Sunday, October 23, 2005

1 Morsatyrdanite


Smallroom airpressure nosebleed soundwall tautaureally atmoshfearachewrecktonic. Cigabarettesmokearabasques shaped by eonoverdriven airtones rise, as conchordilatedcilia writhe, whelming enrapt in a subsemihemidemisonic tinnitususurrus. The Akashic Records distort, nanomomentearaholy trying to contain the burgeoning noiseffulgent waveforms.

More hair per capita than Berserkusly in its hey-heydaze and no existential espresso dilemmalamas to dissemble and dissasimple. Any tonal comprehension fleesfastfowardpastnueuralnets longsinceblown from maxinputpowders and continual sensauraloverload.

Ah ROCKANDROLL - Goddaman Rockandruckingfoll - and Niles legendary Station, during its last year - April Fool’sday, no foolin’, suckin’ up booze and heavymetalhammer-ons till dawn so past “GOPAZZOUTONSUMMUNELSEFOOL” need moranmoranmoron c’mom, c’mon, c’mon . . . these soundwaves as radioswells willrushintospace, far past good taste and apace the speed of thought caught in a metalnightenregaleforcewind of smallclubthrashsoul.

(Just think - thistuff’le speed outward from Earth forever, bigriffrippin’ at the speed-o’-light, out into the cocmos. Tearing gaping holes through diaphanous nebulae, aeuphonically wastewailing past gasping pulsars, perhaps even setting off some resonaolient scintillulullation in serene solar winds as it roars decadbescadent and godgoadingly loud offandaway.);{>

The ghost of poordeaddeaf Beethovan rotates on his astralaxes at a megamillion R.P.M. and SidVicious’s essence smiles the ectoribaldricraplasmically vacant grin of the theaetherically pithed, while everonward, a mobiustrippinkleinbottlenecknote
imbeds itself on the event horizon as I scream for another beer and count myself lucky to be still here and hearing still on 1morsatyrdanite.