Sunday, July 03, 2005

A Gnostic Overview

The Neutral Angels

“(Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”)

How come no-one knows that there were Neutral Angels? Members of the Angelic Host that remained steadfastly neutral before, during and after the assertion of the Luciferian Manifesto, subsequent “Fall” and following “Interdiction” accompanying the Gabriel vs. Lucifer adjudication.
How come? ’Cause the data’s been suppressed, or obfuscated by Loyals.
The reason? Might lead to embarrassment, and foster doubt. How do I know this? “As above, so below!” (This is cool, ‘cause we get to apply an Hermetic Principle. A brief illustration should suffice) - thusly:
() - What is the reason the US government has over 900 pages of Classified documents that they refuse to release, even to “Freedom Of Information Act” court orders because of “National Security” concerns? This must be some dangerous stuff, right ?
WRONG! These 900+ pages are not threatening to anything, except the memory of the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover. They are transcriptions made when they were illegally wire-tapping, videotaping, following, maligning and harassing John Lennon. Embarrassment, and/or liability in civil court IS NOT A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY!
There’s a good reason for the Loyalists (Non-Fallen) to not publicize the existence of the Neutral Angels: When you add the number of verified Neutral Angels, to the sum of the Fallen, a ‘simple’ majority of the entirety of the Angelic Host is achieved!
The breakdown was roughly: Fallen - 34%; Neutral - 25%; Loyal - 39% (2% was the usual percentage of non-participants). There was actually MORE support, or at least tolerance, for the precepts of the rebel manifesto than for the established order. Unfortunately, “Jehovah’s Heaven INC” was never a Democracy
AT least 1/4 of the Luciferian Rebels supposedly ‘cast down”, hadn’t set foot in “Heaven” for millennia before the “Fall” (the very word is a misnomer spread by the Union. There was no “Fall”, most of the “Fallen” Angels CHOSE to leave and just split ). Many of the more compassionate, ‘Libertarian’ Angels had long since taken up residence on various planets, and not surprisingly, most of the planets that had longstanding resident AWOL Angels eventually seceded or were forced into secession.
(Admittedly, amongst the Neutral Angels the preponderance of members of the Upper Orders, particularly Thrones, Wheels, and Powers was more an indication of the abstract nature of those orders and their members, than their agreement, in principle, with the need to change the power structure in ‘Heaven’, so that heaven’s abuses can be curbed.)
The Neutral Angels simply refused to take a side, neither actively prosyletizing, nor actively rebelling. A majority of Cherubim and about half of the Seraphim (who predated Christianity) were within this faction, and lack of mandate/support forced a gradual cessation of hostilities. This approach was then replaced with pro-active guerilla raids (physically, trans-analog AND cross alternate timelines), conducted mostly, it seemed, by a small but inexorably conservative Loyalist clique, who continue to pursue their campaign of repression, and loyalty to the demiurge, to this day

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