Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Jasmine Revolution: Lizards Losing Their Hold On "Pride Of Man"

"If some do not recognize their impending slavery, it is because the tyrant who steals our freedoms is subtle, multifaceted, sometimes benevolent, and wears the mask of a smiling bureaucrat and government social worker, who has your supposed best interest in mind... The liberty we have gotten is not the sort the Founders intended. It serves no purpose nor ends but our own destruction. We witness now the onset of social chaos sanctioned by government, without the consent of the people to do it." (1995)  - Lt. Colonel Wesley Allen Riddle, Prof. History, West Point

"Everybody's colored  else you wouldn't be able to see 'em." - Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart)

"Turn around, go back down, back the way you came
Can't you see that flash of fire, ten times brighter than the day?
And behold - a mighty city - broken in the dust again
Oh God, Pride Of Man, broken in the dust again"

So, "Once more into the breach", then, eh?  Prescient situation is fluid, nexially contiguous topography tangled in an entropic vector-sum Gordian Knot of epic proportions.  7th dimension(akll) influence at a 'right-angle' to human/saurian solipseismichronologic.  Probability of 8,9,10 &/or 11th dim.syncoperipatetic  fractal incursions above 70%.  Major "spooky action at a distance" storms to galactic 'spinwards'.  Most recent solar flare (and surreptitulartheromag gamma burst) disrupted "Gecko's" com-links across hundreds of timelines (many thanks due 'The Nine Diamond Faced Masters', aka: "The Founders").  "Gaia's Guerillas"* set-up yet another wave of liberations.  Thus doth Pluto In Capricorn manifest:

"Turn around, go back down, back the way you came
Babylon is laid to waste, Egypt's buried in her shame
Their mighty men are all beaten down, their kings have fallen in the way
Oh God, Pride Of Man, broken in the dust again

Turn around, go back down, back the way you came
Terror is on every side, though our leaders are dismayed
(For those who place their faith in fire, in fire their faith shall be repaid !)
Oh God,  Pride Of Man, broken in the dust again"

As it was foretold, so shall it be. Pretty nifty piece of lyrical vaticination & prognostiprestodigindication
there, written in 1964 (can you say: "Summer Of Love"?  .  .  .  sure, I knew you could).
That faint wind of paradigm change (thereafter lovingly tended by avatars of Gnostic grace) over mere decades time, has become a multidimensional strikeforce:  chthonicyclonic vortices
of millenially well planned and unerringly executed anti-eschatoLogos analogarithmic
permutationally efficacious vectors of temporal guerilla action against the 6,000 year old
demiurgenic usurpation of human free-will and self-determination.  Om mani padme hum!

"Turn around, go back down, back the way you came
And shout a warning to the nations that the sword of (Yodh) is raised
'Gainst Babylon - that mighty city, rich in treasure, wide in fame
Oh God,  Pride Of Man, broken in the dust again

This shall cause your towers to fall, and make of  you a pyre of flame:
(Oh you who dwell on many waters, rich in treasure, wide in fame)
You bow unto your God of Gold, your pride of might shall be your shame.
For only (Yodh) can lead this people back unto the Earth again

The holy mountain be restored, by mercy and that people. That people: Love" 

 - "Pride Of Man" - Hamilton Camp (channeled updates and edits by Jondalf)

 *I've always felt there was a "hidden" message in this song, written for the folk about whom the following
book was written:

 At least that's the way I always heard it.  I never got around to adding this version to but I still might.  For those unclear on the esoteric references, start

Remember that the yodh's numeric attribute is 10, the Kabbalah links this to Malkuth, the sephiroth
representing Earth in the "Tree Of Life":

 According to many, the Human - Lizard temporal conflict still rages, in the Past (more) and in the Future (less). The Lizards are still in firm control of Persia, Al Qeada, The "Skull & Bones" Club, The World Bank, most of the "Neo-Cons, half the Supreme Court etc, etc.

All one need do to identify ANY human as working for/being under the control of anti-human forces, is simply to determine whether or not their POV/Public Speaking/Life's work (right thought?/right speech?/right action?/???) benefit the current and future well-being of this planet and humanity-at-large.  Simple.
Amassing a huge personal/national/corporate fortune - economic Darwinism, aka:
In all ways, to all things human, it is a destructive, not constructive, force.
(And it is destroying a TRULY constructive force:  Democracy!)

Narrow Corporate, Private or Nationalistic Interests can be seen to be planoforming agents in the attempt
to induce mankind to so poison and degrade the ecosphere and its own gene pool that our species will
eliminate itself, leaving the world to be inherited by the enemies who have so easily and thoroughly
cozened and conditioned the rich and powerful to do so. (And perhaps a few of the rich kept as pets.) They are truly "moneychangers" in the "temple" of Earth.

(WINNING !!!);{>

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  1. Had a quick update last night on an aspect of Muslim Tribal behavior about which I have been puzzled for a while. It seems that the "Drachs" (timeline jumping evolved lizard humanity enemies) for 20 years or so been infiltrating timelines close to this one in areas like the wilds of Yemen, and Afghanistan, 'tribal' Pakistan - anywhere all the parallels have REALLY primitive groups - then they appear from hiding one by one and convince the tribesmen that they are actually 'djinn', the traditional 'Angels' of the Muslim World, AND the Prophet has sent them to tell the religious to kill all foreigners!

    Very sneaky! - Jondalf