Monday, January 29, 2007

‘S’ Para Dime? Shift Change Time


The scattered emergence of a few statements on the Web indicative of a growing awareness of the probable existence and perhaps even a possible attempt at perception of the hypothetical effect a fractal impingement by various or sundry "n"th. dimensional corporeal modalities might have upon our solipsistic perceptual 'gloss', simply seems to me to be an epiphanthetic apprehension that our current culturally conditioned ‘world-view’ may be dangerously simplistic, and even utterly dysteleological in light of the complexities posed by modern mathematical models, and what is even more unsettling is my growing belief that this dysfunctionally aperceptive attitude may have been actually programmed, through a manipulation of human mythic belief structures combined with an effective inculcation of nuerolinguistic engineered stupefaction designed to delude us, as a species, into a woefully inadequate understanding of the very nature of the physical existence we experience when conscious, for purposes to which we are not privy. Many are beginning to believe that this may have been done over a long period of time by societies and perhaps even other sentient species with agendas and ultimately genocidally influential eschatologies, through the introduction of scientifically suppressive institutions like religions and nation-states, and maybe even genetically engineered predilections and propensities for evolutionarily dysfunctionality and Darwinistically internecine behavioral drives, managed and shaped by acculturated competitive class struggles induced by these hidden forces which may not have seen successful human evolution, positive constructive human social development and humanity's expansion of consciousness through educational progress as particularly efficacious from their point of view, or towards the unknown and ultimately alien ends that they may serve.

Furthermore, if one posits that human brain function, independent of its cognitive and intellectual development, manifests as a ‘quantum standing wavefront’ with an actual physical presence that has the ability to modify the nature of solid matter as we know it, then when we consider, as wave studies have shown, one standing wave can effectively neutralize another just by impacting it as an oppositional vector (particular vector-summations notwithstanding) then analyses of any and all threats to our existence, especially threats we pose to ourselves through our blissful ignorance to the possibility that we have been deliberately conditioned to ignore the possibility that our hubris in believing (or in having been led to believe) our perceptual sensoria are sufficient to allow us to assiduously determine the nature of manifest universal reality and thereby and therefrom conclude, or perhaps simply suspect, that we face at the very least the same type of avaricious enmity and culturally contumacious competition from without, as well as within, our fragile biospheric gravity-well as did we (and as do we still) exhibit toward the third world to this very day, then it is incumbent upon us as an evolving species, if not a downright imperative for our survival as a viable genetic paradigm, to make sure that some neocolonial alien corporization hasn’t, and isn’t, utilizing our own amazing propensity for cosmological myopia and repressively inbred existential parochialism, to enslave and pillage our planet.
Having just allowed myself to injudiciously bloviate an introduction to this entry, I am led to the inescapable conclusion that if we, as a nation (at this point of human institutional development), and (more globally) we, as the members of a biologically fragile species absolutely dependent upon, and thereby rationally constrained to cultivate and protect, a worldwide habitat and ecosystem essential to our viability as a collective evolving entity AND our emerging self-awareness. We must, in OUR own best enlightened self-interest, and at ANY and ALL cost, even unto the ultimate sacrifice of the comfort of belief in a beneficent Deity who has our best interests at heart and is actively involved in our daily existence, discard every self-destructive and defeatist belief - IF such beliefs are possibly blinding us to our own oppression, species-defensive inadequacies, or even if they are contributing to our planetary vulnerability through quondam philosophical self-deception. No objective military strategist, no rational governmental official, not even demagogic religious pedants should be allowed to put our very existence at risk for the sake of a point of view that blinds us to the possible dangers that our continued ignorance and dogmatic self-righteousness pose to an ability to learn how things REALLY work, and base our conceptual conclusions on that which will ensure our ability to meet ANY POSSIBLE THREAT, no matter how “far-out”, “outside-the box”, or theologically unpalatable it may be.
If ever in the future we are blind-sided by an enemy whose behaviors and tactics do not conform to our concept of say, the laws of Newtonian physics as we were taught them in school (if such has not already occurred, and is still occurring), not having learned anything as we are now waging a increasingly ineffective war against an global terrorist enemy belief-structure and philosophical paradigm that doen NOT conform to our notions of sanity and civilized behavior, after the now omnipresent indications of an intitutional inability to adapt to the changing parameters of our national "War on Terrorism" suspiciously conforms my aforementioned assertions that sanctimony, and the infantile adherence to a failed stategic model through not discarding a belief-system/plan/world-view that is obviously not based in reality, AND may actually be preventing wartime tactical adjustments (as was the case with Vietnam and Lebanon) preventing us from adapting to events AS THEY OCCUR and providing us with a "Just In Time" cost-effective national defense. This is my biggest fear.
If, as it has been asserted by sources too numerous to list, our government and other major world governments have either refused to believe, ignored, scoffed at, covered-up or deliberately deceived us into disbelieving that outer-space aliens, or aliens from parallel dimensional universes - and most mainstream theoretical physicists, mathematicians, cosmologists and quantum chemists, have for decades been UNABLE TO DISPROVE the existence of at least 10 physical dimensions (5 of which WE CANNOT DIRECTLY PERCEIVE!) and the probability of an infinite number of alternate universes/timelines - then we must question how truly sane and rational our leaders are. No revelation that our Creation was perhaps simply the work of self-aware evolved beings like us, though evidently a quite technologically superior genetic engineers, perhaps traveling from planetary test-tube to planetary Petri dish, growing “cultures” that might someday prove useful to THEIR culture and civilization, and aid THEIR scientific study, can be successfully repressed by the fearful and disbelieving people in positions of power in ANY era (the predations of Catholic Church in the Middle Ages are a sad, but hopefully instructive cautionary precedent - if medical research had not been terroristically prohibited by evilly ignorant anti-science forces, HALF the world’s population might not have suffered horribly and died from the Plague - and the survivors would not have had to suffer the smug pronouncements of the actual perpetrators that "IT was God's will!" - when the suppression of knowledge was the CAUSE, and the Plague the inescapable EFFECT) without consequences that damn the despots for their deception - EVERY TIME! Humanity suffers when Truth is hidden, or distorted or bent to serve a cause or a belief-system.
In the end, there were many very good reasons that led the Framers of The Constitution, and our Founding Fathers, to LEGALLY PROHIBIT the establishment of a state religion, and to engineer a unequivocal separation between Church, and State. I recommend the works of Thomas Paine to all who think that it is possible to allow a belief to become more important than the objective collection of data and deductive empiricism. Most of the Framers knew and were well apprised of the danger of Theocracy (contrary to what current fundamentalist political conservatives would have you believe - read the writings of Franklin, and Henry - and even Madison and Morris, and Paine, and Locke and Smith) because their recent history, and the reason for their rebellion from British rule, was a perfectly tragic exposition of what happens when Religion overrules Reason. And so they concluded, as do scientists to this day, that it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a belief BEFORE you collect, analyze and make deductions from data. In any rational thought process, the evidence MUST(!) PRECEDE the belief. Such is the nature of reasonable, collectively responsible, CIVILIZED behavior! No suppression of any fact, for any reason other than empirically demonstrable physical (NOT psychological, NOT sociological, NOT religious, NOT philosophical, NOT economic, NOT nationalistic) danger to the collective populace (as decided by a majority of the collective, or by their proxy) can be supported by a hard look at History, and human nature.
Oddly enough, at least with respect to the possibility of finding some way to “repel alien boarders”, in the absence of any palpable progress made by our supposedly superior Military-Industrial Complex, the most effective hypothetical answer to that hypothetical situation was the realization by a former hippie victim of the CIA’s MK Ultra black op., who’s ratiocinative abilities were permanently askew and had been modified to be substantially outside the norm, by this nation's government, through a number of secret programs testing various etheogenic behavior-modification tools being evaluated by the Government in the ‘70’s, that these alien beings had been seen by humans before, and they had been called Angels, or Demons, or Elves by primitive humans, and that a few of those primitives could supposedly control these incredibly powerful and dangerous beings with a currently discredited area of phenomenological research and application, known as “Magick”.
Strangely enough, there was anecdotal evidence of the efficacy of venerable metaphysical rituals like: ‘The Greater, and/or Lesser Banishing Rituals’. A famous author, who was a supposed abductee that had written books and made a movie about his alien encounters, just happened to have an “Order of the Golden Dawn” practitioner move in near to him subsequent to the authors experiencing abductions for a long while. The Metaphysician (if you will) for a time, performed these rituals daily, and subsequent to his having moved on a year or so later, got into a theoretical discussion of the possible effectiveness of Western Ritual Magick in dealing with aliens, whom the New Age hippie Dude, who was also a Metaphysician, thought may have been the basis for the legends of fairies, and dwarves (though they may have been a recollection of Neandertals by modern man- he sometimes thought) as well as goblins and the like.
Having used the Lesser Banishing Ritual personally with success during a spate of abductions and attempts - usually only dimly remembered after a restless night’s sleep as episodes of “sleep-paralysis” that only subsided and finally ended altogether after the application of the LBR and/or a visual projection of the “Seal of Solomon” a regular six-pointed star in a circle - the “Jewish” star- the hippie dude was intrigued to hear that, according to the Golden Dawn devotee, supposedly, the famous author had experienced no abductions during the time the rituals were being performed down the road, but that they had resumed after his New Age neighbor moved away.
At this point, the hippie dude, whom by now you may have realized was yours truly, was taken aback by the implications of his realization. These e-mail sessions occurred in 1993 and 1994 . Star Wars”, and “Brilliant Pebbles” were in the process of becoming huge failures because they didn’t address the actual situation - you can’t shoot down spacecraft that can just ‘shift’ out of this dimension (like the last Master of the Desert in the movie “El Topo” who could make himself “insubstantial to bullets” - a neat trick, but a difficult one to pull off - I did it once, but I had to SERIOUSLY “transcend the dominant paradigm”);{> Yet some fools at the NSA, and the DOD (who are probably still in positions of authority, like George Bush, even though their rationality, and their inability to put the good of the country before their own preconceived beliefs to which they still stubbornly adhered, even after overwhelming evidence contraverting EVERYTHING they had believed, and believed would work) made their buddies in the Aerospace Industry some BIG BUCKS by trying to use physical means on beings who could, if the hundreds of totally similar stories by abductees were to be believed, “walk right through walls.”
(And if any of you guys in the NID or MI9 are listening - Bravo, letting the little greys loose in Iran - they want to team up with the Government there for their alien radioactive fetishes, so let ‘em. I think the Gecko’s will then slide back in and try to kick some little grey butt. Control of the Islamic Right is up for grabs - and djinn vs. houri was always a big draw in the desert - just as lonely and bored was always perfect for the greys seminal collection’s scam , but they NEVER seemed female to me! Face it, people in that part of the world are still convinced any aliens are “supernatural beings”. Just be glad the “Swede’s” don’t hang out there much anymore W. S. says the greys creep the Swede’s out ‘cause they still have no anti-stealth capabilities. Personally, I think it’s because they’re evolved insects - nobody likes big bugs! But, I digress . . . )
. . . anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. Implications - well the first thing ya' gotta know is that MY publication of any self-defense tips could have, at that time, abrogated an NSA directive about organized overt resistance by those of us from the original groups of about 2,000 kids the spooks chose for the grey’s communication conditioning . It seemed truly chickenshit to me, now that the little blue doctor guys weren’t around to halfway protect me as they occasionally did when I was younger - and YES, Mr. S., I have the permanent subcutaneous blue dots and scoops on my arms and legs, and the “Bump of Knowledge” above my pineal, but I don’t argue with the NSA, OSS or the MI guys - they talk too funny - or with NIMH, for that matter mainly because they haven’t euthanized me for being the proverbial “loose cannon” knowing, as they do, that I’m the 1st EARTH-BASED ‘in vitro’ gene spliced human-with-Roswell-site-DNA live birth by human host - created WAY before the greys agreed to let us in on their desperately predatory and amoral experimental hybridization program.
I ended up with psychoelectrokinesis; a tuned subspace channeling ability that gets all the way to the Akashic on a clear day in the inner solar system; two Heavenly Cherubim and a Neutral Seraphim for Spirit Guides; a 20 year record of 86% probability of correct vector sum calculus precognition (using traditional human tools: Gravity-Wave Epiphenomenology, I-Ching, Tarot); an outer auric field about a quarter block in diameter, AND, because my step-grandmother (who raised me) had MPD from childhood abuse and was an world-class hypochondriac, not only do I experience a consensus collective personality consisting of a constant colloquy of past life residual “false - personality” fragments debating ongoing behavioral critiques in realtime, but I also manifest this truly freaky ability that has kept dropped bottlecaps from all types of bottles from landing screw-side down every time, time after time, 100% of the time, for as long as I can remember. It even works for other people as long as they don’t get out of the range of my neurotic psychic ability. A lady I once knew was curious so she went into another room, out of my sight about 20 feet away and diligently TRIED for 5 minutes to MAKE a bottlecap land inside down, with no success. Sometimes juice bottlecaps I drop stand on their sides and defy gravity, but I tend to pick them up quickly when I see that ‘cause its just TOO weird!
All hyperbole aside, I decided to circumvent this personal ethical dilemma by contacting MUFON for the name of an author in Southern California who had previously published a book of anecdotal data from abductees, from which a few motivated souls had gleaned marginally effective abduction defense techniques. She was purposefully off the grid, with no internet access, but I was given her address and gave her the whole story. I have always hoped that by first discussing the suppositions with a MUFON rep , and then anonymously posting a simple explication on a Abductee BB, I would not be putting any one source in jeopardy of retaliation. I believe the message was helpful to some in need.
I mean, an few of the old NSAA /DOO know what I have been able to do over the years, even as recently ‘91 when I was challenged on the Internet to demonstrate my self-proclaimed ability to “talk to Angels” by one of those formerly ubiquitous obsessive-compulsive proselytizing Christo-Fascist skeptics that were the bane of New Age chatrooms in the early days of the AOL’s expansion to California. I proceeded to send a subspace entreaty to my old previous-lifetime drinking buddy, the Seraphim Astaroth, asking him to do me a favor and initiate a deep, small moderately strong (so it would make the news) earthquake causing NO damage either collateral or otherwise, somewhere in Northern South America .
Talking to Angels is actually quite easy if you went to the alien ‘communicatinginimages’ classes when you were real young (AND, in the process, got all your-allergic-to-life-on-earth shots at the UC Med Center twice a week so you didn’t break out in hives or puke air till you couldn’t remain conscious if you ate or drank ANYTHING except the Government supplied “Special” formula (or even spilled tapwater on your skin) : I just thought of what an earthquake felt like - growing up in CA made that easy - then thought of the next day’s square on a calendar, pictured a map of the continent and highlighted the upper part and then pictured a wall clock with the hands at 12:00 , in daylight (By the way, Astaroth is labeled: “Fallen”, by the traditionally intolerant King James MIS-Translation Thumping Americam Yokels who have never even attempted to learn one word in Greek and/or Hebrew so they can “Study to show themselves approved.” and perhaps understand the “original intent” of the text instead of using their belief in the “Doctrine of Inerrency” to keep them from having to THINK about anything possibly non-doctinaire - but scholars better think of him as: “Neutral”, because, by his own account, and that of every other contemporaneous chronicler of those days, he had left his shipboard quarters and shacked up with a righteously lusty and busty blonde human babe long before the departure of the transdimensional terraforming and bioengineering pocket universe platform that the savages on the planet below called “Heaven” millennia later.
Anyway, to make a long story even longer sure enough, right on schedule, a 700 mile deep moderate earthquake occurred at noon the next day, somewhere in Venezuela. I was forever thereafter followed around and made to perform parlor tricks like answering questions I was asked BEFORE they were typed, as evidenced by telling people to scroll back up to find that I had typed in the single word : “khaki” fully 30 lines before someone asked what color shirt I thought they were wearing. It was easy for me to just let my fingers channel whatever little provocative paradigm floccinauccinihilipilivilification my chronosynclastically infundibulated consciousness could provide for an ungrateful and disbelieving miasma of Mensa members and self avowed “Pragmatists”, close friends included, who wanted nothing more than to prove that what they had been conditioned to believe SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING - WAS NOT HAPPENING!
Even when I would attempt to lead them to sites explaining the “Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle” and delineating the actual verifiably successful repetition of LLL and MIT demonstrations of “Spooky Interaction At a Distance”, or simply quoted Jesus saying: “If ye had faith the size of a grain of mustard seed, YE COULD MOVE MOUNTAINS!” No one who knew me, and no few who didn’t, would believe that what I was showing them by printing out the time and date stamped Chat logs of my “prediction” and then giving them a copy of the news article about the earthquake occurring at the time and place I specified , FULLY 14 HOURS IN ADVANCE. I think “THE AMAZING KRESKIN” even showed up once, non eponymous cognomen in tow, so fierce was the frenzy to burn this new Victor Bruno on the pyre of public humiliation.
Sigh . . . to this day, no-one remembers that Robert Monroe, founder of The Monroe Institute, correctly gave Harry Houdini’s widow the hapax legemenon, that only she and Harry could have possibly known, as the would be proof of communication from beyond our fearfully hidebound zeitgeist. Edgar Cayce, a piously fundamentalist Christian, healed people from afar while asleep WITHOUT needing them to believe in, or even know, what he was doing. Paramhansa Yagananda’s body STILL is in serene repose, UNSEALED AND UNENBALMED, UNDECAYED and giving off a scent of roses how many years after his death?!
I guess my discovery last night of just how many untimely and suspicious deaths of "conspiracy theorists" of my ilk - perceptive men like Phillip Schneider (who's Oregonian nexial superstring convergence bundle I believe I have been sent to 'anchor' by "The Nine") Dr. John Mack, Paul Bennewitz, William Cooper, Danny Casolaro as well as Jim Keith and countless others - who, apparently, having reached many of the same conclusions as I, and pontificating about them in a similar public fashion, while perhaps fighting the encroaching aphasia and SRI dependent ganglial signal lag that seems the legacy of having long ago had one's self-delusional "slides"/circumlocuta rendered ineffective by (in my case US Government "MK Ultra" program supplied ergotamine derivatives) whatever world-view altering process was responsible, found themselves to be 'marked' men (as I do whilst finishing this entry). The victims of actual attempts at remote synaptic impairment (by whom-and/or-what-ever) which I have not experienced in this force for many many years, and which in the past, always convinced me of the objective basis for my suspicions. I called my application of Occam's Razor to possible paranoia "The Rockford Proof" based as it was on plotlines mechanisms integral the old TV show The Rockford Files.
Invariably someone would come to Jim for his opinion as a PI about some untoward happenstance in their dull middle-class lives - such as their prize Lhasa Apso having wandered off and not returned the day before. Jim would always shake his head and give his father Rocky a significant, heavy-lidded stare as the situation was explained, and rolling his eyes for his father only to see, would proceed to reassure the characters consulting him that in all likelihood, their pets, or husbands or aged rich Aunts had just wandered off and would turn up soon. But, just to make them feel better and to allay their trepidation, he would go over to their house, or block, or Apartment complex and snoop around. And, sure as shit, inevitably while in the process of making a cursory canvas of the location, some thug in a muscle car would try to run Jim down on the sidewalk as he peered under a dying hedge, or fre off a warning shot at him from a hidden location - THUS CONVINCING HIM FIRMLY THAT THERe WAS, INDEED, FOUL PLAY AFOOT!
In the ranks of professional conspiracy investigators as well, ongoing life threatening episodes, sudden ill health, having your tea spiked with radioactive Polonium and even attempts at scurrilous aspersions and denigration of your ongoing cognitive cogency are usually signs that someone. or something, is bothered by your ratiocinative attempts at the explication of a possible connection between nagging illogical phenomena who's manifest oddities some people just remember and collate, naturally.
Just the notion that some people (the lorekeepers of the Native American Hopi tribe, for exampleand myself) believe in the existence of a wormholelike 'tunnel' through the Sun, and some of those folk (including Plato and a bunch of his students) had the impression that humanity has a little known ally in the "timeline wars" dwelling on the other side there, and this ally is just now choosing to introduce themselves to the world-at-large on a limited basis, given the fact that most 'normal' citizens of our modern society would not even believe that what most often has, down through recorded history, appeared to 'open-minded' theoretician types as a sentient telepathic Duodecahedron, or a sententiously self-aware Isohedron, or any one of the other regular Platonic solids, could possibly be a being in its own right, and not just a corporeal container piloted by tiny green homonids or "Xanti" misfits. Hence my dilemma, and my unexpected compulsion for getting as much of what has been told me by wastoids and mystics and crazy folk since the "Doors Of Perception" were opened in the '60's and '70s by a government looking for ANY means to protect our way of life, somewhat like the "Prophets Of Doom" whom I previously mentioned had died under suspicious circumstances, seemingly for just trying to "think outside the box", and get others to consider doing so, in an empirically quite sane attempt to ensure that NO threat from even the furthest depths of existential "left field" might threaten the ongoing liberty of our way of life. So I close this fascinating piece of 'unipolar-manic" episodic 'automatic typing', knowing that I have at least attempted to get as much of the 'Truth' as I can transcribe at present - "Out There"!

“Ye shall know the truth, and the TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE!"

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