Thursday, September 13, 2007

The "Rockford Proof" Strikes Again

So, still no sign of Steve Fosset. At this point, some 'unidentifiable' remains will have to show up sometime soon, but reproducing the specific plane wreckage and distributing it (a problem with rescue efforts proceeding at night, which was not anticipated when Fosset was first snatched) is proving difficult for the 'temporal agents', and their 'unwitting' allies - all of whom REALLY screwed this one up!

'Our' Steve Fosset has been sequestered on a parallel timeline and may be allowed to be reunited with family (off our timeline) surreptitiously at some time in the future, when adequate cover scenarios have been put in place. Unfortunately, this event is a 'crux' ('a nexus of convergence of lines of future probability' - and, as such, the reason I noticed the temporal tampering in the first place) from whence future timelines diverge/proceed, and its permutative complications were preventable, if it had not been for the (typical) hubris of the agents and agencies involved.

I have previously elucidated the particulars of what I have come to call the "Rockford Proof" (Jim Rockford, TV detective, looks for friend's missing poodle, which he is convinced has just run off, as dogs will do, when a thug in a muscle-car attempts to run him over in mid-search, thus convincing Rockford that there is foul play involved in the pooch's disappearance) and - sure as dogshit sticks to your shoes - after posting my initial 'take' on Fosset's situation (my initial post was on the day after he flew, although it's been edited since then) for the first time since I purchased my laptop over 15 months ago, my virus software TURNED ITSELF OFF while I was online, but away from my desk, and there have been stealth rootkits (pretty sophisticated government/corporate betas or better) on my hard drive ever since: QED, the "Rockford Proof"!