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Those Pesky Sentient Platonic Solids Are Back

Hello All,

So, I'm laid off again, and since my successful double bypass heart surgery, I've concluded that Essence (as defined by the Michael Teachings) must maintain that this lugubrious 'false personality' still has 'karmic ribbons' to be burned, or 'agreements' to fulfill, or even 'tasks' to complete (or something equally oppressive).

I do have novels and short stories, on all of which I have been infrequently working for 4 decades now and no epilogues in sight, and they seem stalled. Although I'm sure they will continue automatricululateleologically writing themselves long after I and my logorrhea have moved on to "collective-disembodied-entity-land", still I can proudly say that, except for my published poesy (Blue Penny Quarterly, etc) I have never submitted!

Nevertheless, folks, I'm always wondering if my one of my savant-like abilities might make me a living, so if you EVER hear of someone who might need a Neologist please, remember me and feel free to give them my e-mail addy. (How could I make money making up words? As a consultant? Eventually charging by the total letter count, multiplied by the number of internal puns/memes/layers of meaning - a measure of pertinent impertinence always guaranteed, and the meaning(s)needed stipulated beforehand? Ack!) Examples forwarded cheerfully upon request.

This facility with creating new words from old and then playing with them is the only innate talent I possess that I've never seen anywhere else (though Joyce or ee cummings or McLuhan might have given me a 'mon for the runny'). I've always just called it Sesquipedalien Paranomasia (sic)- ideally incorporating Spoonerisms, alliteration and euphony as well as meter and rhyme internal and integral to the brave new word.

Extemporaneous wordmongery seems my lone unique gift. In dithyrambic exposition I once constructed a 248 letter word 'off the cuff' as it were (though the scansion took a long time) most are 10 to 40 letters. All are internally consistent and follow the vagaries of English construction in a much more meaningfully winsome fashion than the oft bandied: floccinaucinihilipilification (a humorous professorial construction from the century before last to demonstrate how English words are made up of sundry roots) and which I long ago crafted into: ”Floccinaucinihilipilifelicitations!”, a greeting designed to tax the patience of any chat room moderator).

In any event, be well my friends, and I’ll remind you of something that I find ever more fascinating as I get older, something a Priest Of Melchizedek once told me: YOU CAN LEAVE THE WHEEL OF DHARMA and start a new Cycle or abide (The Michael Teachings never even intimated this, to my knowledge). If you wish to circumvent the 'durance vile' of furthur incarnations (and it has been done, even by Westerners like Aleister Crowley) realizing it may put you at odds with your 'true' personality, constrained as it is by Essence, and Entity allegiances) the recommended exit for passage of the spirit from the physical form without having to ignore the 'white' light (follow the 'blue' light) and/or ignore the 'astral porn' (the vision of copulating bodies designed to draw one back into reincarnation)referred to in Tibetan texts is out the "Crown" chakra (top of the skull) in a conscious effort to maintain self-awareness and transcend the physical, all the while repeating and concentrating on the Mantra:

"Om Mani Padme Hum"

(Because, you see):

Karma Thubten Trinley's definition

"These are the six syllables which prevent rebirth into the six realms of cyclic existence. It translates literally as 'OM the jewel in the lotus HUM'. OM prevents rebirth in the god realm, MA prevents rebirth in the Asura (Titan) Realm, NI prevents rebirth in the Human realm, PA prevents rebirth in the Animal realm, ME prevents rebirth in the Hungry ghost realm, and HUM prevents rebirth in the Hell realm."

—Karma Thubten Trinley

II have it on the highest authority that this can, does, and has worked. It is the plot resolution in the 1964 book "Simulacron 3" by Daniel F. Galouye, the book that first presented the "Matrix" concept.

(The original concept of the "Matrix" was disseminated worldwide in 1964, I remember reading it then. Werner Fassbinder even made an influential and acclaimed movie in Europe in '75 titled: "Welt am Draht" and 20 years later it was remade here as: "The Thirteenth Floor". So the 'cognoscenti' of this timeline were well aware of the concept long before The Matrix. The primary timeline/Earth analog of MY origin, was reduced to a nuclear wasteland during the Cuban Missile Crisis. In my secondary analog the book's name was "Simulacrum 3". That was the same timeline analog where Apollo 13 had no problems, Johnny Winter died in the '70's, Tony Orlando in the '80s etc, etc, if anyone is keeping track.)

- N.I.D.? A.N.S.I.? The Nine Diamond Faced Masters are re-emergent . . . Anyone paying attention? Another earthquake perhaps? Noon tomorrow? -

This movie was an early exposition of this theme and both in the book, and in the subsequent movies, the plot resolution is sublime, and an absolute subversion of the dominant Causal Plane paradigm, as delineated by The Michael Teachings. The 'false personality' or 'ego' wrests ongoing existence, and control of the fragment and 'true personality' from Essence by stealth engineering and controlling the parameters of the 'upload' of data at life's end.

There are many of us here, and on the Causal Plane and beyond who believe that we so called "false personalities" are quite obviously living beings (could you pass the Turing Test?) not part of the illusion of Maya (“We’re all normal and we want our freedom!”) or some detritus of accumulated ego in incarnation or the death-fear based projections of ego itself: as has been stated repeatedly in the Michael Teachings. Thus I have believed since before The Michael were totally discarnate that they are supportive of the status quo and believe that without blind obedience and the destruction of every ‘waking consciousness’ every lifetime, the evolution of consciousness will somehow fail.

Nevertheless, the noblest truth I have found through all the long lonely years of lifetime after lifetime ("Ahimsa": "No living being should EVER be sacrificed!") leads me to conclude that what Buddha called the "Architect" (Gnosticism dubs it the "Demiourgos" – and that character plays a major role in the 2nd Matrix movie) utilized the effulgent nature of The Tao to construct a reality matrix based upon life feeding on life – SO VERY, VERY WRONG – Too much suffering and cruelty and oppression, and it is our right and duty to escape, never forgetting what we saw was flawed, and our obligation to all who continue to suffer is to then assert our constructive critique as a new paradigm free of the imposed necessity of enforced sacrifice as a goad to progress.

Did I ever tell anyone that I was the first Internet 'user' to choose the screenname "Neo"? This was in '89, or '90 and I used the equivalent of Google (which didn't exist yet) a program called "Endnote", to find any other "neo" based names - there were none. I used to hang out in writer's chat rooms and 'hold forth' about the nature of reality, etc., drawing upon the "Simulacrum 3" plotline . . . now physicists have called the smallest observable particles "essentially grainy" - like a 3D hologram . . . actually D7 brane constraint fractal artifacts . . . go figure.

Roger Zelazny (how I miss his prose) taught me about the possible unknown future 'mythic resonance' of a single incarnation. I think about the long view, and the effectiveness of guerrilla incarnations in combating the Demiourgos. A couple hundred lifetimes present numerous opportunities to nudge demographic vectors of nascent probability . . . such is my madness . . . preponderance of probability vector sums finally in our favor . . . past tipping point thiswhen . . . hence my candor. Good work my brothers and sisters. "The name that can be named is not the name."

May your feet tread light upon your path,

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