Saturday, August 02, 2008

"Michael Teachings" Comment For Troy


Because you have left me no other way to get in touch with you (I tried joining your website on various occasions, and have attempted to e-mail you, but you make it less than easy to get back to you) I'll just drop a note here, because you always seem to be aware of my postings soon after I do post.

First, let me just say that I consider you to be the best of the current lot of Michael Channels online. The statements I am attributing to the Michael (things like "The creation is perfect.") have been channeled REPEATEDLY by channels on the "Michael Teaching" website. Don't blame me if both you and I disagree with their channeled statements. The moderator of that site hounded me unmercifully in personal e-mails accusing me of all sorts of imagined transgressions of that site's policies when I attempted to engage in a colloquy with others there (I have saved these personally insulting e-mails, BTW, in case my veracity with regard to their existence is questioned). I know you have had problems with this person, and a few of that site's denizens, as have I.

If you bother to read back through my blog, and not just focus on my recent postings, you will see exactly where the Michael and I differ. One big point is that I BELIEVE THE "FALSE PERSONALITY/WAKING CONSCIOUSNESS" IS A LIVING BEING THAT IS SACRIFICED EVERY LIFETIME FOR THE EVOLUTION OF THE ESSENCE. Michael has repeatedly, through various channels, stated that this is NOT the case. Hence our disagreement. (Mchael and I)

My humor is self-deprecating in nature, and I'm glad you picked up on my self-immolative intimations. Well done. My teachers always told me that the way to learn to levitate was to think of yourself lightly, right? I'm certainly never offended by anyone questioning my opinions, but my veracity should speak for itself.

We got no beef, buddy, that I can see. I would suggest you re-read my post: "List of Channeled Beings" and realize (as most Michael channels and students seem NOT to be able) that there were reliable channels long before the Michael Teaching, and Michael does not have a copyright on "cosmic truth", as it were (nor even on most of the "Teachings" systemetology/phraseology - the very similar Seth material pre-dates the Michael stuff). There are a host of beings that have been truly channeled (some of whom are delineated in my post) Michael being only one of many.

May your feet tread light on your path, - Jondalf (a fellow student of the 'Channeling Arts');{>

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  1. This is THE most viewed page on my pitiable concatenation of 35 alters
    opining about 10 Dimensional triggers for trade [if the 3 Gammas would ever reappear we'd have a party, or the Pentagon would finally levitate as Abbie Hoffman and crew (Yippie!) tried so long ago].

    I knew it was just a matter of time, but someone FINALLY translated my musings into Farsi!

    I guess it was the 200, rather than the actual figure of 300, Billion counterfeit 20's Saddam pushed abroad that piqued the interest (I was letting everyone adjust to the reality behind the 'great recession', before dropping the other shoe).

    Get over it folks! Money and Capitalism are ILLUSIONS! They only affect systems that Jesus & Dickens & Marshall McLuhan spat upon long ago.

    Until all the "Men Who Stared At Lines Of Code Before Compiler Languages" die off, we have an absolute data mining monopoly on all the backdoors (all those little errors in Basic) to all the electronic data in the world! Also known as "MONEY"!

    Fortunately all us "wild card" metakinetics and Anarchist hackers can still more than make up for the stupidity of the Fourth Reich Neo-Con toadies who have sold America to the next big resource wasters/global industrial polluters: China and India. Thank Nixon, and Reagan and everyone who put Capitalism above Democracy.

    (that did it)<--- so 'they' say.

    I'm Going Into The Internet Radio Business!!! I have one of the largest collections of digital lossless, legal Rock'n'Roll concert recordings, a 50lbs of spiral notebooks "Monster" of a
    60s Memoir, a Monologuists Kerouachannalian syllabic knack for insinuating my nervous system into the Information Superhighway, alien allies that Pythagoras used to worship, an ability to consciously "slide" across and through the Multiversal Manifold and back with next year's weather(go study some non-commutative geometry if you think I'm just looney) AND the righteous indignation of A Gnostic Saint -

    So WATCH OUT (and get in touch if you wanna' come along, I need a crew!) Coming soon to a channel only dogs can hear near you!