I now have found no less than a dozen fairly reputable sources of independent corroboration for my longstanding contention that CIA Projects like ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA and MONARCH had "Subprojects" dedicated to the ongoing behavior modification of childhood sex-abuse victims manifesting MPD. This is some of the sickest shit of which you could ever conceive, but I have known about this, and was just unable to believe it, for 15 years.  I personally have known at least a dozen women to whom this was done, and they are the bravest souls it has ever been my privelage to befriend. 
It just breaks my heart to have be unable to de-condition all of them, but they are getting younger and younger, and the Company, along with the Porn Industry, have perfected their techniques (and their analogs of meth) over the years.  I will continue to "endeavor to persevere" in my efforts to both verify and combat this predation upon the sick, and abused, but at least I am now convinced that the solitary and personal insights and conclusions I reached about this manipulation of the most vulnerable of our sisters (and brothers), developed after having watched this shit go down around me for the past 15 years, are not simply attributable to my 'counterculture paranoia' as some of my aquaintences have charged, but are indeed based upon the diligently ridiculed but nevertheless viable evidence of other people who've seen it as well.  And not all of them are '60's casualties.  Please check out these links:
There are MANY, MANY more  .  .  .  - the Dalphe