Monday, December 12, 2011

Channeling The Spirit Of Woody Guthrie For The "Occupy Wall Street Folk"

Man cannot serve two masters: God and Mammon." - anon, long before Judaism

"They got the guns, but we got the numbers." - Jim Morrison

This is for the "Occupy Wall Street" folk.
... No Koch brothers around to rent them all buses
and make them a movement. But they know, they know well that
"Class Warfare" only ever killed the poor.

And for all the bloodied and longsuffering Anarcho-Syndicalists,
remembering the ancient 'Wobblies', who died slowly, just trying to breathe
after the Asbestos Industry "1%" declared themselves,
and their "freemarket", morally bankrupt.

For the hundreds of Union coal miners hacking up black bits of lung
as they died buried alive turning a profit for the same "1%".

For Woody Guthrie, whose guitar'machine'"killed Fascists",
and for Pete Seeger, and Joe Hill, and all the women & children massacred
at Ludlow, Colorado, with NONE of their slayers ever charged with a crime -
because the murdering thugs were defending the profits of the ""1".

And for those who fight today in the streets
of "Babylon, USA" interposing their bodies upon the gears,
and insinuating themselves into the mechanisms of the GROSS "National Product".

But most of all, this is for all the "Hip" who,
like Phil Ochs, & Hamilton Camp, & Joan Baez, & Ani DiFranco,
never stopped believing, nor let us forget:

Democracy is something Sacred, and Capitalism profoundly profane!      -  Jondalf John Thrasher

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