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Memes, Messengers And The Michael

Are All Alien Visitations Predatory?

Michael's an alien, of sorts, right?  Only in the ery beginning were folk curious about the possible 'ulterior motives' of a "collective disembodied entity". Have you ever met a living being that was totally free of ulterior motives? I have not, honestly, and by using "As above, so below." as lemma to the MT dictum, why are not more folk more suspicious of Causal Plane Beings and their motives? Do we think they have none? Unfortunately the answers to the original Skeptics questions are in the Michael Foundation Archives. Anyway, I have at some point catalogued a hundred or so beings I have heard of being channeled (on this site and on the Channeling Zone), and I have heard of the existence of a dozen or more 'space' aliens, as well as another dozen 'slider' alien races. On the whole they are uninterested in most things "Earthly". Some are helpful ('little blue doctor types', swedish looking types etc) some are predatory and dangerous (little greys, lizard types from competing timelines) some are just inscrutable (I and 1 other guy in Sedona occasionally channel 'sentient Platonic solids' - that mostly baffle me). So I think there are all kinds. I just don't make "the assumption of benificence" on the part of strange life-forms without good reason. - the Dalphe Re: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (An update, a link, and a reply) My friend who knew CQY has not spoken to her for a decade. Sorry, but BTW, I hadn't noticed this Yarbro site before: Apparently a great deal of material that might lend support to either Dave's opinion, or mine, might still be accessible, I don't know - I 'accidently' found this site as I was just about to read these posts for the first time since Sept 1st. or so Jondalf said: > > On top of that, consider subsequently being followed, harassed, having your houses and cars bugged and your phones tapped by "Men Who Stare At Goats" types for years. Then cope with threats of possible "dissappearment" or even kidnap by foreign agents if you continued to publicize the accuracy of channeled information about ANYTHING, after the third book. > > > > I think her group withdrew, bought the best handheld RF frequency scanners Radio Shack had to offer, and tried to maintain communication with what was, at the time, the closest thing to a "alien" contact going - with the ability to read documents in sealed vaults, and predict the most probable future trends in any border war, or domestic election. << Dave then said: "I totally disagree and refuse to buy in to such a paranoid assessment." to which Jondalf said: I understand your disagreements Dave, but with great respect I put it to you that this is exactly what J.P. and her group, and other splinters of the original groups did, and have done since then - this is NOT my opinion, I have it from numerous sources. As I said before, you REALLY had to be there to understand. Remember - Nixon was going to SET OFF A NUKE IN A US CITY and blame Cuba: ( Dave said: "The Michael teachings are first and for most a psychology of the soul. Anything beyond that is peripheral to what is constituted as the core teachings." Jondalf said: Nowdays are the MTs a "psychology of the soul"? Perhaps. But in the 70's and '80s hardly. Then, for me and others, the teachings were more like an epistemology for existential determinism in a value based hierarchical caste system that apparently (perhaps not heuristically) functions as a sorting mechanism for the identification and elimination of causal loops and dual-function cross-analog permutations that were deemed counter-productive to "evolution of consciousness"*. There is more on the mechanisms of material manifestation than the underlying motivations for such, which, to me, would be "psychology". But I will admit: The above is A POSSIBLE "MOOT" POINT - because, thanks to a lot of "Good Work" on the part of those of us who were listening to all this "peripheral" stuff, MANY timeline disasters were averted or ameliorated, and Michael Students today can focus on something other than the "periphery", which seemed a bit more compelling at the time because it was about AVOIDING THE END OF THE WORLD! Which end, according to Michael, occurred in about 10% of the then existing human world timelines. So which would you find more important? The "psychology of the soul", or the possible end of civilization? Easy to say NOW what the "core principles" are/were. Not quite the same then! Dave said: "In other words, the Michael teachings are not about the ascension movement, alien abductions, or conspiracy theories. Channels may occasionally touch on those topics if questions are asked, but it's not the core focus". Jondalf says: "History is the propaganda of the victorious." and Dave's comments only support what I've said about The Michael's 'agenda'. If you have an open 'transmission from a higher knowledge source' that proves reliable, are you going to gossip about current petty karmic entanglements and past lives; or would you might rather study the underlying nature of the multiverse, the root causes of 'evil': pain, suffering and violence with an end to making it ALL better? This Sage chose the latter. Jondalf said: > > > > Oh, and having an predictive mechanism and overview of competing probable future scenarios in the then quite active temporal conflict across multiple alternate adjacent timelines, both past and future AND amongst multiple alien races engaged in a "Cold War" for dominance in the local collective vector-sum futures was addictive and dangerous. Dave said > > "I disagree. First, I believe you should unleash intuitive functionalities to target cross-media networks, expedite wireless initiatives, revolutionize customized interfaces, and brand robust deliverables. To put a fine point to it, that will enable front-end vortals, maximize strategic paradigms, and once and for all, mesh bleeding-edge mindshare. Yes, you could choose to incubate innovative systems, but why miss the opportunity to synergize value-added infomediaries?" * > > Best, > Dave > To which Jondalf (the 1st person to choose the screename "Neo" online, BTW, according to "Endnote" - 1989) replied as: The Merovingian: "CHOICE IS AN ILLUSION CREATED BETWEEN THOSE WITH POWER AND THOSE WITHOUT." - Matrix Reloaded (Essence has power, "False Personalities" do not.) Think of a war, a guerilla war to end all the suffering and the sacrifice of any and all living beings, forever. Now imagine that scenario across multiple reality analogs and timelines, for millions of years and incarnations . . . then ask the Michael a question about why you have a facial tic this lifetime and ponder THAT dialectic instead . . . see? . . . I'm just sayin' -JWT (* I know you might think you're bloviating here Dave, but what you describe as a strategy for maximising single-platform effectiveness ALSO inculcates any errors the base codex inherited from previous iterations, eliminating synergy as an error free planoforming agent for a cross-PLATFORM paradigm shift) - J An Afternote: I was reminded last night (by a collective disembodied entity that shall remain nameless) that Estes Kefauver was assassinated ON THE SENATE FLOOR (Gemstone Files, verified by Michael to members of the original group, I recall - and PLEASE, ASK MICHAEL ABOUT THIS IF YOU Don't believe me. It is quite possible that my memory and my poor attempts at channeling are sometimes in error, but these are things upon which I based my weltanschauung (world-view) and that to this day I know quite a few things that I still CANNOT attribute to a specific source, sorry. But I was also reminded of one of the "Secrets" the NSA was so upset with the original Orinda Group knowing and discussing publicly, INFO GLEANED DIRECTLY FROM THEIR OUIJA BOARDS mind you, and that was the existence of "Operation Northwoods" as formalized by Dick Nixon and crew. One of the embarrassing sub-projects therein, for instance, was the plan to nuke a US city and blame it on Cuba. (If you scoff at this you shouldn't. Contingencies much, much worse are still only one signature from operational, as far as the NSA/DOD/NID/CIA and the subject of the warning in Eisenhower's Farewell Address are concerned.) You're gonna love this one Dave, and you'll obviously have to disagree that this program ever existed, along with "Operation Paperclip", "MKULTRA", "Operation Artichoke" and ESPECIALLY "Operation Sunshine" and hundreds of others etc, etc. Unfortunately for your skepticism Dave,there is plenty of documentation that's as hard to ignore as President Clinton paying off the few survivors of the UC SF Med. Center experiments (I was not one, as my records were destroyed after my near death from their twice weekly injections). Or have everyone also forgatten the President apologizing to the survivors of the AEC's secret implantation of radioactive isotopes in the placentas of 20+ pregnant women? I'm truly puzzled at the attempts at revisionist history of the Michael Teachings. You can "reject" my recollections all you want Dave, but J.P. AND CQ Yarbro(see the link to the Yarbro Group I posted earlier) and others are by no means out of touch, and I will endeavor to ask the pertinent questions. BTW, one part of the "Sunshine" agenda was the sanctioned assasination of Timothy Leary. (Many years later they used the exact methodology delineated in Sunshine to kill Bob Marley though. "Waste not, want not." I guess) So enough of my paranoid fantasies for a week or so.

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