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Interdimensional Metalflake

"The Interdimensional Hypothesis of unidentified flying objects and related events, championed by astrophysicist Jacques Vallee, attempts to explain the phenomena as regarding visitations from other universes (or dimensions) that coexist separately alongside our own. This hypothesis has been offered as an alternative to the extraterrestrial hypothesis, which proposes that unidentified flying objects are technological artifacts of other civilizations from distant worlds in our own universe. The interdimensional hypothesis proposes that these objects are a modern manifestation of elements, particularly mythological creatures, which have appeared throughout recorded history and possibly since earliest humans walked the earth. This hypothesis is generally considered to be a fringe view, even among UFO researchers.

According to this theory, the phenomenon manifests itself as a control mechanism, whose function appears to be to challenge the observer's accepted notions of reality, by appearing to be things that common sense would disregard as being impossible, and in our modern age, as technological objects which always seem to appear to be one step ahead of our own technological horizon.

By breaking the deepest taboos of society, the phenomenon thereby gradually reinforces a permanent change in the perception of that society, by the propagation of malicious memes and erroneous belief systems. Such a change appears to undermine society's belief in established authority, both governmental and scientific, which ridicules the phenomena and those that believe in it. The theory has not been widely accepted by either Ufologists or by mainstream science. Some argue it is pseudoscience, while others argue that it seeks to explain one mystery by invoking another.


Simpler, more neutral variants of the interdimensional hypothesis lacking the control mechanism theory are:

* Some UFOs might be natural objects which can travel through multiple dimensions, UFOs as unknown natural phenomena
* Some UFOs might represent non-human craft and beings from other dimensions or parallel universes. This is a slight variant of the more accepted extraterrestrial hypothesis, that assumes such craft and beings arise from stellar systems from within our own universe.
* Some UFOs might be the observable effect (sort of a fringe interference) in our three dimensional space of a device operated from a higher order dimension. Because the object is not physically in our dimension, this theory accounts for the seeming impossible, yet observed aspects of silence traveling at high speed in atmosphere and instantaneous change of direction of movement. The question to test this theory is asked of the expert physicist studying the mathematics of the higher dimensional universe. It is, "What would be the nature of the three dimensional apperception of a multi-dimensional object seen from the three dimensions?"

A non-human consciousness

Jacques Vallee proposes the existence of a non-human consciousness, which may or may not possess a physical body or bodies, that exists either on or around the earth and is able to manipulate space, time and consciousness in ways that we presently do not understand. Vallee is confident that humans can ultimately understand the larger reality of the phenomenon, provided the problem is attacked with research of sufficient vigour.

In addition to Vallee, other researchers such as Salvador Freixedo, John Keel, and Aime Michel, believe the phenomenon represents an alien intelligence which can masquerade in various forms, including space visitors, religious apparitions, anomalous creatures, poltergeists, and psychic phenomena.

These "aliens", appear to practice deception on a vast scale, and little, if anything of who they say they are or even what they appear to be can be trusted. Historically, pre-industrial societies believed in the existence of "elementals" of various sorts, dragons, demons, elves, pixies, Invisible Masters, and various other little people and paranormal beings. These entities were invariably supernaturally powerful, often belligerent and prone to playing pranks, as well as abducting children, seducing and raping women and teenage girls, and taking people to places where time seemed to pass at a different speed than the normal world. The theory identifies these entities as the action of the supposed consciousness.

As nation states began to industrialise and people generally became less superstitious, a change seemed to occur in the way the phenomenon manifested itself, as people began perceiving technological objects (UFOs), possessing peculiar abilities (such as speed, maneuverability) which are analogous to the magic of elves and demons of previous eras; that is, possessing abilities which always seem to be beyond our grasp or which contradict our sensibilities whilst remaining relevant as society changes over time, and hence remembered, propagated and not forgotten.

The control mechanism

It is speculated that the frequency of UFO events represents a premeditated conditioning or learning process. The motives of the consciousness behind the process are unknown, but it may be some kind of test about the ultimate nature of reality and humanity's ability to comprehend it, despite being handicapped by society and its taboos about what is and what isn't acceptable, as well as the state of modern physics. Presumably, beings with the ability to bend space, warp time and communicate telepathically may be in possession of the ultimate keys to the physical laws, which govern the universe. What may be occurring is some sort of first contact scenario by an unimaginable power, being played out over millennia, and not as Hollywood has always asserted, and science has demanded, by the proverbial UFO landing on the White House lawn. In short, the phenomenon, by its very existence, poses the question, "What is the ultimate nature of reality and the physical laws that underlie it?"

If the theory is correct, it remains an open question as to whether humanity will meet the non-human consciousness and whether it has humanity's interests at heart. The phenomenon seems unconcerned about human sensibilities; indeed, it seems to use human weaknesses to magnify its effect on the human psyche. The situation is such that most politicians and scientists - the two main figures of authority - will not speak publicly about UFOs except to ridicule them. Some are concerned that this causes people to lose faith in established authority, and to turn to fringe groups with limited abilities to investigate the phenomena." (from a popular search engine site) . . .

To which I wish to add:

. . . The impetus for most great leaps in learning have been mythopoetically tied to information from "beyond" our species in almost all cultural attempts to chronicle pre-historical times. Be they Angels, or Gods or Magi, there is a distinct human tendency to believe that we have been "mentored" or "taught" essential insights about the nature of our existence by agents of some "other" world or body of knowledge. The principal "1st. World" reality Codex, before the Greeks, to the extent that it was inculcated as Shamanic gnosis and then cultural gloss, as conceptualized by Metaphysicians, was attributable to a rather shady character known in the gyres that I inhabit as: "Thoth Hermes Trimegistus". Also represented in Greek mythology by the Titan, Prometheus, this personage is generally credited with bringing some form of "enlightenment" to mankind. Examples from all parts of the world abound. Whether teaching humanity about fire (or the secrets of "firewater"- the science of the generation/distillation of ethyl alcohol - in some other legendary scenarios) or delivering an "Emerald Tablet" whereupon were exhibited the "Principles Of Hermetics" - there is certainly a wealth of supposition in even the written history of the Western World to warrant at least an assertion that such an historical figure might have existed, influencing the way humanity conceptualized about the nature of corporeal existence, and, until the pre-historic/Egyptian model of our universe was superseded by the harshly constricting and solipsistically counterproductive Cosmological and Physical Universe models of the Greeks, "reality" as we know it may have behaved according to an altogether different but nonetheless as rationally and empirically sound a paradigm of existence as most of us in the 20th. Century Western world have been taught to believe in as we grew.

Ancient, and recent, beliefs and discoveries about Matter, and Space and Time, correspond with such a plenitude of congruence that I and many other "New Age" types, often wonder just why our collective understanding as a species, our 'world-view' (Ger.: Weltanschauung) as it were, has apparently been so thoroughly and effectively overwhelmed for the past few millennia by the "Cognitively Dissonant Self-Limitation Eschaton Paradigm", as I call it, which, when looked at from just the right philosophical perspective, can be seen to have been actively preventing our evolutionary growth as a functioning collective body of biosphere consciousness. Hence, given our penchant as a race for looking beyond our own species for such alternative paradigmatic input, when some of us seem to think that human history has been shaped by the influence of sentient beings, civilizations, and technologies not native to this planet, the clamor of opprobrium and derision these assertions are met with seem quite a bit too strident for supposedly "unbiased" skeptics. So automatic is the response that it is almost tantamount to evidence of some attempt at suppression of the entire concept that we are not alone in the universe, and as such are affected only by what we believe we perceive with our five senses. Yet, when one studies physics, one realizes that our senses DO NOT accurately capture the totality of existential phenomena, yet most human beings think they know what is "REAL" and what is not - but, based on the last 50 years of scientific research, they DO NOT, and yet most still believe they do. Perhaps because they have been "taught" to reject certain conclusions about the nature of personal reality for reasons to which they are not privy, perhaps because if people were aware of forces manipulating mankind with other than mankind's best interests at heart, they might resist and thereby interfere with whatever agenda is in place.

While our theoretical math (see below) has progressed to the point that we can deduce epiphenomenology of influences from outside the universe defined by our body's limited sensorial perception of only 3 spatial dimensions, and Time, it is possible that our consensus belief systems have been so thoroughly skewed from Earth-efficacious self-determining vectors by the insidious insertion of the philosophical oppression of monotheistic religions, coupled with the internecine repression of co-operative social structures by divisive nation/state cultural imperatives, that even today a supermajority of the world's population has NO idea that a collective "Heisenbergian" scrutiny of planet-wide problems can ameliorate (if not fully extirpate) "man's inhumanity to man", when enough of those of us who have unplugged ourselves from the "Matrix" of non-compassionate "pragmatism" and surrender to the sociological (and , yes, "Quantum-Mechanical") paradigm of "rationalism" WILL IT - realizing that we CAN reach out with every fiber of our being and grab the causes for suffering and negate their "absolute" existence with our brains. The Rosicrucians say: "Thoughts are things!" and they can set in motion the changes necessary for a paradigm shift, and hence a liberation of self-and-other-deluded humanity from what many believe is an externally imposed set of scientific AND spiritual blinders placed upon us by those to whom our emergence as a reality-defining species, using the force of our "quantum standing wave-front mentalities" to seek liberation from oppression for all beings through the simple, and quite non-violent (the ends NEVER justify the means!) projection of one implacable philosophy: "NO living being should EVER be sacrificed! " !

Below are a few abstracts that indicate the recent emergence of some interesting tools for parsing reality pertinent to the possible existance, and ongoing fractal impingement of what have always appeared to be sentient Platonic Solids, aka: "The Nine Diamond Faced Masters" (and perhaps some indication of why there are 9, rather than 5):

"Session K14 - Focus Session: Beller Lecture and String Theory.
FOCUS session, Sunday afternoon, April 06
Congress C, Loews Philadelphia Hotel
[K14.001] Beller Lecture: String interaction in pp-wave background
Hessamaddin Arfaei (Sharif University of Technology)

We consider the three string ineraction in pp wave background as a two dimensional field theory on the world sheet of three interacting strings, a strip with a semi infinite cut. We quantize the massive bosonic field on this space and follow the evolution of the incoming states to a final state. The incoming vacuum evolves to an outgoing excited state. Similarity with black hole radiation is emphasized.

[K14.010] The cosmological constant and the deconstruction of gravity
Vishnu Jejjala (Department of Physics, Virginia Tech), Robert G. Leigh (Department of Physics, University of Illinois and CERN-Theory Division), Djordje Minic (Department of Physics, Virginia Tech)

Witten has presented an argument for the vanishing of the cosmological constant in 2+1 dimensions. This argument is crucially tied to the specific properties of (2+1)-dimensional gravity. This reasoning can be deconstructed to 3+1 dimensions under certain conditions. Our observation is tied to the possibility that there exists a well-defined ultraviolet completion of (3+1)-dimensional gravity.

But there are two main implications which I think are important about Connes’ result:

A spectral Riemannian geometry completely and uniquely specifying the
“external and internal” geometry of the observable world does exist.
On top of that, it’s algebraic formulation in terms of spectral triples is
tremendously more elegant and compact than the standard way to
code these things into symbols. If you believe in a connection between
elegance and truth, this is something to take notice of.

Even better, since it does exist and has been identified, we may
investigate special geometric properties this geometric description of
our world has. For instance we may compute its spectral dimension.
In spectral geometry there are in fact various notions of dimension, reflecting the fact that
algebraic geometry is more general than ordinary geometry. There is something called the
“metric dimension” and something called the “KO-dimension”. Connes shows that
if you accept the generalization from ordinary to spectral geometry, then Connes
has produced the first realistic Kaluza-Klein reduction.

[K14.003] Matter from G(2) Manifolds
Per Berglund (Department of Physics, University of New Hampshire), Andreas Brandhuber (Department of Physics, California Institute of Technology)

We describe how chiral matter charged under SU(N) and SO(2N) gauge groups arises from codimension seven singularities in compactifications of M-theory on manifolds with G(2) holonomy. The geometry of these spaces is that of a cone over a six-dimensional Einstein space which can be constructed by (multiple) unfolding of hyper-Kahler quotient spaces. In type IIA the corresponding picture is given by stacks of intersecting D6-branes and chiral matter arises from open strings stretching between them. Usually one obtains (bi)fundamental representations but by including orientifold six-planes in the type IIA picture we find more exotic representations like the anti-symmetric, which is important for the study of SU(5) grand unification, and trifundamental representations. We also exhibit many cases where the G(2) metrics can be described explicitly, although in general the metrics on the spaces constructed via unfolding are not known.

Since this may sound drastic to some people, let me reformulate this slightly.

In physics, it has become customary to call models of spacetime which involve
generalization of ordinary geometry to non-commutative or otherwise
algebraically formulated concepts non-geometric phases of


Connes has found a realistic Kaluza-Klein compactification with the compact space being in a non-geometric phase.

It is hard not to notice the fact that perturbative superstring theory asserts that
the world is a Kaluza-Klein reduction of “cc-dimension”

(1)d cc=4+6=10

on a possibly non-geometric (d cc=6)-dimensional
internal space.

In perturbative string theory, geometry is not determined by a spectral triple, but by
something like a 2-spectral triple, if you allow me to
use this terminology.

Where a spectral triple is more or less the same
as a smooth functor from super-worldlines to graded Hilbert spaces


a 2-spectral triple in my sense here
is a functor on super-worldsheets to super-Hilbert spaces


(I am not indicating it in my notation here for simplicity, but in the first case we require
a super-Riemannian structure on our cobordisms, while in the second we
just require a super-conformal structure.)

Such functors have a characteristic number associated to them, called their
conformal central charge. The number d cc
I mention above is 2/3 times this central charge.

Apparently some people, including Connes, talked about whether or not Connes’ internal
(d KO=6)-dimensional space could describe a “nongeometric phase of a Calabi-Yau space”.

If you regard gravity as the curvature of spacetime (which we long ago
learned is right) and if you furthermore regard the coupling constants of
particles in our world as the metric of an “internal”, “compactified”
part of spacetime
(which now Connes shows is a viable point of view in the context of
spectral geometry) then it is a fact that the
experimentally observed
metric dimension of our experimentally accessible world is

d metric=4∈ℤ

while something called the “KO-dimension” of the accesible part of the world is

d KO=4+6=10∈ℤ 8.

The KO-dimension of an algebra should be something like the dimension as seen by the
real algebraic K-theory (I, II) of that algebra, I guess. . . . - Alain Connes 'Noncommutative geometry and reality'

Oh, and by the way, on the same site as the ideas above, there was also an abstract that (I have been informed);{> bears on the possible nature of methodologies used in temporal conflict:

"[K14.006] Tachyons in a slice of AdS
Michele Redi (Johns Hopkins University)

Stability of AdS space allows scalar fields to have negative mass squared as long as the Breitenlohner-Freedman (BF) bound is satisfied. In this talk we consider a tachyonic scalar field propagating in the Randall-Sundrum (RS) scenario with two branes, where five dimensional AdS is compactified on an orbifold. By performing a Kaluza-Klein (KK) decomposition of the scalar field to the flat 4D ground state of the model we find, in general, that a tachyon is unstable in a slice of AdS, unless suitable brane actions are included. In fact, for zero brane actions and arbitrary distance between the branes, the KK spectrum of a bulk tachyon contains a single 4D tachyon if the BF bound is satisfied. By changing the position of the two branes in the extra dimension, we clarify the meaning of the BF bound in the RS geometry and show how the instability disappears in the infinite space limit. "

. . . Leave it to the Cherubim to lead me to stuff like this . . . trying to factor probability-vector-calculations in 11 dims. just makes my head hurt . . .

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