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The Channel At 60: A Day Of Automatic Writing On The Michael Teachings

"The intellect of man is forced to choose perfection of the life, or of the work, and if it take the second must refuse a heavenly mansion, raging in the dark." - William Butler Yeats

"It is not that utterly worthless part of man, his individual consciousness as John Smith, which defies death--that consciousness which dies and is reborn in every thought. That which persists (if anything persist) is his real John Smithiness, a quality of which he was probably never conscious in his life." - Aleister Crowley, "ABA" Part III Ch. 1

"The only reason your coffee table appears solid to you, is because its molecules are moving so damn fast." - Alan Watts

[I remember AW quite clearly saying this last during one of his early AM, FM radio shows, explaining the Eastern concept of "maya" (the illusory nature of being on the material plane) with that sentence, followed by the faint sounds - near subliminally sibilant - of his omnipresent chainsmoking. I've never forgotten that sentence nor him . These shows reached all the hipsters and tripsters and insomnimaniacs and movers and shakers of the Bay Area during their most cognitive, inspirationally lucid and reflective "coming down from acid" moments during the "Summer Of Love" and beyond - and they had a profound and lasting effect on the emergent "New Age" California zeitgeist, as well. Thank you & 'Bom Siva', Alan Watts, you did more good for this world than can be told - JWT]

"DRIVING through the countryside south of Hanover, it would be easy to miss the GEO600 experiment. From the outside, it doesn't look much: in the corner of a field stands an assortment of boxy temporary buildings, from which two long trenches emerge, at a right angle to each other, covered with corrugated iron. Underneath the metal sheets, however, lies a detector that stretches for 600 metres.

For the past seven years, this German set-up has been looking for gravitational waves - ripples in space-time thrown off by super-dense astronomical objects such as neutron stars and black holes. GEO600 has not detected any gravitational waves so far, but it might inadvertently have made the most important discovery in physics for half a century.

For many months, the GEO600 team-members had been scratching their heads over inexplicable noise that is plaguing their giant detector. Then, out of the blue, a researcher approached them with an explanation. In fact, he had even predicted the noise before he knew they were detecting it. According to Craig Hogan, a physicist at the Fermilab particle physics lab in Batavia, Illinois, GEO600 has stumbled upon the fundamental limit of space-time - the point where space-time stops behaving like the smooth continuum Einstein described and instead dissolves into "grains", just as a newspaper photograph dissolves into dots as you zoom in. "It looks like GEO600 is being buffeted by the microscopic quantum convulsions of space-time," says Hogan."
- fair use excerpt

Hello all,

This, the day after the "Rapture That Wasn't, Again" seems a perfect place for me to jump in and allow my Life Task to assert itself briefly, before I turn 60 in a few days (same Christo-Fascist channel's same prediction failed in 1994 - at least I have my "Earthquake prediction", made live on the Internet in 1991 recorded and verified). I believe I may have some unique insights about parallel universes, "cabbages and kings" and a typical diurnal day of "automatic writing" shared with me this time by the gentility and acumen of the spirits of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Neils Bohr and William James, garnered myself from the Akashic and study of metaphysical subjects for 40 years with the aid, as always, of two Cherubim, a few deceased former authors: Zelazny, Farmer and Galouye, cummings, Mcluhan, Joyce and Northrup Frye; The Michael Entity and a bit or two from a "flavor" I've missed for a long time: "Brother Bartholomew". Indeed, as I have mentioned before, I believe The Michael actually guided me, as a child, from a parallel timeline that was about to be destroyed in the Cuban Missile Crisis to one where that future did not obtain.

I also believe, perhaps because of this, that I have an innate intuitive facility with some aspects of Non-Commutative Geometry, Many Worlds Theory and Calabai-Yau Type Manifolds' effects on Hilbert Space that may provide useful insights for some. I have stated many of the basic premises hereinbefore in this Blog, and on my Facebook, MySpace pages etc.

In any event, The Michael and quite a few channels that are "non- Michaelian" in nature, believe that a 'cruxial' event (as in: "The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe." - F. Zappa) or what I prefer to term a 'nexial confluence ' (contiguous concatenation?) of concurrently roughly parallel vectors of future probability merge right around now (2011 - 2013) and the "branching events" meaningfully diverge here/thereafter into important separate future reality matrix analogs (see the Sal Rachele link hereinbelow included). Hence all the "2012/Doomsday" scenarios creeping from the fringes of popular culture to find some brief 'half-life' in the media (all puns always intended).

There are many sources that concur with the Michael Teachings collective data (both published, and un- so) one especially being a collaberative effort over the past decade+ by a group begun by two women: Sharri Lorraine, and Starfire Tor (googling their names or the concept, "Time Shift/Living Dead", will get you to explanations of this effort on their part, amongst other efforts with which I personally both agree, and disagree) and on the part of a couple thousand other folk worldwide, to actually record and chronicle widespread intimations of events either occurring, or seeming not to have occurred, which suggest significant "branching events" either indicating divergent timeline vector-sums, or convergent ones, eseas mentioned in the previous postings descriptions.

These folk have collected a lot of good data, though sadly it does not seem to have been collated in any fashion which might render it useful to Cosmologists, or Quantum Mechanicians as a statistical resource. I was going to suggest this as an ongoing project for perhaps "The Channeling Zone" or some such forum of Michael Students, whom I believe best capable of separating the 'dross from the gold', of such an effort, but alas, whenever I have been about to do so in the past, one of my 'alters' (I have quite a few - "Dissociative Identity Disorder") takes exception to something The Michael Teachings moderator or some other Michael Student will have said and I'm no longer in the good graces of that site's administration. If this sparks any curiosity, this is one of my ongoing projects, so don't hesitate to opine about it here, or to me personally. All queries always answered.

The Michael Teachings Impact On My Life.

I believe:

1) The Michael Entity saved this particular lifetime's "False Personality", and preserved it's ongoing existence at age 5 by assisting me in navigating away from my birth timeline to one which was not destroyed.

2) The Michael has since then acted as a constant source of information and specific former fragments occasionally performed in lieu of my childhood-abuse-destroyed "Superego/Executive Function", thus mitigating the "shattering" effects of my 'Dissociative Identity Disorder'

3) Upon my exposure to the written codification of the Teachings, in "MFM", I was given a framework upon which to construct my adult "weltanschauung", more easily than I had been able to do from the Seth Material. Most especially allowing me to categorize the 10 to 15 years of Akashic Records experiences I had channeled, prior to the publication of MFM, in a more ratiocinative fashion.

4) The Michael Teachings (mostly through stuff still unpublished but which was quite available at the time through The Michael Digest Group if you happened to have "New Age" friends who lived in Orinda and the Bay Area) confirmed every hypothesis I had about the existence of US Government conspiracies, and their undeniable impact, through imprinting, on the culture and "gloss" of America.

[NOTE: This last "impact" is why I find it so personally galling - and makes it so hard for some of my 'alters', to refrain from intellectual excoriation of any Michael Students espousing the tautologically asinine "I don't believe in conspiracy theories" dogma - to have to hear denials of all the channeled Messages that confirmed: the existence of aliens: government cover-ups of aliens; HUNDREDS of government programs/conspiracies to experiment on unwitting citizens and servicepeople and the people and governments of other countries (these last proven to have existed since their first confirmation - for many of us - by Michael Channels in the '80s!)] And All MT Students: I and even the US Govt. have already provided you, and/or any other citizen who cares to look with thousands of pages of documentation of the latter, RIGHT NOW, IN THE CIA's "Reading Room":


(AN ASIDE FOR ASTROLOGERS:  I have always thought it odd that some Esoteric Astrologers have continued to insist on the "gravity wave" effects of non-quantifiable epiphenomena like the so-called "Trans-Uranian" planets, for instance. Apparently, I am now getting, this is because they exist in "higher" and or "other" dimensions and are possibly at "right-right" or "left=left" angles to our universal 'plane of the ecliptic' thus perhaps occasionally being both occluded AND occulted by the solar system's manifest planetary bodies.  Let's see someone do an Ebertin Midpoint Tree for that kind of transit action!)

BTW, while on the subject of  'trans'-dimensions, The Michael keeps pointing me to pay attention to a group called "The Founders" channeled here by Sal Rachele:

I am being told they have a great deal of influence on the coming multiple-timeline confluence/divergence. They are primarily of the 10th Dim., and currently reside 'through' our sun. They have appeared to humanity since the beginnings of my recollections (300,000yrs. back or so) most notably as the sentient regular solids that were the basis for the worship of the secret Pythagorean and Euclidean Mystery Schools/Religions. I haven't quite completely conceptualized and codified their relationships with IHVH, the subsequent Mosaic Subversion of Demiurgenic Technology vausing the exodus of the "Custodial Gods" of Sumerian and other histories, but I will continue to try  . . .

[One topic in the Michael Teachings Discussion List that held my interest was an attempt to resolve statements by both "Seth" and "Michael" that "Time" - our (homo sapiens sapiens) perception of a linear progression to chronology, was the function of our existential parameters as "beings on the material plane".  Time was, by some, seen as a 'constant-of-state', and by others as, ultimately, non-existant (an "illusion" of  our body's projection).   Thus, this presented the classic "horned dilemma", one of my favorite mental challenges,  when stated in Formal  Logic. I then realized that I would need a form of "Non-Commutative Math" (more than 3D) to even state the problem successfully.]

"In formal logic, the definition of a dilemma differs markedly from everyday usage. Two options are still present, but choosing between them is immaterial because they both imply the same conclusion. Symbolically expressed thus:

Which can be translated informally as "one (or both) of A or B is known to be true, but they both imply C, so regardless of the truth values of A and B we can conclude C."

Horned dilemmas can present more than two choices. The number of choices of Horned dilemmas can be used in their alternative names, such as two-pronged (two-horned) or dilemma proper, or three-pronged (three-horned) or trilemma, and so on.

Constructive dilemmas--

1. (If X, then Y) and (If W, then Z).
2. X or W.
3. Therefore, Y or Z.
4. All are possible.
Destructive dilemmas--

1. (If X, then Y) and (If W, then Z).
2. Not Y or not Z.
3. Therefore, not X or not W. "  - wikipedia

 . . . OK . . . asked some questions . . . got some answers - about TIME - from some spirit-dudes that are able to see down to the axial multidirectionality and frequency oscillia of the smallest theorized superstrings. Like Liebnitz - the Essence of a theoretician like Liebnitz, or Einstein or whomever, does not stop learning and ruminating and fulminating upon that body's death, new developments here on Earth and/or their own explorations, continue. Bear with me advanced String and Quantum Theory folks, for I feel a need to insert some context without just dropping an equation linking a part of Non-Commutative Geometry Theory:

"Lattices and commensurability.

1)The notion of Q-lattices and commensurability was introduced to give a geometric interpretation of a quantum statistical mechanical system previously constructed by Bost and Connes in as the convolution algebra of functions on the (noncommutative) moduli space of commensurability classes of one-dimensional Q-lattices up to scaling. This geometric interpretation gave rise to several generalizations of the original Bost{Connes system.
2) The convolution algebra on the space of Q-lattices up to commensurability consists of functions of pairs of commensurable lattices, with the convolution product: . . . " - from *

(I cannot reproduce the necessary symbology by 'cut-and-paste'. An equation which I believe can be utilized to confront the heterodyne notions of 'simultaneity' and 'chronology' through classing them within a "commensurable" set, can be found herein*:

It is the last equation on the bottom of page 23 - JWT)


"Planck's Quantum Hypothesis:

A black body which is maintained at a constant temperature steadily loses energy from its surface in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Since the atoms are jiggling around due to thermal motion, classical electromagnetic theory then predicts that all wavelength's of radiation, in particular up to infinitely short wavelengths, should be emitted by a black body. This classical prediction for the spectrum of radiation that is emitted by such a black-body is contradicted by experiment. Max Planck, a German physicist, correctly explained the experimentally measured black-body spectrum by making the epoch-making conjecture in 1900 that electromagnetic waves are the macroscopic manifestations of packets of wave-energy called photons. Planck further made the quantum hypothesis that the energy of photons is quantized in the sense that the energy of the photons only comes in discrete packets, the smallest packet called a quantum. Photons are massless quantum particles, and all phenomena involving electromagnetic radiation can be fully explained by the quantum theory of photons. The phenomenon of electromagnetic radiation is a classical approximation to the quantum theory of photons."

(BTW: In the channeled book OAHSPE, a passage written in a section on the nature of physical reality states: "Needles of corpor cannot be bent." This predates Plank's Hypothesis by 20 years, and in context, I have since first reading it taken it to be a statement of the same "packeting" principle. - JWT)

Suffice it to say that I believe the problem of homo sapiens sapiens inability to fully comprehend the limitations imposed by the human body's perceptive sensoria on our own immersion in a reality matrix that is defined by both 'quanta' and Heisenberg may be, for the purposes of this, my assertion, defined by the above parameters and can be successfully transcended as a limiting paradigm, through the use of Non-Commutative Probability Vector Calculus

Found a paper from CERN, from 2008, that kinda' begins to state an applicable math that addresses my attempt to achieve a resolvable equation, in formal logic, from the "two "horns" of the "dilemma" that all the posts attempting to explicate "time" both as a constant-of-state and as an complete illusion presented to me.  A problem in Formal Logic is a way, I believe, all things seemingly ineffable can be explained, if one can render/state the question properly.  Hope someone enjoys the intellectual quest. 

This then, in conclusion applied to Superstring theory, should state a viable explanation for the apparent paradox.   (Someone with better math skills than I will have to do that, if anyone ever cares to, 'cause I am at the absolute limit of my mentality in just having attempted to formally present this assertion.  But THIS is how empiricism works.  Validation of metaphysical assertions such as stated by Seth and Michael must pass muster as math.   - JWT)

The Greeks, though, in their prescient wisdom (aided by 10th Dimensional beings that were channeled by both Pythagoras, and Euclid) did have an elegant explanation, complete with what WEilliam Burroughs called: "mythic resonance", that is descriptive of my natterings above, and is not mathematically contradicted, stated in Formal Logic, by anything I yet know of current Physics (besides being a dandy metaphoric enthymeme):  "In Hesiod's Theogony, a mythological account of the creation of the universe and Zeus' rise to power, Cronus is mentioned as the son of Uranus, the heavens, and Gaia, the earth. He writes that Cronus seized power, by castrating and overthrowing his father Uranus, the heavens." - wikipedia

Thus "'cronus'-ology" (Time, was even to the Roman equiv., Saturn, within its purview as a god-force) was the effect of the blending of the divine with the terrestrial and then a removal of the divine's generative mechanism: evolving homo sapiens sapiens imposition of 'order', or 'quanta' through the Hiesenberg Mechanism (as instructed through "Custodial God Races (read: spacefaring bioengineers) , upon 'chaohim' - what before had been the essentially inchoate nature of this iteration The Creation Of The Tao.

Wow! Another example of the MTs impact on me just typed itself out. Please, no Michael Students should infer any disrespect from my following comments, but, ever since I read the in MFM that Joan Of Arc's Essence was ecstatic while and because she was being horribly tortured and murdered, I have felt just the opposite: that everyone is basically being and doing what Essence chooses.

I say: Try "choosing" to ignore a Karmic Ribbon attached to a Task Companion with whom you also have Primary Agreements, before your fouth monad - basic Essential methodology for easily achieving up to 40% of its lifetime agenda is to pack it all in before you can even think well enough to define a choice - this is the reason this is known as the "heaviest karmic period of your life" - YOU DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER! The easier for Essence to manipulate your supposed "free will", which is generally buried under imprinting anyway IMNSHO.

This oppressive perfidy denies even your 'waking consciousness' its status as a "living being" (Michael states 'False Personalities' are not - even though about two thirds of all History's Metaphysical Teachings disagree with this part of the MT) the better to justify the monstrous sacrifice over time of billions and trillions of "datasets that could pass the Turing Test", I guess. Nevertheless, this has never diminished my respect for, nor belief in, almost all other aspects of the MT. As a Gnostic, I believe I understand why The Michael supports this assertion, but as a "False Personality" I believe: "We're all normal and we want our freedom!" (anyone know the quote?);{>

Yet another aspect of The Michael's profound impact upon thislife for me has been the validation of so much that Crowley, William Butler Yeats AND the Order Of The Golden Dawn codified in their decades of arduous and assiduous research. And The Michael Teachings led me to Gnosticism as the logical explanation for why I reached the conclusions I have about "The Nature Of Personal Reality".

"Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law"! - from the gospel according to uncle Al. Even Aleister Crowley thought that the "Great Work" of any individual lifetime's existence, was to discover what your "Holy Guardian Angel"/Higher Self/Essence intended for you, and to go get it done.

It is said of Paramhansa Yogananda, whose "Autobiography of A Yogi" was required New Age reading when I was first studying Comparative Metaphysics, that his body, never touched by any mortician, & neither embalmed nor even sealed in a casket, shows no signs of decay and even exudes the faint aroma of roses. This is one of many proofs of the puissance and proactive metaphysical "siddhis" (powers) that accompany an assiduous Aspirant as their understanding transcends the limitations of Hilbert Space. The NSA/NID/DOD/CIA have been well aware of the recorded, proven efficacy of siddhis like "Remote Viewing" (well documented to have located a US AF Colonel, kidnapped by the Red Brigade in Italy).  The cowardly "Intelligence Community", rather than telling their employers, the PEOPLE of the USA, the true nature of their world, chose to dissemble, and obfuscate the better to "control" society.  IMNSHO - that is Treason.

To sum all this up then, "Intelligence Communities" around the world, whether they be beholden to a Fascist, Theodictatorial, Oppressively Plutocratic, Socialist, Democratic or Anarcho-Hegemonic form of Government, will no longer be able to coerce, cow, rendition repress or otherwise attempt to control true "Channels", nor their messages. Those timelines just dropped off the back of the bus. Control of information through the suppression of channeling just will not work anymore. The days of being wary of answering a question because of what some Government Agency might do are done. Watch and learn why.

"They got the guns, but we got the numbers." - Jim Morrison

- John Thrasher 

(Channel's Note:  This is a collection of my replies to quite a few postings on The Michael teachings Discussion List.  I tend to automatically type the responses to questions to which I feel led over the course of a 24 hour period.  This is the way I've always "channeled information from a higher knowledge source", probably because I was taught to do it under the influence of psychotropic substances during my 10 years of MKULTRA involvement.  Most people either ignore me or do not engage on any intellectual level, with some notable exceptions.  My 10 to 15 years of channeling before the advent of the Michael Teachings, and the very manner in which I "paid my dues", put most folk with an investment in the societal trappings of normalcy off.  Most Michael Channels receive assurances from The Michael that I, at least, am harmless. I get a lot of:  "Wow, this guy could be another Ted Kaczynski type" telepathic oozings."  So be it:  A 7th Level Mature Sage/Priest ET/7th Entity/Goal Of Growth/Passion Mode/Attitude of Spiritualist/Intellectual Part Of Intellectual Center/Chief Feature Of Self-Destruction DROPPED INTO SAN FRANCISCO IN 1951 TO GROW UP THERE IN THE '60s, is NOT an incarnation Essence designed for other people's comfort with my methodology, nor my insights (nor my own, for that matter). I have found that lot of the stuff I channel on the Michael Teachings site percolates up about a month later, check it out.

Still, and Finally:  CF OF SD - given access to every mind-altering and/or addictive substance known to 20th Century Pharmacology - who never expected to live past 30,  TURNS 60 YEARS OF AGE IN WEEKS !!!!!!  No current addictions, no criminal arrests or convictions ever, NO DEBT!, a 40 year history of solid Proletarian 'Productive Labor', making tangible goods that benefit my society, not some white collar parasitic service sector/management oppressor history of "Non-Productive Labor" (see: Adam Smith). 40 years of paying taxes to support my vision of an egalitarian Democratic Culture.  Numerous innovations in areas of Mechanical Design and Process Engineering. The founder of a tribe of skateboarders.  Art as literature, music and guerilla theatre progressively produced for 4 decades.  A channeller of viral memes that struck "blows against the empire". I don't really care if I'm seen as eccentric, obviously the shoe fits.  Yet I overstep no libertarian boundaries.  I neither harm nor bother my fellow citizens.  A recorded history of proven prescience, accurate divination with 85% reliability over 35 years time, a lifelong dedication to both answering every query put to me & the verification and validation of every meme I channel.



A unique perspective and a singular voice, pledged to a noble ideal: 

Quantum Mechanical Analysis Of The Causes Of  ALL Suffering In The Multiverse, And Assertive Action To Ameliorate All Such Suffering, FOR ALL TIME!

As it is my Will, so mote it be.  93 93 93   Blessed Be !  - Jondalf Thrasher

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