Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Score One For The White Hats

My friends,

Let us celebrate!  Let us thank the "White Hat" FBI, CIA, CBI and DEA for finally becoming effectively prosecutorial of the complicity of law enforcement in the ongoing white slavery rings, and C.I. undercover Crimes Against Humanity perpetrated by West (and South) Metro Drug Enforcement Task Forces in the Denver, Colorado area from 2001 to2004.  One of the co-conspiritors to whomn I tipped the Colorado Bureau Of Investigation in 2003, in my attempts to make authorities aware of this problem (please see my post "The Escape From Sprachland" and subsequent epistles from 2004 of my Blog: )

has been apprehended finally, and will face justice:

Hopefully, this will lead to subsequent arrests of current and former members of the Adam's County Sheriff's Dept.; Metro Task Force Officers and C.I.s; as well as complicit Jefferson County Sheriff's Dept. and JeffCo. officials & employees, including the former Jefferson County Sheriff who took early retirement when my allegations became known to Washington, D.C. CIA, & C.B.I. staff.        

"Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free."   - Jondalf
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Letter To A Friend (w/intro. & current status update)

Hey Kids,

Well, just to briefly say hi to all, and clarify my present status: My personal computer has been hacked offline. I am in the process of repairing it, and am coming to you now from my public library. My status as an unrepentant, loudmouth Anarcho-Syndicalist Blogger (and FaceBook "Public Figure" as so deemed by Zuckerberg & Co.) causes me to be the recipient of incensed hacking from right-wing ideologues. My computers are rendered inoperable once or twice a year, so it's not like I'm not used to it. I will be back online soon with some marvelous new insights, AND my offer to test my own 86% accuracy in Divination over the last 20 years with an offer to vette stocks submitted to me by MTSC members for profitability (1 month predictions at first). Love to all, keep the faith, "Letter To A Friend" to follow:

Sent Nov 13:

Hey Friend. I don't know of how much of my history you are aware, but I started to study 'Channeling' in 1968 when I began attending an historic experiment in social dynamics, metaphysical instuction and Intentional Community Building: "Monday Night Class":

So, by the time "MFM" was published, I had already been channeling the Akashic for almost 2 decades, and was quite widely versed in the rigors of 'Entity' channeling, as opposed to getting info from the Akashic Records, where I have a distinct edge: I have had 2 Cherubim (the inhabitants of the Akashic Plane, that Edgar Cayce saw as "Librarians") for my Spirit Guides, for many lifetimes. I have no idea why I have been so blessed.

My decision to pursue channeling as an endeavor led to my decision to confine my vocabulary to the OED. I am a lexicographer, poet, and student of the English language with few peers. The Michael Entity has told me I have the best (most words, least biased) English, Epistemology and Philosophy vocabulary of all Michael Channels currently in practice, but I am a 'one trick pony': I am also probably, the LEAST receptive Michael Channel in History.

THIS was why I chose dictionaries the way I did - it was the only way I could exchange memes with the 'MOST' receptive Michael Channels, and the Michael seemed to think that necessary. Now that I have finally met most of the English speaking Michael Channels, and I am a 'witness to History' (the ME predicted - at least to me - 'final collective push to collect and correct the data comprising the database for the Teachings', at least 20 years ago.)

Now, about my unique method of writing Essays (or answering MT queries in e-mails). It is all I can do to CATCH most of the conceptual data being broadcast in my general direction, by the ME, which I receive generally at about the "third harmonic of the 17th spike wave" mentioned in TOMG transcript. If you didn't know, 17hz is about the same frequency associated with Epileptic siezures, as measured by an EEG, so with my (D.I.D.) = "Multiple Personality Disorder", which my Priest ET, who was my grandmother, initiated with sexual abuse until I was 3, all I can do is get the ME to guide me to a link for the meme, so that I don't have to try to write an explanation in real time. I do apologise for the awkwardness. (I will probably post most of this e-mail, if you do not object, so others who do not know my 'story' can learn why I am so 'handicapped' as a Medium).

Finally, I can assure you, I (& the ME and most of the Admin here) also and still, have the same feelings you describe above, but about the forming of the final 'Working Group' for the elucidation and dissemination of the new (original) 'Teachings'. Believe it or not, this is a VERY mutable 'nexus' we have come upon here since 11/11/11, AND there are actually beings and forces opposed to these 'Teachings' becoming public here, so some of us don't even "know that we know", if you catch my meaning. Until the ME, by channeling ME as I 'peruse' the transcripts , is satisfied no rougue meme or religious fervor will hijack or obfuscate the intended 'esoteric' and 'higher' meanings CQY ignored, your open-hearted aspiration and willingness to devote yourself to a new spiritual project with a bunch of strangers will shame us all, until we are sure 'the coast is clear' and the ME signals the 'all-clear', and we can collectively 'high-five" you. Make any sense?

Love y'all.  Back soon. Your friend and "'hippy-dippy' medium rare`", - Jondalf

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