Monday, September 24, 2007

Bin Laden, Bush and Misdirection

By the way, Osama Bin Laden is STILL in Saudi Arabia, where he has been, with the full knowledge of the NSA\DIA for the past three years, and ANY other remote viewer could tell you the same. You just can't get good dialysis facilities into a cave, you know, so the whole "jihad against bad Pakistani president pronouncement" is just misdirection, for which the mindless American public will fall, as anticipated by the cynics in the Neo-Con/reptilian alien cabal.

Why doesn't anyone else seem to remember the news reports from within the last year that Al-Qaeda offered to trade the whereabouts of the leader of A-Q in Iraq for a "hands-off" policy on pursuing Bin Laden, and that within a month of those reports the deal had been done, A-Q in Iraq had to replace their euthanized assassin, and the "hunt" for the 'boogie-man' continues, to no avail (just as agreed).

There is a theory, held by myself and some other psychics for some time now, that people like Bush, Cheney and Rove, who are so obviously acting in a fashion SO arrogant, and SO "Un-American" (IOWs so NOT in the best interests of the American PEOPLE) that they are demonstrating that they have been compromised by 'alien' interests.

There also is agreement amongst many psychics that there is a 'temporal war' ongoing between humans and their allies, and a race of evolved reptilian aliens originally from one of the Draconis solar systems and their allies, and that the "Dracs" have the ability to influence the sub/unconscious of selected human beings, without the human's knowledge. Why else would politicians and "captains of industry" be pursuing governmental/corporate policies and courses of action that are destroying Earth's ecosystem, and compromising our global ability to protect ourselves from threat of possible (actually long since existing) invasion by species hostile to humanity (by covering-up ALL evidence of the existence of extra-terrestrial/extra-dimensional life/possible enemies)?

Obviously, to a rational being, the probability of threat to our species from outside our biosphere is major. Anything from a large wandering asteroid to an invasion is possible - YET ANY SUGGESTION TO THAT EFFECT IS RIDICULED! Well, here we have the first indication of anti-ratiocinative influence altering objective thought, and threat assessment.

This conclusion has been covertly embraced by many members of our National Security apparatus, who cannot overtly accede to their positions, because their bosses have been compromised, and that the current administration has been taken over by anti-human forces.

There once was a television series called: "The Invaders", with Roy Thinnes, where those humans compromised by the aliens could be identified because they couldn't bend their little fingers. In the same fashion, I'm sure everyone has noticed Bush's aphasia, and the same abnormal brain activity in Cheney and Rove and others. This is one of the signs of a compromised human being. It's like George W. has to listen to some inner dictation, and if he loses the thread of what's being fed to him, he can't think what to say. Think about how many people have made the statement that: "Bush (or Cheney, or Rove etc) doesn't seem to be in to seem in touch with reality". They aren't, quite literally.

Also, as well as being subject to making irrational decisions and then trying to justify them with 'doublespeak', and suffering from aphasia, while speaking in public or communicating in real-time, those compromised cannot use, comprehend or even learn the use of synecdoche, metonymy, paronomasia or polyentendre`. This is how they're identified, and identifiable.

So, listen to the news, watch interviews of powerful figures, and decide for yourself why a human being would make decisions that would adversely effect the ongoing viability of the ecosphere, and the human race itself.

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