Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Prophet Not Without Honor

Read this whole multifariously sententious publication, and guess what? -

It's the best evidence I've found in a while that justify my wondering if our university scientists have been encouraged to just re-engineer their apparatus -lengthy but meaningless research into the parameters and protocols of plasma confinement - AND NO EVIDENCE ANYWHERE THAT THIS ONE OF THOSE 'CLUNKY DONUTS' WAS (my former LLL, Shiva - Nova Project experience and bias for inertial confinement is showing here, after MANY years, even though the duplicity of running a miniaturized 'Neutron Bomb' testing program under lab conditions and then funding and justifying it under the auspices of the D.O.E. as "fusion reactor energy research" always struck me as a quite typical example of hubris rather than a concern for 'National Security" - Oh, and by the way, whilst working in my basement assembly workroom downstairs from the room with the Test Chamber, one day a test was done, with full knowledge that a few "expendable" types such as myself had NOT been warned of our impending irradiation. Work for the government, become an experiment was the prevailing logic those days, but . . . I digress) ACTUALLY BEING USED IN ANY KIND OF QUANTUM EXPERIMENT! THIS IS GETTING CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER! I WONDER IF C.E.R.N. IS ON "DUMBDOWN" DUTY AS WELL?
I miss scientists as genius crackpots! Men like Edison, and Hughes, to be sure, but the ones whose disappearance left us defenseless against the possibility that the real nature of physical reality could be SO odd, 'normal' people couldn't conceive of it, were the men like Tesla and von Nuemann, whose genotype, along with most of the records of their many years of work for our government, seems to have been successfully subsumed by a mitochondrial stagger toward big tits and beer bellies! If folk like The Raelians, various 'and sundry Beatniks, New Agers, Shastafarians', and the occasional 'little grey'/human hybrid like me are the last line of defense against the truly ALIEN, would someone make sure and turn off the last streetlight as we're run off the planet, and outta the local galactic neighborhood, 'cause I've done all I can, and I'm gonna make the best deal I can with one of the more friendly visiting groups of offplanet types and leave you all to your self-important delusions about how technologically superior beings, appearing to wandering tribes of barbaric SAVAGES as examples of 'Divinity' 6,000 years ago, should to this day be WORSHIPPED for having discovered Warp Drive!
"Keep you doped with religion, and sex and TV - and you think you're so clever and classless and free. Well you're still fuckin' peasants as far's I can see. Because a 'Working Class Hero' is SOMETHING to be! So if you want to be a Hero, well just follow me." J. Lennon
(to this very day our government has kept appx. 93 pages of FBI and CIA files about John Lennon classified in the best interests of our "NATIONAL SECURITY"). 'Ship Of Fools - Sail Away From Me', my life of attempted devotion to a Bardic influence for the "greater good" has met with little critical acclaim ("One should either BE a work of Art, or wear one." - O. Wilde) but, if I WERE appreciated by the 'masses', then I wouldn't be esoteric now would I?
'Ach, Johnny We Hardly Ken Ye". - the Dalphe

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