Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hofmann's Potion (1/6) (On YouTube)

One thing Hofmann's potion taught me long ago was that any belief system that posits causality for any "evil" as existing only on the material plane (as in Politics) is way erroneous, and is only chasing epiphenomena - effects, not causes.

People like Stephen Hawkings, Bayes and Hilbert have since proven me, and most Gnostic Sages like me (even though most Physicists and Cosmologists don't quite realize it yet) to be correct in our conclusion that there is SO much suffering on the physical because the "Demiurgos" constructed it that way, and any discussion of repressive forces in corporeal existence that ignores such a conclusion is basically simple sophistry!

IOWs: Bush and Cheney and their Neo-Con ilk are just puppets for the true forces of Darksnarkeyness, whose real existence is 'beyond' physical.

- the Dalphe

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