted some effective dominant immuno-deficiency genes into children of breeding stock, and then began a Millenium-long process of making children of short-lived folk breed with other short-lived offspring (oh, and, by the way, they didn’t “create’ us, they just continued to cross-breed us to their specifications from Amoebas on up).
Sow now we the seeds of a new, non-abusive universe, where the “doctrine of Ahimsa” is the highest principle of being. To wit: “No living being should ever be sacrificed.”! This is our creed, and also, I believe, the most noble sentiment in ANY religion. As this is the truest axiomatic expression of the most compassionate purpose for existence, it is MY Will. So mote it be!

“No living being should ever be sacrificed!”

“As above, so below!”

“Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law.”

“Love Is The Law, Love Under Will”

Every incarnation requires the sacrifice of a living being.
(A ‘human’ being, body and personality unique to that lifetime.)

“God”’s Plan (the evolution of consciousness/data proliferation)
won’t work if there are no sacrifices

Therefore find we ourselves at odds with “GOD” and the ‘Plan’

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