Monday, January 24, 2011

Quantum Jumping - A Primer For Sliders (The Limit Of Strangeness)

Numerous recent experiments have achieved 'quantum teleportation' (just google the subject), and on the 12th of this month the joint winner of the Nobel Prize for medicine in 2008, Luc Montagnier, is claiming that DNA can send 'electromagnetic imprints' of itself into distant cells and fluids which can then be used by enzymes to create copies of the original DNA. This would be equivalent to quantum teleportation.
The paper can be accessed here:

 Roger Zelazny was a teacher, prophet, Sci-Fi writer and member of an ages-old tradition and coterie of 'Quantum Sages'.  Much of what many of us have come to utilize as a framework for referencing the 'epiphenomenoumenon' of "Sliding" came to us via Mr. Zelazny in quite a few of his works, the most quintessential being:  "The Chronicles Of Amber".  However, there are other delineators and parameteers.
I am one. Having practiced this esoteric art for hundreds of lifetimes (most only vaguely recalled) I will
share my personal lexiconography in the next few posts, as there seems to be some confusion about
'how it works'.

Zelazny posited that there was a 'prime effulgence' (my phrase) from which all parallel analogs were cast as "shadows of Amber" (and yes, I believe the movie "Forever Amber" is an unmentioned, but relevant research topic). In Zelazny's descriptions, one "shifted shadows" by recalling or imagining reality as more, or less, like Amber.

There are other paradigms by which some sense may be made of this use of "spooky interaction at a distance".  If one subscribes to the "Many Worlds" hypothesis:

and beyond, (see the movie:  "The One") the theoretical basis for Quantum Jumping is fairly well established.

I personally assert that there are four Axes (as I was taught, channeled from my two Cherubim "Spirit Guides") that can be of use to define one's current 'present incarnation ego's' position relative to the ongoing flux of probable future vectors of reality matrix analogs as they appear to the chronology enbedded/deluded sensoria of corporeal beings such as humans.  Our perceptions of "reality"seem to be measurable as asymptotic curves that approach certain "limits".  Personally I define NO one 'reality matrix analog' as a 'prime emanation', so a 4 dimensional 'Cartesian Coordination Assumption' is helpful to me as a means of visualizing the prospects of "Sliding".  Simply stated the 'limits' that I use to assist my conceptualizations are:

"The Limit Of Strangeness"
"The Limit Of Truth"
"The Limit Of Beauty"
"The Limit Of Charm"

The Axes (defined by polar opposites) thus are:

Familiarity - - - Strangeness
Falsehood - - - Truth
Ugliness - - - Beauty
Disenchantment - - - Charm

Tonight I will briefly explain:

"The Limit Of Strangeness"

Most folk "Slide" (Quantum Jump) in their sleep.  I will therefore illustrate the behavior of this limit with an example from dream.  How many times have you seen people in your dreams who you KNOW to be real folk, BUT WHOM YOU ARE CERTAIN YOU HAVE NEVER BEFORE GLIMPSED IN ALL THE WAKING MOMENTS OF YOUR CURRENT LIFE ? They are NOT composites or archetypes or dopplegangers for ANYONE you know, and they manifest solidity of self-assertion and project unique 'aspect and attribute' auric presences.  This happens to me frequently.  This is an example of: "The Limit Of Stangeness".  This means to me that I have reached a far flung analog that is close to the boundaries of  'MY' ability to relate to the ongoing parameters of its manifest destiny vector axis.  Of course there often is a version of 'ME' resident in this parallel universe which usually has either exchanged places withthe 'ME' from here or is off somewhere else checking out the prospects of even stranger scenarios than of which I can concieve.

I remember an evening in an analog where my grandparents and I partied heartily, snorting cocaine (they were Great Depression era fundamentalist Christians in most "Familiar", or closely aligned, parallel matrices) and Clubbing then Hot-Tubbing it - needless to say, I was WAY off the map that night.  I can recall 'anothere' where the 'manifold skins' (the phaseshift 'walls' between parallel realities) were permeable through 3 foot diameter shimmering translucent grommetlike windows perpendicular to, and about 3 feet off the ground for 20 or 30 analogs in any direction:  "swisscheeselands' I called them, where everyone was adept at tumbling from one analog to anothere with the fluid grace of lifetime gymnasts.  Such are the sights as we approach the "Limit Of Strangeness".

  .  .  .  more after I track down and identify to the CIA the hackers that just attempted to insert a worm into my port 1434 from a spoofed IP address  .  .  .  three hours later  .  .  .  well, a few buds of mine from a not too distant analog's 'Interzone' security franchise have released a few nasty astral ambiguities into the etheric bodies of my hacker tormentors, it seems, allowing me to edit and post this missive in relative safety.  Still, new generations of self-important ideologues keep attacking folk (such as I) that have repelled all boarders for centuries, and still they don't learn from easily accessed warning signs posted by their betters in lurid cyberspace glowmemes - that some of us have more important battles to wage, and have done, down all the long millenia, and the protection of "Mom" (Gaia) and the human race are our highest priorities, all their labours under deluded dysapprehensions of reptiliantimelinenemy inculcated cultural conditioning notwithstanding.  More soon.


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