Thursday, February 23, 2012

Illegal Copyright Protection Case On Point re: My Ongoing Feud With Sony And The RIAA (Hopefully the FBI is by now monitoring my e-mail and will catch the bastards in the act of illegally tracking the progress of my proposed class action suit.  The 'Subject' line cannot be construed as 'entrapment' because I am acting as a private citizen, and it simply states the truth. We shall see.) There is NO defensible reason every time I have been online and used 'port monitoring/IP address identification software' in the last 2 years I have recorded a Hollywood, CA IP address connected, without invitation, to my CPU, and then within hours, said software is remotely disabled.  Luckily I have numerous copies of logs I made in many of these instances distributed throughout the Anacho-Syndicalist community, and secreted in other places.  I purposely never used iTunes, 'cause I always had a protective feeling for Apple, having beta-tested software for them for 20 years.  I still have all my Macs, even my old insanely overclocked 512 that is probably still the fastest Mac+ of all time. I told the FBI I have 3 recently hacked hard drives saved for forensic examination (covers all the way back to 2006) and sent a copy of the spoofed MSN "Network Diagnostic Button" to a friend of mine from the MTSC who works at the DOJ.  I also mailed a copy on CD to the local office of the Secret Service. I received a call back from the Sac. Valley High Tech Crimes Task Force while I was at a job interview today, so things should pick up steam now. I believe I may have finally amassed enough evidenced, copied and stashed around the world, to legally prevail in this particular fight, finally (after 6 years!).  Now all that's left for me to do is to tally the damages and solicit a legal team. About a year ago I asked a semi-famous old Bay Area musician/recording engineer/studio owner friend to keep track of production costs for his and any other Independent projects to which he is privy, so I can estimate the costs of my lost songs and hacked compositions and arrangements. I can also probably ask others he has toured and worked with for years what their estimates might be, and pay 'em all some decent consulting fees on Big Media's dime. Any of my lawyer friends/readers want in? My initial "Waring . . ." blogpost from a few years ago is still one of my most read non-metaphysical/hippie history posts worldwide.  I figure we settle for 12 to 20 mil. after sending out queries for other members of the 'class'.  On MySpace, maybe - For the past 3 years I've kinda' been quietly collecting a 'posse' there that are all of a like mind about "Big Media", some of whom think I never noticed their beefs, but I just didn't wanna' put them in the same 'line of fire' I was in, so I pretended to ignore them. Using MySpace, that would be a nice touch, since I still have copies of the libelous "bulk uploader" HTML/JavaScript source page SOMEONE induced the "MySpace Lads" to publish when I first joined there to market Jondalf/Chumpmonks music and all my hacking woes/stolen tunes and titles began). If none of you are interested I was considering asking Barry Melton or even Gerry Spence.  Is Bill Kunstler still alive, practicing and taking your phone calls Billy?  Barring them, I recall Tony Serra (if he's still kicking) owes me from that Columbian fiasco in '72.  From there I work my way down to ambulance chasers. If I'm lucky I will get this settled before I'm 65 (2016) and can then retire.   At age 60 and after 2 years layoff, I just don't know if my skills set is still marketable, so maybe I eke out a meager subsistence as a "nostalgia act". I still get about 2 legit booking requests a week for live club dates in Sacto/Bay Area from about 3 different agencies, BTW.  So let me know your thoughts, my oldest friends, if any of y'all are still "out there" (like "The Truth" in the X Files axiom);{> - Gandalf

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

'Atlantis Rising' - More Channeling On Hippies (And Mediums) From The '60s


From 12/27/1973:

"ES___: Is my soul’s movement random or purposeful? From the moment the soul fragments into pieces then the evolutionary process evolves into ultimate unity and the process is repeated. I see it as by chance and not happening by purpose."

"Do you really believe that “chance” brought this group together in Walnut Creek, California? We cannot believe that at all. The searching is solely through Essence, and the False Personality fights this as long as it exists, which may or may not survive to the bitter end. All of you were involved in a specific situation, which has now brought you together in a parallel time frame, which allows you to complete the Monad. For those of you who initially came together in Rome and Syria, Palestine, there is the teaching of Christ, who you all knew of then, for you to hear this time with unplugged ears. One among you heard it loud and clear then, and will become an adept in this physical interval. Sarah wrote a book during that lifetime, and now she is writing it again. Some changes are being made. Others are playing out almost identical life roles as you did then. This will become more apparent as we progress."

Folks, for you who haven't had the pleasure, the ME just led me to the one Spiritual Book that colored the '60s for me -

THE ENTIRE TEXT, COMPLETE WITH ALL THE ORIGINAL COLOR PLATES that taught an entire generation of Healers and Shaman and yes, stoned-ass hippies to truly SEE and understand Auras and   .  .  .

ta - da:

"Thought Forms", by MY favorite Theosophists: C.W. Leadbeator and Annie Besant [mentioned favorably by The Michael Entity in the recent transcriptions of  (TOMG)  The Original Michael Group]:

"Thought Forms" link

Just look into the wry joy and elated Essence visible through C.W. Leadbeater's eyes (anyone reminded of Ed?) and does anyone else see what we used to call the 'inner' aura of brightyellowhite tightly outlining the hair and face mostly, of one of the Michael's favorites: Annie Besant, and then can you see the whiter shifting larger outlines in chunks and strands along her clothes  .  .  .  wow  .  .  . takes me back.  Anyone have any questions about this stuff, IO used to be an expert, my only limitations were not seeing the colors emanating from the lower chakras and the way Rolf, what the "Global Consciousness Project" in the Video was doing was real, I remember tuning into it at the time to see if they got it right, and they had it really energetically managed.  Many of  us had, and have used this collective energy, harnessed through collective cronosynchronicity, mutually learned ritual movements, actions and forms and shapes (for my covens, down all the ages, the forms of Hermetic Magick, the mantras, yantras and mudras of Rajvayana Tantra Asana, and the channeled memories of those V Cadre's of us from Atlantis who all took turns living our lives, watched over by our Soulsiblings as we schemed and plotted, weaved and knotted timelinetapestries of silken necessity, a city saved from famine here, a library looted, scrolls buried, genelines preserved by centuries pre-planned reunitingincarnationsleepingonlywithkithandkinkennedbynonespecially the diseasestrewingtyreandsidon3wingflyingsaucerfolk (seen inbgrade medieval paintingsabandoned to die like we folk of C1/E1, plotting and "sliding" and cringing through life after life, a Sage saved to teach a tribe how to build boats and escape to places the Annunnaki nor their servants ever went neverowningevenourselves as sacreifice after sacrifice was seen by our Seers and

channeled thru oracles and dying eyes closed only to see the 'copulatingbodies' that drew us down, again and again, sworn to keep the shared vision of 37375 individual 'sparks from the Tao' bandeed together in common cause, common ancestry (Leary WAS right - there IS a Racial and Spirituaklmemory wovendeepinDNA) that if known to the DemiUrgos and his servants before now would, in this very year,       be


deemedgeneticallyadvancedangerousandwilful .  .  .

that, my brothers and sisters from fair lost sunken Atlantis,

I am overwhelmed and honored to tell those of you who know

in your very marrow, that my story is yours also  .  .  .  

The End

as foreseen in a dream, of a dream, when what WAS foreseen is a single sorry Sage reading words on a screen like a team, in a forest green, releasing a dove (or is it a meme?) to return to a ship, which fleeing Atlantis found a mountain and a forest and a Temple waiting  .  .  .  waiting for a team  .  .  .   from the last Cadre's team.    Or was it a gene?

What - - -Ever - - -and - - -Ever, my fine and triumphant crew.

'Tis thru and through.  We stuck to our plans, and our Muse`

(Blessed Be Ye Michael Entity - Three times 3 times Three -

as we will always seek follow The Way Which Is Ever Its Own End

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