Friday, August 01, 2008

The "Michael" Police

To whom, etc,
(but most especially students of the collected teachings of the collective disembodied Entity, "Michael");{>

I've been a conscious channel for 40+ years. I learned to channel the Akashic (by observing and listening to a guy named Stephen Gaskins, in the '60s attending a group called "Monday Night Class") long before the Orinda group. CQY was a friend of one of my oldest childhood friends, and I have been able to 'get' The Michael since I was a child. I studied the "Seth" material before the Michael Teachings and I consider myself a ' Yarbro Fundamentalist'.

If you're a Michael student and curious about who and what I am, and my POV, JUST ASK MICHAEL! My Overleaves (but NOT my "Life Task") were channeled by Ted Fontaine in 1995, and vetted by me. A previous posting: "List Of Channeled Beings" was compiled by me, FROM MEMORY (no Googling involved) in response to a question from the moderator of one of the major "Michael Teaching" sites (who hounded me from the site after I started to state some of my 'disagreements'). The list is of beings with whom I have either communicated or channeled personally, or of those whom others have attested they have ("Principle of Charitable Interpretation/Benefit of the Doubt" notwithstanding);{>

And, if you read between my lines over the course of this blog, you realize that The Michael and I happen to disagree about some important aspects of "The Creation", as repeatedly delineated by The Michael through various channels. I don't trust most Kings and/or Warriors, anyway (I generally wouldn't consult them for advice on much other than "noblesse oblige", or Martial Arts, respectively) and I certainly don't take everything The Michael says, as most Michael students and channels apparently do, as Gospel. According to The Michael, one IS supposed to question everything, even The Michael. Remember the "Shroud of Turin" fiasco?

I have never claimed to be a professional, or even an accomplished Michael channel. I HAVE channeled Michael infrequently, but I get too much static in my 'tuning', as it were, and I don't channel for other people. I DO however, answer questions put to me, about esoteric subjects, to the best of my ability, and if that includes channeling Michael, The Nine Diamond Faced Masters, Groucho, Brother Bartholomew or the Akashic, so be it. Occasionally I'm even successful.

Sometimes I feel like one of those those folks who try to present an independent view of Scientology, from an informed POV, when I question some of the Michael Teachings doctrine/dogma, which I have studied for more than three decades. Especially when I'm challenged and asked questions like: "Who channeled that for you?"- as though I need to vette my own perceptions, or insights, or 40+ years of metaphysical studies. I reserve the right to have an opinion about everything, as should everyone else. Some opinions may just have a "mythic resonance" (as Burroughs said) like it or not. To each his onus, eh?

Hey, if it works for you, use it, if it doesn't, go do something else. - the Dalphe