Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Problem Of 'Choice' In The Michael Teachings

The Merovingian: "Choice is an illusion between those who have power and those who don't." - the Matrix Reloaded

I don't mean to seem contrary but I was taught to channel data from the Akashic before I was introduced to either the Seth material or the MT, at a weekly gathering of 1000+ seekers at the Family Dog in San Francisco called "Monday Night Class" in 1969. I therefore had a 'framework' of references that has always seemed to differ subtly from other Michael Students. I like to 'monitor' a channel while channeling to see if the data they transmit is what I sense from the same source. I'm also a "Von Danikenite" and believe that all our myths and religious histories are replete with tales of visitations and intrusions from "aliens" through the course of our history. So basically, any Angels or Demons or dragons or elves or Jehovahs or Vishnus or rishis or devas in the written record are to me just the remembrances of savages who knew no better than to presume divinity of any beings not still living in caves, so trying to talk about religion is difficult.

[BTW, I was also personally experimented on TWICE by US Government conspiracies. Once at while at UC Medical Center San Francisco 1954-55 (quite well documented stuff, good thing I didn't get the low-dose plutonium injections, I nearly died anyway). The second time I was recruited in 1970 at UC Berkeley by the MKULTRA Program, run by Nazi doctors the US Gov. conspired to secretly import in a program called Operation Paperclip. Look them all up and then try to tell me why I should share skepticism about the existence of conspiracies.

So help me out here: Can anyone tell me what choice a 6 month old baby dying in agony in Africa of malnutrition and dehydration had in the matter? The cruel suffering of this "false personality" WAS NOT CHOSEN BY THE BABY, but by Essence. Time and time again the MT state that "All is choice.", but even in most incarnative circumstance a combination of imprinting, Overleaves, agreements, karmic ribbons and ignorance can combine to give an appearence of choice (sure you could ignore your task companion and/or ET to whom you owe a life and 10 years support, but when they appear to you as the most beautiful woman (or man) you have ever seen at age 16, in a 6th Level mature lifetime what real choice is there that is not conditioned over?)

Why would anyone sane choose to be raped and tortured, much less to be a raper and torturer, unless they were HEAVILY manipulated into it for the sake of "evolution of essence"? I say these choices are ALL essentially made by Essence, either directly, or in its choice of Overleaves and Karmic Ribbons in any lifetime. Until one is about 30 you can't usually master even your own hormones enough to choose anything consciously.

I don't know . . . Goin' on 30 years now and still no good answers to this question, or the MTs apparent contravention of the Jain doctrine of "Ahimsa": "NO LIVING BEING SHOULD EVER BE SACRIFICED". I'll keep looking for a "reason to believe" nonetheless. Sigh . . . - Jondalf

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