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Human Quantum Computing - Entangled Memes Across The Many Worlds

Jon Thrasher
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Human Quantum Computing - Entangled Memes Across The Many Worlds
(excerpt from Blog post)

“Many Worlds MetaTheory”: "The many-worlds interpretation is a postulate of quantum mechanics that asserts the objective reality of the universal wavefunction, but denies the actuality of wavefunction collapse, which implies that all possible alternative histories and futures are real—each representing an actual "world" (or "universe"). It is also referred to as MWI, the relative state formulation, the Everett interpretation, the theory of the universal wavefunction, many-universes interpretation, or just many worlds."

Quantum teleportation, or entanglement-assisted teleportation, is a process by which a qubit (the basic unit of quantum information) can be transmitted exactly (in principle) from one location to another, without the qubit being transmitted through the intervening space. It is useful for quantum information processing, however it does not immediately transmit classical information, and therefore cannot be used for communication at superluminal (faster than light) speed. Quantum teleportation is unrelated to the common term teleportation - it does not transport the system itself, and does not concern rearranging particles to copy the form of an object."

"A quantum computer is a device for computation that makes direct use of quantum mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data. Quantum computers are different from traditional computers based on transistors. The basic principle behind quantum computation is that quantum properties can be used to represent data and perform operations on these data.[1] A theoretical model is the quantum Turing machine, also known as the universal quantum computer."

Quantum Computing Already Accomplished By "Sliders"

On the occasion of my birthday someone recently commented on how "apropos' a piece of channeling I had done and given them was to their current interests. To which I replied:

"Nothing odd about it. I simply asked one of my quantum 'alters', who inhabits a parallel timeline about an hour faster than this one to look back through the replies of those you sent me till one seemed prescient. He referred me to the pertinent purple passage, and voila`: synchronistic history! (Or was that "hinckronistic systory "?) No matter, you have seen my 'Art'. As William Carlos Williams once said: "A Poem should not mean, but simply be." And there you have it. Nothing to understand: "One should either BE a work of Art, or wear one!" - Oscar Wilde

She then proceeded to act politely, as most folk do when I begin to opine about "alternate reality matrix analogs", and "parallel lines of future probability seen as vector-sums in a non-commutative calculus" and I proceeded to 'automatically type' as though to myself:

"All my explanations in retrospect help the 'mes' not yet caught up in 'contigruency' (one of my infamous extemporaneous Neologisms coined to define a situation not yet dealt with in print, in English.: the combination of 'contiguous' and 'congruent'. Meaning #2 for the first word: 'to run alongside", and # 1 for the second: to perfectly 'occupy the same shape') to better assess the situation, because, I have experienced, AND could prove through demonstration, with a sufficient monetary grant, the absolute manifest reality of 'quantum computing', with inclusion of hundreds of 'nodes working' in synchrony and in collective connection and concatenation, across four axes of ordination: The axes I named: "The Axis Of Truth", "The Axis Of Beauty", "The Axis Of Strangeness" and The Axis Of Charm" in my former blog post: "'Quantum Jumping'", A Primer For Sliders"

As I finished typing this I suddenly realized the implications of what I had just written. If I was to be taken at my word (and I generally do trust 'me') then I had just asserted that a technology in its infancy in modern science, was already a reality in practice by organic computers (better known as brains). Hmmmmmm.

Surely someone already knew?

There was then an hiatus, while the site whereunto I was 'automatically typing' readjusted my postings because they were becoming ubiquitous in their "Discussion Lounge" (sorta' like cigar smoke I guess). To show you how oblivious I was, I had just proceeded to say hello to people when I logged in to the site, and then I answered my messages and replied to comments that had piled up since my last visit, perfectly ordinary behavior for me. I am not online every day, and sometimes go weeks without re-visiting a site. Unfortunately that, coupled with the relative infrequency of posts by other members during my corresponding, put all my postings, one after the other, on the real-time, current activity display, absolutely blanketing the entire site with nothing but my cryptic and sesquipedalien prose, much to the chagrin of all the other members, who thought I was waxing both arrogant AND grandiloquent in my bloviating contumely as an eponymously appelled 'idiom savant'.

So when I had finally been relocated properly (where I supposedly wouldn't bother anyone: " . . . no, no - put Uncle Miltie in the study, not the living room, his sense of humour just makes everyone uncomfortable, and his stories just seem to take the air out of the room") my 'backbrain' had furiously cogitated a veritable intellectual 'hairball' of monstrous proportions, which I furiously typed out for the next 3 or 4 hours:

"If I Hadn't Believed It I Would Not Have Seen It." - Marshall McLuhan

I know, I know . . . for someone who claims to be able to do SO many things that are, well, not normal for channels to claim [ekectrokinesis, tectokinesis, prescience, the ability to use phone lines and/or television wires and electric conduits down to "twisted pairs" as an extended nervous system/ neural network; access to genetic heritage information encoded on RNA/DNA strands: occasional clairsentience across the Calabai-Yau/Many Worlds Manifold Boundaries between parallels combined with an ability to maintain open pathways through the manifolds for the unhindered/rapid exchange of quantum-entangled datasets imprinted on small molecules, like H & He2 (or later, single instances of N2O, possibly), and the ability to monitor dozens of these ports and tubercules long enough to process/precess simple equations in calculus and small non-commutative algorithms . . . for someone who carries the structure of the Raja Yogic exercises needed to maintain mental control over the conceptualizations that condition the corporeal (Applied Solopsistic Heisenbergerg Exercises) to allow us mold material manifestations with our minds, contemporaneously, in realtime . . . I can be blissfully unaware of the effect my concentrated self-involvement is having on others sharing the same electronic mediums and program parameters, and for this, I do apologize and beg pardon, but somedaze I don't even remember what the buttons on my cable remote do, and I' been using the same one for three years, and now more people are holding my physical form and my electronically approximated persona in their 'minds's eyes', which puts a drag on my neuro-muscular response time, and I have had a 'clay-shoveler's fracture (Chironic/Sin-Eater Wound Imposition) since 1972 that slows my hand/finger nerve-cell feedback sensitivity and motor control, so this Psychedelic/Vajrayana Mystery School - Timothy Leary "8 Circuit Brain Modeling Methodology data-download/daily teaching may take a while, OK? I promise to commit to keep coming back until every question is answered and every proof. lemma, enthymeme and syllogism explained.
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