Saturday, September 06, 2008

Steve Fossett Conspiracy Revisited

Well, it's been a year and still no sign of Steve Fossett. Rumours have circulated about his having arranged his own disappearance for various reasons (because the collective intuition KNOWS there is something odd about this whole case). This week, an FAA report was released (why so late?) wherein there is a descrition of the last sighting of Fossett's plane by a ranchhand - 9 miles south of Hilton's airstrip, 2 1/2 hours after takeoff ! The ranchhand stated that the plane was about 100 feet off the ground (under the radar?) at the time. This is one hour before Fosset was to have lunch at the ranch.

Apart from the odd flash (that Fossett ABSOLUTELY was NOT dead, had NOT crashed and was involved in some odd, possibly governmental, possibly alien conspiracy) I had when Fosset vanished, what strikes me now is the even odder release of this new information now. Why were people misled into believing that the search was viable for a few hundred mile radius if this information was known at the time? And if the plane was sighted on the ranch, why was a search of the ranch NEVER allowed, and/or pursued? Rich people can cover up anything and get away with it.

At this point, I'm still waiting for some manufactured evidence of the crash to show up, but because of the continued searches, AND satellite scrutiny, I believe the conspirators have been thwarted in their plan to plant debris and unidentifiable remains, in order to put to rest the continued speculation about this, yet another, duping of the public for raesons unknown.

Just one psychic's opinion, mind you, but my accuracy for the past 18 years stands at 83%.

-the Dalphe

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