Sunday, October 31, 2010




Under skies leaden

(as always)

GreyWolf runs hunting

his future tracking through days of haze.

. . . what if it were once caught?

how would that now wear be?

time fighting dying there

metaphorescent and red on the snow

crystallinecrimson and still


would should do to be as did done then and when?

Promulgate the past with endless looping leaps,

chasing scent of that which was had

seen if that which won't ever now is hiding somewhen

dead ahead loses the trail in a tearstorm of sleet

fearing a fugue of temper

facing starvation intemperate?

Surely more furthere on . . . bark

at . . . where clear air smells past . . . that tree

feeling having passed hear

no sound receding

whining near

jump to

pursuing, past sophistry turning in a curve

tight view tail cramped and panting

when that which was spurns purpose presently

is hidden in will be infinities fleeing

. . . all ways lead . . . wary, then through

to . . . under skies reddened

(always as)

GreyWolf hunts running

anew he's

future tracking though a haze of days.

(A skald is the spirit of E.E. Cummings)

- J.W. Thrasher, 1973, "Two Toned Too Stalk"

Skepticism As An Asymptotic Function Of Knowledge

Wow, a decent dithyrambic redaction of an old attempt at logomancy, kenning Asutra memes through whimsy. Whence come "kennings" from verse truly free? Still a mystery to me, but at least I know I'll probably be the only since Joyce or McLuhan to even be able make such a
prepostereotyepicalumnious attempt. 'Bout time to look for a publisher for a second edition of my first book of Poetry. How to make poetry pay without submission, or popular appeal, is still beyond my grasp. A F.O.I.A. and a quarter mil. from the rich remnants of the OSS would
do nicely. Then I could redirect the Cherubim to extirpate the Taliban (the only martial organization capable of the task, I trow) and the "Nine" might assist in a little engineering project I've always fancied. We'll know by the 'ides' of Northember.

Ancient, and recent, beliefs and discoveries about Matter, and Space and Time, correspond with such a plenitude of congruence that I and many other "New Age" types, often wonder just why our collective understanding as a species, our 'world-view' (Ger.: Weltanschauung) as it were, has apparently been so thoroughly and effectively overwhelmed for the past few millennia by the "Cognitively Dissonant Self-Limitation Eschaton Paradigm", as I call it, which, when looked at from just the right philosophical perspective, can be seen to have been actively preventing our evolutionary growth as a functioning collective body of biosphere consciousness. Hence, given our penchant as a race for looking beyond our own species for such alternative paradigmatic input, when some of us seem to think that human history has been shaped by the influence of sentient beings, civilizations, and technologies not native to this planet, the clamor of opprobrium and derision these assertions are met with seem quite a bit too strident for supposedly "unbiased" skeptics. So automatic is the response that it is almost tantamount to evidence of some attempt at suppression of the entire concept that we are not alone in the universe, and as such are affected only by what we believe we perceive with our five senses. Yet, when one studies physics, one realizes that our senses DO NOT accurately capture the totality of existential phenomena, yet most human beings think they know what is "REAL" and what is not - but, based on the last 50 years of scientific research, they DO NOT, and yet most still believe they do. Perhaps because they have been "taught" to reject certain conclusions about the nature of personal reality for reasons to which they are not privy, perhaps because if people were aware of forces manipulating mankind with other than mankind's best interests at heart, they might resist and thereby interfere with whatever agenda is in place.