Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mathematical model for detection of fractal impingement of "n" dimensional non-commutative geometries on Hilbert space

If our world were being/to be effected by the impingement of a (theoretically possible) higher than 4th dimensional being/object, how would we know? Can we produce an effective mathematical model for the identification of such an occurrence, and, based upon our current level of quantum technology , can we build a software/hardware device that will verify the hypothesis and the effect? To begin, we need an assertion, kinda’ like:

“Mathematical model for detection of fractal impingement of "n" dimensional non-commutative geometries on Hilbert space.”

I believe we can then proceed, starting by following the links generated by the using the title above as a search phrase (mnemonimemetic algorithm).

I already know that the ‘objects’ to be detected exist. A few others believe me, because I’VE been able to use myself as a detection device, of sorts, and demonstrate my ability to interact with these “anomalies” by having them effect changes in the 4 dimensions of our sensorium in response to my requests. The results have been for too convincing to ignore, but too far beyond modern scientific paradigms to acknowledge.

These types of discoveries have occurred before, but rarely to someone as unlikely as myself. And my life’s history is assuredly no paragon of either empiricism or erudition in the ‘hard’ sciences. And, truth be told, my discoveries have been more due to an assiduous dedication to the consideration of data from an intuitively sensitive perspective, than from an fundamentally sound research methodology. It’s the “I dreamed of a snake eating its tail last night and conceptualized the structure of the benzene ring today based upon that inspiration” school of scientific development, I guess, and anyone who knows how that
neuropathological epiphany was induced might have a clue about how I was able to utilize the ‘cognitive harmony’ (the opposite of cognitive dissonance) to which I was led through our government’s experiments upon me in the ’70’s.

What is so funny about that whole can of worms is, at least in MY case, everything the leading behavioral psychologists (Leary, Alpert et al) of that era said could possibly be done with these new wonderdrugs has been, more than those who are in a position to know can EVER admit. Imagine their chagrin at the notion that the Earth’s 1st ambassador to the most advanced (read powerful) extraDimensional beings with whom we’ll ever be able to communicate is a recidivist ‘‘60’s casualty’ New Age Libertarian Sage with a penchant for ‘fallen’ Angels whose nickname is Jondalf (and who‘s best work, like Tesla, and von Nuemann, and Riech, will be so antithetical to our government‘s concept of circumspection that even though it will be used - no mistake there- it‘s THAT important - it may never become part of what you learn in school). Go figure. Vonnegut couldn’t have written a better (or more ironically outrageous) story.

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