Friday, August 06, 2010

NSA's Chagrin: M.T. Assert Alien's Existence

Ahem. The Michael teachings Moderator did ask for comments about his contention that all 'conspiracy theories' are bunkum. Sorry for this news flash and subsequent diatribe, but first and foremost, with regard to the existence of aliens: Didn't the Michael say more than once in "Messages From Michael" or "More Messages From Michael" that the "little grays" not only exist, but are indeed responsible for predations upon humanity because they're a race of clones and they think they need human DNA to save their species? Did I just imagine that? I don't think so, even though they were published in the '70s.

So, confirmation of the biggest conspiracy theory of our time, in the original Michael texts, printed 30+ years gone by and all Michael students and/or channels save myself missed it or have currently forgotten? (I can look the page numbers up in my original signed book copies if needed). Come to think of it, didn't Jose Stevens and/or Joya Pope and/or Seth also attribute confirmation of the existence of alien species independently of CQ Yarbro?

Jeez, I based a lot of my adult world-view on those channeled confirmations back then, considering the source. That was back when the NSA was actually trying to have the entire original Orinda group shut down, charged with espionage and treason, because they were effectively channeling information to which the Intelligence Community thought only the government was, and should be, privy. I know some people on the MT site remember THAT at least (one of the other Johns, someone still in touch with JP) because I remember discussing it.

And just where are the original Orinda Michael Foundation archives when you need them? I always felt that the original "cutting edge" of the Teachings was forever lost after those incidents of the early '70s when all the channels became aware that there were questions whose answers were too 'dangerous' to comfortably pursue, and information too potentially controversial to disseminate.

Ever afterward, for me at least since Ted Fontaine retired and Steve Cocconi became more interested in marketing (no disrespect to any current channels intended - I'm just a Yarbro 'fundamentalist' and to me, calling a "Slave" in Essence a "Server" was the beginning of the slippery slope to the misinformation memes of "Political Correctness") most of the channeling I have followed, in comparison to the 'no holds barred' Lucite Ouija board sessions, seems rather effete and altogether too inconsequentially concerned with 'personal' answers and the latter day minutia of the Teachings. (Temporal/spatial alternate timelin/analog assertions/explications being the notable exception for me.)

Whatever happened to stuff like updating the possibilities, IN SPECIFIC PARTIAL PERCENTAGES OF FUTURE PROBABILITY VECTOR SUMS, of our current timeline self destructing, or that the "little grays" would attempt to take over, at every other session or so? I have done Probability Vector Calculus in my head ever since Michael taught me how. I believe it's a worthwhile function of the 'channeling arts' lost to 'progress'.

Some channels today even discourage "political" and/or "religious" questions, to better concentrate on unsullied data transfer, or specify non-controversial "Topics' chosen beforehand by the channel to address, rather than identifying incisive lines of enquiry based on zeitgeist and the gestalt of the moment that might actually aid in Social Change, or something, consequences be damned. Some fragments in the Michael entity are AT THIS VERY MOMENT AS I WRITE seeming to express their dissapointment through me, as they have over the years for just these issues. Perhaps the original "Michael's People" still ask the uncompromisingly tough questions. Maybe it's just me . . . big sigh . . . "No left turn unstoned." I guess.

Anyway, suffice it to say that I believe it's a sad day when the memory of an aging, permanently acid addled MKULTRA UC Berkeley test subject/victim like me (think: "Men Who Stare At Goats" after at least a hundred government supplied LSD trips) seems to be all that stands between the Military-Industrial Complex's disinformational 'ridicule-or-cover-up' campaigns and historicity.

Pretty effective ongoing cultural inculcation of obfuscational imprinting since Roswell, I'd say.

- the Dalphe

(Dave, it's your call as to whether you choose to publish this note. I will be posting it on my blog in any event. For the sake of all the 'geezers' who remember the old days, when channeling was a revolutionary act of Hegelian Dialectic, I thank you in any event. - J)


  1. I don't remember reading this in its entirety on Dave's newsgroup....was your call to give him i guess...certainly very happy he allowed your blog link through so I can be here reading this now! :D

  2. BTW, things got WAY more interesting when Dave posted some transcripts of old Sunday Michael Channelings. In June, Nancy was asked a question by someone I KNOW is from OUR Entity Dude. I'd never seen him on the site or at a Sunday session, and he had the unmistakable flavor of our entity when I went back through the 'slow' analog timeline a few slides over and 'sniffed' around. Anyway, he asked Nancy about the word "vimanas", from the Vedas, Gita and Ramayana. At first, she channeled the Michael as saying they lived 3,000 years ago in India and smoked "herbs" - she was evidently thinking of the founders of Jainism, which I had been using as an Antithesis to the MT, for 'verification', as specified by The Micheal Teachings. When the querent, screennamed Bob or Bobbie gently reproached the "message' as non-pertinent and explained a bit, she then proceeded to channel The Michael as saying these self-propelled metallic flying craft (I mean there are DOZENS of pages in each of the sacred texts, and pictures/illustrations with cutaway views of the interiors of these airships - with precise dimensions etc) were actually "leather kites" "like the ones used in Peru" (I had previously brought up the Nazca Lines as evidence of ET's - only seen from the air). The sheer unforeseen fabrication (and really "First World" dumb - considering leather is not an accessible material for fabric in India - 'cause cows are sacred, and you would have to follow dying bovine around until they dropped dead and then skin and tan the age worn and useless hides . . . anyway, I was so dumbfounded at this obvious attempt, whether conscious or not, to support Dave's
    truly repressive practice of demeaning and ridiculing any opinion but his and a few of his buds "dogma' of what the MTs are about, that I immediately tried to post a critique of the irrationality of this particular "message" AND HE DELETED ALL OF MY REFERENCES CALLING THE VERACITY OF THIS DATA INTO QUESTION, as The Michael has always asserted should be done by students with all Michael Teachings. HE EVEN DELETED MY TITLE: ""Leather Kites" In A Land Of Sacred Cows - Priceless" So I'm just waiting for a few Astro Transits of mine to clear before I take it up with The Michael, and ask CQY what to do about it (she's been really nice whenever I pass her on the Astral occasionally). Thought you'd find this all ammusing. - Thrasher