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The Eyes Of Nostradamus

'Jesus saith: "Blessed is the man who knoweth this [Word] and hath brought down the Heaven, and borne the earth and raised  it heavenwards; and it [the Earth] becometh the midst, for it is a nothing.'"
The Heaven is explained as being the invisible Word of the Father. They who know this--(who become children of the true  Mind)--bring down Heaven to Earth. The raising of Earth to Heaven is the ceasing from being an earthly intelligence, by  receiving the Word of these Gnoses (pl.) and becoming a Dweller in Heaven.'


"In perennialist usage, esotericism is a metaphysical concept referring to a supposed “transcendent unity” of all great  religious traditions. Esotericism is the metaphysical point of unity where exoteric religions are believed to converge.
“Our starting point is the acknowledgment of the fact that there are diverse religions which exclude each other. This could  mean that one religion is right and that all the others are false; it could mean also that all are false. In reality, it  means that all are right, not in their dogmatic exclusivism, but in their unanimous inner signification, which coincides  with pure metaphysics, or in other terms, with the philosophia perennis.” (F. Schuon, 1995).

- from:

"If you go to a higher level than this one, it will still be a content of consciousness [rather than consciousness itself];  and if you go up to an even higher level, or even to the level of being itself, there will always be a content of  consciousness. Unfortunately this is an idea which neither Ouspensky or Gurdjieff could grasp. Although Ouspensky talks  about the fourth state of consciousness, he fails to understand that it could be analyzed just as at the empirical level or  any level....This is true of all the seven levels of existence, even if you live in the angelic world. So if someone comes  from another level of existence and said, "Yes, but your analysis doesn't hold for my plane of existence" I would say, "Is  it a content? Is it an experience for you? Is it a world that you are perceiving? Is there a perception taking place? You  know it? Yes? Then it's subject to the same analysis." That's how it cuts through everything and that's why this teaching  is direct and the most comprehensive one you will find. This teaching has been around for thousands of years and it won't  disappear."                           - Anthony Damiani

"Sliding" Between "Goals"

My Friends,

I will answer all your previous e-mail and comments over the next week or so.  I have been "Listening" (with a capital "L")  to my guides, Michael and a few other sources, for the past three weeks, waiting for Neptune to turn direct.  It has, I  have some messages, and I'll try to get back to everyone

I have transitioned, by 'sliding'(MT), between 'Growth' and 'Re-Ev.' at least 20 times I can easily recall, thislife ('bout  40 times, total).  The transition from 'Re-Ev.' to 'Growth' is always effortless, unobtrusive and trauma-free.  The  transition from 'Growth to 'Re-Ev.'(which I have just completed) on the other hand, is almost always fraught with angst,  self-scrutiny, introversion, bi-polar type 'sine-wave' depression troughs and massive, temporary, "Self-Dep." (not even in  my "top-5" CFs in sequence - it's #6).

I always associated this more with 'imprinting', and the 'lack-of-self-worth' tag this culture places upon the 'un- worthiness' of an individual not engaged in "productive labor" (aka" "Protestant Work Ethic": justification of one's  existence though productivity, of some sort).  Then I thought: "Hell, John, you're still on speaking terms with a couple  dozen of the world's most knowledgeable, incisive and ethical metaphysical researchers, Mediums, Channels, and students of  both the MT, and Western Mystery traditions, ask them."  So I am.

Anyone else out there experience resistance 'sliding' one direction in their "Goal" oscillation, but not the other? (That  is, if you frequent 2 Goals, as I do - Micheal says there are some out there that slide through 3 or 4 'Goals' regularly -  or any related stuff, like 'sliding' Modes, Attitudes etc.

The "Geomantic Automatic Typing Oracle"

You know folks, sometimes I hesitate (I never refuse to pursue ANY query) to answer a question, because I know my answer is  going to cause controversy down the road, so I have to 'kick back' for a few weeks and have an 'in depth' colloquy with the  parts of the ME that speak to ME directly.

That sentence is the first controversy (I saw this coming before Troy even initiated his grousing about 'people claiming to  be Michael Channels') so   .  .  .  another facet of the MT will be explored here that is long overdue for more exposition:

When one channels Michael, does one converse with the "entire" Entity, or with various 'former fragments', dependent upon  congruencies between the Channel and parts of the ME?

My own experiences, & careful reading of some of Joya Pope's 'Good Work' has always pointed to the latter part of the above  question as the actual way channeling Michael works.  Any advanced students care to disagree, please, dive in. So,  different channels get their input from different 'parts' of the ME, right?  Is there an 'executive function' or super-ego  or "Librarians" (happens with the Akashic Records and resident Cherubim)  that might be addressed instead, as  'spokesentity'?  If so, no-one seems to have located it (the 'guy' J.P. said looked like "Mr.Clean" maybe?).

I spent many years of my life, studying everything I thought pertinent to the question:  "Is there a way to validate or  verify the veracity of claims about the paranormal?"

This one turns out to be easy - long-term data collection and statistical analysis of actions and activities that fall  "outside" the range of Multivariate Normality Tests:

Checking a given set of data for similarity (or variance) to/from the multivariate normal distribution. The null hypothesis  is that the data set is similar to the normal distribution, therefore a sufficiently small p-value indicates non-normal  data. Multivariate normality tests include the Cox-Small test, and Smith and Jain's adaptation of the Friedman-Rafsky test.

Most 'cutting-edge" mathematicians had determined there were either real indications of human paranormal abilities, a realm  of "spirituality" unmapped, or unknown multi-dimensional, non-commutative geometries and their interactions with human  sensoria, as of then undefined (or a combination of all three) at work by the time George Hinton (a devotee of the "Fourth  Way") wrote "Non Euclidian Geometries" (1901) or Ouspensky claimed motion did not exist, in "Tertium Organum".

From CS Nott's book "Teachings of Gurdjieff- A Pupil's Journal":

"One day in Paris I met an acquaintance from New York who spoke about the possibilities of publishing modern literature. As  I showed some interest, he offered to introduce me to a friend of his who was thinking of going into publishing, and we  arranged to meet the following day at the Select in Montparnasse. His friend arrived;it was Aleister Crowley. Drinks were  ordered, for which of course I paid, and we began to talk. Crowley had magnetism, and the kind of charm which many  charlatans have; he also had a dead weight that was somewhat impressive. His attitude was fatherly and benign, and a few  years earlier I might have fallen for it. Now I saw and sensed that I could have nothing to do with him. He talked in  general terms about publishing, and then drifted into his black-magic jargon.

"To make a success of anything," he said, "including publishing, you must have a certain combination. Here you have a  Master, here a Bear, there the Dragon- a triangle which will bring results..." and so on and so on. When he fell silent I  said, "Yes, but one must have money. Am I right in supposing that you have the necessary capital?". "I?" he asked, "No not  a franc." "Neither have I." I said.

Knowing that I was at the Prieure he asked me if I would get him an invitation there. But I did not wish to be responsible  for introducing such a man. However, to my surprise, he appeared there a few days later and was given tea in the salon. The  children were there, and he said to one of the boys something about his son who he was teaching to be a devil. Gurdjieff  got up and spoke to the boy, who thereupon took no further notice of Crowley. There was some talk between Crowley and  Gurdjieff, who kept a sharp watch on him all the time. I got the strong impression of two magicians, the white and the  black- the one strong, powerful, full of light; the other also powerful but heavy, dull and ignorant. Though "black"" was  too strong a word for Crowley; he never understood the meaning of real black magic, yet hundreds of people came under his  "spell". He was clever. But as Gurdjieff says: "He is stupid who is clever."

Orage said about this:"Alas poor Crowley, I knew him well. We used to meet at the Society for Psychical Research when I was  acting secretary. Once when we were talking he asked: "By the way, what number are you?" Not knowing in the least what he  meant, I said on the spur of the moment, "Twelve". "Good God, are you really?" he replied, "I'm only seven".

Interesting. If the Gurdjieff biographer was just a spectacular but isolated example of a bigot who did not profit from  Gurdjieff Teachings (where he "buried his nuggets" and deliberately obfuscated his own teachings to make his students  "work" harder for their realizations) it would be one thing, but this "overwhelmed by Greed","loveless", "tyrannical", and  "supremely arrogant" "fakir"" (contemporaneous critiques from his students and 'friends') did his best to sully whatever  memes The Michael supposedly 'taught' him, with one of the worst examples and legacies of the 'turn of the century'  Spiritualist Movement.

Compare Gurdjieff's 'body of work' with Rudolph Steiner's, or Alice Bailey's or Ann Besant's, or Max Heindal's,or even  Crowley's. With the benefit of 100 years of hindsight, we now know that Gurdjieff was batsh*t crazy (dozens of 'students'  "cut up and relocate a lawn in inch sized pieces" to 'gain enlightenment' - rubbish) and the much maligned Crowley, far  from being a boogeyman "black magician", was the catalyst for an empirical approach to spirituality thatconfounds deluded  dogmatic Judeo-Christo-Fascists to this day.  Ouspensky, the man who "made" Gurdjieff, and a far better Spiritualist and  Teacher, gave him up after one too many idiotic psuedo-Sufi requests.

As for Crowley:  "Crowley has remained an influential figure and is widely thought of as the most influential occultist of  all time. In 2002, a BBC poll described him as being the seventy-third greatest Briton of all time. References to him can  be found in the works of numerous writers, musicians and filmmakers, and he has also been cited as a key influence on many  later esoteric groups and individuals, including Kenneth Anger, Jimmy Page, Kenneth Grant, Jack Parsons, Gerald Gardner,  Robert Anton Wilson and, to some degree, Austin Osman Spare." -

"Being the premier mountaineer of his era, in 1905, a party headed by Crowley made the first attempt at climbing the  mountain Kangchenjunga, making 25,000 feet (w/o oxygen, or modern thermal gear) before treacherous conditions turned him  back. Later ascents provied that Crowley's 1905 route, investigated by the 1954 reconnaissance for the first successful  ascent, was viable."  Crowley had also been part of the team attempting the 1902 ascent of K2:

"The Savage Mountain"

Dubbed the "Savage Mountain," K2 in the Himalayas is Earth’s second-highest peak and among the top three hardest climb in  the world. With a 8,611-meter (28,250-foot) summit and surrounding weather that is significantly colder and less  predictable than on Everest, reaching the top of K2 and coming down alive is every veteran mountaineers dream.

K is for Karakorum and K2 was first summitted on this day, July 31, in 1954. Since then, there have been around 240 summits  (compared with approximately 2000 on Everest). Fifty six climbers have died on K2, twenty-two while descending from the  summit. In terms of the overall summit/fatality rate of 23%, it is the third most deadly mountain in the world. Only Nanga  Parbat and Annapurna are deadlier. K2s statistics for female climbers are particularly dramatic. Some even say K2 is  "cursed" for women. Six women have reached the top, but of those 6, three died on the descent. (2 have since died on other  8,000-meter peaks.)

Situated in the middle of an isolated paradise, it is thought to be part of the fictional Shangri-La that James Hilton  wrote about in Lost Horizon. In spite of the dangers, the mountain continues to lure climbers to it´s slopes of dark gray  rock. It is the ultimate fear and as such must be faced and overcome by climbers aiming for alpine excellence. In scaling  Everest, you are a great climber to the world. Summit K2, and you are a true climber to climbers.

The first attempt on K2 took place in 1902. One of the members of the doomed expedition, the ‘wickedest man on Earth’ and  also one mean climber, was Aleister Crowley. He had many important solo climbs in the Western Alps, including a couple of  firsts. For several years he had been moving swiftly up the ranks of the occult orders much to the dismay of the senior  members. After offending just about every person involved in black magic at the turn of the 20th century and incurring  several ‘attacks’, Crowley left his home in London. An accomplished climber, he found his way on to the K2 expedition.

The irreverent and bizarre Crowley wanted to attack the South-East Ridge but the team decided on the North-East Crest. As  it turned out Crowley was right; the team had to turn back at 6,000 meters. To make his point during the frustration of  failure, Crowley took out a revolver and threatened several members of the team. The expedition regrouped and planned for a  second attempt.

A second attempt, this time via the saddle between K2 and Skyang Kangri (7,544m, The Staircase), redeemed Crowley and his  superb mountaineering skills. When a fellow climber was struck by pulmonary edema, Crowley was the only one to recognize  the severity and insisted on taking the sick man off the mountain. This decision saved the climber’s life but prevented the  team from reaching the peak."

- from:

AND, this is the man who helped give us:

"Qabalah" is the spelling generally used to indicate the use of Kabbalah as an occult and practical magical system.  In  it's modern form it is the creation (or adaptation) of Eliphas Levi, and even more so S. L. "MacGregor" Mathers, the co- founder of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.  This was a magickal organisation which incorporated Judaic Kabbalah,  Egyptology, Rosicrucianism, ritual magic, astrology, tarot, and the Indian tattwa system (as interpreted through Theosophy)

My Current Edit Of The Wikipedia Post: "Aleister Crowley"
(of course I have an account)

"Aleister Crowley (/ˈkroʊli/; 1875–1947), born Edward Alexander Crowley, and also known as both Frater Perdurabo and The  Great Beast, was an influential English occultist, astrologer, mystic and ceremonial magician, responsible for founding the  religious philosophy of Thelema. He was also successful in various other fields, chess, poetry and mountaineering. Being  one of the the premier mountaineers of his era, he had many important solo climbs in the Western Alps, including a couple  of firsts. In 1905, a party headed by Crowley made the first attempt at climbing Kangchenjunga, making 25,000 feet (w/o  oxygen, or modern thermal gear) later ascents proving that Crowley's 1905 route, investigated in the course of the 1954  reconnaissance for the first successful ascent of K2, was viable. Crowley had also been part of the team attempting the  1902 ascent of K2.

Born into a wealthy upper class family, as a young man he became an influential member of the esoteric Hermetic Order of  the Golden Dawn after befriending the order's leader, Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers. Subsequently believing that he was  being contacted by his Holy Guardian Angel, an entity known as Aiwass, while staying in Egypt in 1904, he "received" a text  known as The Book of the Law from what he believed was a divine source, and around which he would come to develop his new  philosophy of Thelema. He would go on to found his own occult society, the A∴A∴ and eventually rose to become a leader of  Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), before founding a religious commune in Cefalù known as the Abbey of Thelema, which he led  from 1920 through till 1923. After being evicted from Cefalù he returned to Britain, where he continued to promote Thelema  until his death.

Crowley was also bisexual, a "brain chemistry suffrage proponent" - recreational drug experimenter and a social critic. In  many of these roles he "was in revolt against the moral and religious values of his time", espousing a form of libertinism  based upon the rule of "Do What Thou Wilt".[1] Because of this, he gained widespread notoriety during his lifetime, and was  denounced in the popular press of the day as "the wickedest man in the world." His successful attempts to apply Empiricism  to Spirituality and the "paranormal" overshadow this bigoted claim, and his (and the Golden Dawn's) unparalleled recovery,  translation, collation, cataloging and cross-referencing of many of the (non-European) world's religions sacred texts stand  as a monument to both the civilizing influence, and the rapacious colonial acquisitiveness of the British Empire. To this  day, deluded Christians still refer to him as a "Satanist" and thus defame one of the brightest lights, and major  influences on (the resurgence of) Gnosticism (many believing him to be a Gnostic Saint) Hermeticism, Western Mystery  Tradition, Qabalah, the Spiritualist Movement, the Eleusinian Mysteries, the Dionysian Mysteries and the Wiccan Religion  (through Gardner) in the 20th Century.

In his role as the founder of the Thelemite philosophy, he came to see himself as the prophet who was entrusted with  informing humanity that it was entering the new Aeon of Horus in the early twentieth century. In hindsight, his predictions  and social theories all were reasonably accurate (some astonishingly so) as the force of a inchoate rebellion of drug- addled Hippies and Theosophically minded "New Agers" successfully stopped an unjust war, and eliminated an even more  pernicious form of conscriptive slavery and Class Warfare against the poor ("The Draft") just as predicted!

Born into a wealthy upper class family, as a young man he became an influential member of the esoteric Hermetic Order of  the Golden Dawn after befriending the order's leader, Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers. Subsequently believing that he was  being contacted by his Holy Guardian Angel, an entity known as Aiwass, while staying in Egypt in 1904, he "received" a text  known as The Book of the Law from what he believed was a divine source, and around which he would come to develop his new  philosophy of Thelema. He would go on to found his own occult society, the A∴A∴ and eventually rose to become a leader of  Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), before founding a religious commune in Cefalù known as the Abbey of Thelema, which he led  from 1920 through till 1923. After being evicted from Cefalù he returned to Britain, where he continued to promote Thelema  until his death.

Crowley has remained an influential figure and is widely thought of as the most influential occultist of all time. In 2002,  a BBC poll described him as being the seventy-third greatest Briton of all time. References to him can be found in the  works of numerous writers, musicians and filmmakers,[2] and he has also been cited as a key influence on many later  esoteric groups and individuals, including Kenneth Anger, most of the "British Music Invasion" of the 60s, through folk  like Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page who owns most of Crowley's 'marginalia' and his former place on Loch Ness, Graham Bond  rumoured to have been his son, Eric Clapton the name "Layla" (a song by Clapton with Derek & the Dominoes) was an invention  of A.C.s, meant to spell (and using Qabalah, add up to) the 'Ultimate Woman', Kenneth Grant, Jack Parsons, Gerald Gardner,  Robert Anton Wilson, William Butler Yeats, Rudolph Steiner, Helena Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey, [[Charles Ford], Robert  Monroe, A.E Waite, Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, and, to some degree, Austin Osman Spare.[3]

Verification And Validation

So, how does one differentiate a "psychic huckster" from a "true channel" (other than by moving to Sedona and taking names  - lol)?  Now, the MT does NOT have a self-regulating board of Governors, nor does it have any human member's "Statements of  Ethical Responsibility" as do the most successful metaphysical organizations of my personal experience:

The Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn

The American Federation Of Astrologers

The American Tarot Association

The National Council For Geocosmic Research

All of these groups above have strict self-policing and testing/vetting procedures that strive to guarantee members ARE who  and what they say they are, and that they behave ethically.  Never happened with the MT.

So who judges whether or not someone is "getting" the Michael or not (a la Troy's musings).  Personally, as someone who  believes they have "gotten" the Michael for 50+ years, Troy occasionally seems to me to mistake input from "Robert" as  coming from Michael, but there are so few of us left from the days when anyone actively channeled "Robert" that we could  only look to someone like JP Van Hulle for clarification here (although MY pesky ME sources, as I write this, tell me Mr.  Cocconi can tell the difference, as can others not of the "first" generation of Michael Channels: TOMG & all others  channeling the ME BEFORE "MFM", so I guess I'm being 'corrected' here.)

So folks, if I were to tell you that my ME sources and I play a channeling "game", of sorts, and THAT is how I found this  RA site, AND how the keyword "quarantine" was chosen, it is just gonna' set-up all sorts of speculation and/or  controversy.Nevertheless, as relentlessly as my ME sources have hounded me to make this stuff public (and they have always  done that a lot) over the last three weeks, I finally (as usual) gave in and here it is:


A form of divination and  research that was quite well known, and somewhat well respected (by all the ME 'primogenitors'  like Ouspensky and Steiner and Blavatsky et al) around the turn of the century, but that has fallen out of common  knowledge, was called "Geomancy".

Some practitioners (Theosophists, Crowley & the Golden Dawn, mostly) used the entire method as a form of 'automatic  writing", asking a question while (without using sight or conscious volition) poking at a blank piece of paper with a  pencil, then interpreting the results of the patterns the 'channeled pencil poking' produced using the body of interps.  extant for this 'art'.

So, when I started "automatic typing", I occasionally would notice my prose would frequently be interspersed with odd  "typos".  Believing there were no coincidences (or typos) and that there might be further data available, I started trying  to correlate the keystroke patterns of these typos with figures from classical Geomancy, and achieved some success.  The  'messages' seemed generally to be 'course corrections' from my Essence to me, personally  .  .  .   stuff that my main  conduit for conscious Essence contact: The "I Ching", was not equipped to address (whole topic for "Conscious Essence  Contact" here - the I Ching is much more reliable!  My results top 90% over the last 30 years with the "Wilhelm"  translation - Carl Jung's constant companion (in the original German) for the latter half of his life.

The oddest successes I had though, came when I started to type mathematical formulae into a Google search field.  I found  if I could state a query in "First Order Logic"* well enough, the links would almost always become facile, and lead me to  an answer, or to an intermediate math site where, with a bit of diligence a way to the answer would become apparent.  This  led to my 'automatic searching' the answers to questions by typing seemingly random letter sequences (which I at first did  with a pencil's eraser end, not looking at the keyboard, while concentrating on the query, as one would for a cast of the I  Ching, or in a Tarot Consultation).

This practice I now do almost without thought, when the situation seems to warrant it, and such was the case with my having  come across this page.  Hope that answers some questions, and for all you 'skeptics' out there, check it out.

Divination Through  'Automatic Typing Geomancy'

Think of question while Online

Click in Google search field.

Take pencil, eraser side down, in hand.

Close eyes.

Strike keyboard keys randomly with pencil eraser-end while thinking of question.

Click Search or hit Return.

Find answer!

[Note: This will work just as well with smart (or dumb) phones with web access, or any Internet input device. Remember this  is NOT an app. that generates random access to a database, as in online Tarot or I Ching, but is dependent on your own  ability to 'channel' answers through concentration on the query, and your body's subsequent response to muscle and nerve  input proceeding from your Essence, Spirit Guides, discarnate ETs or what-have-you.  I do this when I'm blocked (as in  "Writer's") or my altogether too 'static-ridden' mediumistic tuning craps out.  Sometimes I have to go from the first site  (I rarely get no search terms) through a link or two, but the ME and my Cherubim always seem to come through.]

-  Jondalf Thrasher

[The title of this post refers to a short story I wrote in 1969 about Nostradamus actually channeling people in his future,  looking out their eyes, inhabiting their bodies, seeing wars, and assassinations, and aiplanes and tanks and atom bombs -  all without historical context.  The best he could do was write sometimes vague, often prophetic quatrains about what his  'eyes' in the future saw. Not as stunning a lack of citation as "Neo", or "Thrasher Magazine", but after 45 years of  working as a Master Craftsman designing and fabricating things like the first Kryptonics skateboard you see coming off the  swimming pool lip in "Dogtown & Z-Boys", or all the jigs and fixtures for the first production run of the (at the  time)"World's Largest Handgun", the 454 Casull, or the first 'egg' shortboard in surfing history or  .  .  .  or  .  .  . 

  .  .  .  or the fact that the people at TLE are preventing me from accessing my own channeled posts, have not replied to  my reasonable requests for access to make sure I have copied it (a month gone by now) AND have still not told ME for what  offense I was suspended from TLE.  I thought Dave Gregg was a thief and a liar (Yeah right, Dave, your "Server ate" -  your direct quote -  24 of my channeled posts, eh?  One of them with entire paragraphs on the "Nature Of The Tao"  - CHANNELED IN  SANSKRIT!!!!!   Which I have not spoken for 1200 years!) but now apparantly Troy can do no better.  I tried to apologise to  him for whatever it was he thinks I did (I still have no clue).  So it goes.

I only relate this because the ME has informed me that the ""Eyes Of Nostradamus" idea, or at least the title, will soon be  on the big screen - like the web designer who used my Neologism (and song title) "Timeslide" to describe one of his  "Blogger" designs, or the band that used my album title "Shards" after they saw it on MySpace 2 years ago, or the best yet,  the "Cowboys And Aliens" ripoff of a 30+ year old story, begun by a dear friend of mine and former "High Ride" (the first  "Chumpmonk's" bandname, dating to 1976) singer, songwriter and guitarist: Al West, RIP.  I finished the story as a memorial  to him, and it has been posted on my blog for almost a decade. If you've seen the movie, read the original idea on my Blog,  entitled "Range On The Home, there's a scene described in Al West's original manuscript that is unmistakable.

And all this on top of the fact that I can't even copyright my own intellectual property, my original compositions and  recordings, because the RIAA, Sony and Microsoft have conspired (YEAH, & I have the Amicus Brief in the "Napster Decision",  from 14 Law School Professors, predicting and delineating this!) exactly what has happened to me, my work and the work of  thousands of other artists who can't "protect" our own Art because if we do, we then can only move or copy the music 10  times legally before Windows Media or I-Tunes refuses to allow us to copy OUR OWN MUSIC. I hope all the Media Execs behind  this stuff lose their asses bigtime in some Madoff-like Ponzi scheme.  Apple, Microsoft, Sony, RIAA - biggest companies in  the world. Why are they that big?  Because they steal the life's work of people like me.

Remember the guy that invented the interval windshield wiper? Big Auto stole his life, and then stonewalled and litigated  for 20 years ILLEGALLY (they had no rights to his invention) UNTIL HE DIED.  And they wonder why people wanna "Occupy Wall  Street"?]          - JWT

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