Monday, December 20, 2010

The Season Of Supposed Good Cheer

Well folks, once again, it's that time of year.
So let me tell you all a story, steeped, ages deep. in vainglory,
about this Season Of Supposed Good Cheer:

Long, long ago when this world was quite young
most people believed in religions that said man and nature were one.
One symbol of this synthesis was half animal and half man.
A totally harmless, flute playing sprite who reveled in life,
worshiping only the light, and all the folk called him - Pan.

Goat horned and hooved was he, a simple illustration, you see;
of the wide world in balance, nature and human life in close harmony.
But then a new religion arose, calling the innocent old faith perfidy
based on a concept of life as anthro(as opposed to eco)centricity.
With intolerance was it rife, as after its god it did hight - Christianity.

Therupon the folk of the heath were all told (and forced to say it was true)
that the old ways were wrong, that the new god was so strong.
That the god of the old faith, became the "devil" of the new!
Gross cruelty and persecution did then begin, and thereafter did ensue
the evil times "the Dark Ages" and more all should, to this very day, rue.

So for all the gentle souls who were tortured, or at the stake burned,
for believing in THEIR religion, for persevering about Nature to still care,
let us offer up a paean(or call it a 'prayer')to whatever god you dare:

That from theocentricity, hatred and bigotry be ALL religions turned
that no longer should anyone, because of their faith, have anything to fear!

Then this season might truly be, for all, one of Good Cheer!

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