Sunday, August 14, 2005

Atramentaceous, cont.

Let’s say: at the nexus in convergence lines of future probability
(only through erudite analysis empirical becomes evident efficacy)
fractal interfaces form fortuitous in elegiac effulgency.
This perception of time and such apprehension’s an ability,

(seemingly unique and all mine).

Developed pursuing lifetimes of timelines indefagitably
(these cubistic visions select possible paths to serendipity)
I can now comprehensively forefend portents perspicaciously.
Infinitesimally misaligned divergences detail chronology,

(developing as duly defined).

Thus in floccinaucinihilipilifilistic factsimile
(fraught with thoughtforms tightly wrought in taut threnody)
polyentendre’s purview scansive ensues as a scurrilous scatomancy.
So as a spurious paradigm this idiom savant sings a singular chantey:

(herewith in rhyme,
there’s been committed no crime,
I hope you these words ion hyperbole followed
and thought them, perhaps,
asymptotically approaching sublime);{>

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