Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Day, Another Timeline

The "making-it-look-like-it-just-rained" guys had been at it again,and when I woke up and opened the curtains, it did.

Everything looked normal enough. The trees that were supposed to shed their leaves in the fall had, and the leaves were littered all over the lawn, Halloween coloured and curling. The sky was overcast,low and grey. Winter was fast approaching and you could feel it in the air, so at least the season had remained the same, you never knew.

More importantly though, crane my neck though I did to peer out both the curved Victorian bay windows that comprised most of the corner cupola that was my studio, there were no wormholes in sight. So far, so good.

"There are two ways to travel from one Universe to another.", I remembered my Sensei saying, as he and I walked the path that wound through the forest of tiny crystalline trees that filled the Europan canyon sparkling bright blue from refracting light of the huge disk of roiled Jupiter above.

"You can jump yourself from whenwhere you are, to somewhenwhere close," and I remembered the sudden grin on the tall monk's face as he concluded: "or you can drag the entire universe with you as you go, bumping the pre-existing one somewhenwhere else. I'll leave it to you to decide which is preferable."

As I always did, I wondered which way I had traveled last night.

Whitley Strieber has a good explanation of the way it seems the multiverse works at:

Now, if we can just escape from the oppressive spiritual paradigm that is imposed upon our culture by adherents of the religiosity of ignorant skin-tent dwelling savages who mistook technological advancement by visitors to our planet as apparitions of divinity millenia ago, we MIGHT begin to be able to direct our own destiny and take our rightful place as self-aware and responsibly conscious citizens of a pan-dimensional, pan-temporal multiversal reality.

Continued wallowing in self-induced Neo-Con blindness to the true nature of human existence on a pan-galactic scale is the greatest threat to our National, and Terrestrial Security possible, IMNSHO. Because, if you view every manifestation of extra-terrestrial intelligence as some divinity to be worshiped you have given up defense against possible hostile forces before they even become apparent, AND if their very existence is kept secret for fear of upsetting pre-existing religious misconceptions about the very nature of such incursions you have surrendered to the possible subliminal psychological warfare that has prepared the way for surrender to invasion by these same forces.

Any dogmatic protestations and assertions to the contrary should be seen by our Scientific and Intelligence National Defense Institutions for what they are: Treason to the US Constitution, and to the future of the Human Genome, Species and Race! What's more important: "World Free Trade" supported by "Cargo Cult"/"Supreme Being" religious mythologies or the survival of humanity?

"Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free." Why worship aliens beings, mistaken for gods by barbarians thousands of years ago, or allow those who do to lead a free people?

Stupidity or delusion, especially by democratically elected leaders, in the face of possible threats to The Republic, IS treason!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Michael Teachings: "the creation is perfect"

Recently, Michael (the channeled collective disembodied entity, Michael, not the Archangel) has become quite strident in their (collective, remember) attempts to communicate their OPINION that the Universe is perfect, contrary to the beliefs of most compassionate beings in existence (Buddhists, Gnostics etc) One of the central tenets of the MT (Michael Teachings) is the attempt to practice, and/or embody "agape", or 'unconditional love'. This is all well and good, I guess, but - agape, eh?

G. W. F. Hegel had a list of types of relationships (teacher/student, sun/planet, master/slave etc.) that was pure Michael (actually pure Akashic records, but most Mikey channels don't realize that Mike is just another conduit, full of filters, as are we all, to the Akashic) that categorized most "love" relationships, and guess what?: 'unconditional' is RARELY that! Personally, I have practiced agape to the best of my ability for many years and being a saint is a tiring, and quite frankly, overrated pursuit. It is because of this singularly unrewarding and unappreciated experience that I have come to appreciate the line: "No Love wasted on ingrates!"!

Having come to the belief that a lot of what we are TOLD is "important", by supposed 'higher knowledge sources' is simply self-serving propaganda meant to reinforce their own power bases, and/or support the multiversal status-quo, I tend to believe that if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem, and that every being that does not contend that the sacrifice of every human being, every lifetime, in the name of "soul growth" is a monumentally obscene system that needs to be transcended ASAP is a manifestation of "Shaitan" (Babylonian for 'the adversary', from whence the poor deluded xtians have derived their boogeyman: 'Satan') and should be treated as such (part of the problem, that is) - not with tolerance and forgiveness - but with steadfast resistance and educated counteractive knowledge dissemination, and collectively consensual positive creative visualization of a more compassionate paradigm.

I believe that the line: "I have come to relieve all mankind of suffering." demands of us all no less than this. Suffering is NOT borne of desire, as much as it is built into the very architecture of the multiverse. But, what has once been constucted CAN be renovated. Or, failing that (worst-case scenario) can be used as a model for improvement the next time around. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!