Monday, January 01, 2007

They Came Right Through The Walls! Honest!

(Modern theoretical mathematicians have collectively concluded that there are, in reality, 10 dimensions.)

You know, when the “X-Files” was on the air and the motto: ‘The truth is out there’ was being bandied about by the pundits and the critics, I waited and waited, but nowhere did I see any mention of the double meaning I knew, from personal experience and many years of study, to be intrinsic to the phrase. It stuck me as quite odd that no-one but myself seemed to be aware of what I thought was the most perspicacious and cogent of all the possible meanings that line could have. But, then, given the demonstrated fact that the actuality of “n”th dimensional physics is so different from the model of reality in which we are taught to believe, and this difference is, apparently, so downright threatening to the dominant paradigm whereby our world-views are encapsulated and controlled by a culture that refuses to brook any facts that don’t “add up” within its framework of a universe ruled by a “god-concept” that was developed by nomadic tribes of savages with NO concept of Science whatsoever, its no wonder that the double meaning in that much loved motto has not, to this day and my knowledge, appeared anywhere in print!

I always thought the meaning of: ‘The truth is out there’; to be the notion that the ‘trans-dimensional’ nature of the beings we think of as aliens and the fact that they are NOT from ‘outer space’ but instead are from a parallel universe/dimension bases their existence in a paradigm of the physical universe that is so far from the common conception of such things that that truth is so ‘outside-the-box’, so strange and outrĂ©, as to be beyond our culture’s inculcated everyday comprehension of the way things work and thus and therefore “out there”. Am I the only one who has drawn this conclusion from this piece of pop culture? Evidently . . . but why?

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