Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape, and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?” —George Hunter White, first head of the Office Of Strategic Services

(which became the CIA, with White as then head of the infamous MKUltra Project) thus setting an example - the worst - criminal, dishonorable, treasonous - for future generations of Agents - FBI,CIA,NSA,DOD; Confidential Informants, Vice D.A.s on the take with the Mafia, crooked A.G.s and County Sheriffs, snitches, stoolies and politicians of every stripe.

The oldest, largest rogue CIA 'behavior modification' retirement community', for old Agents and Mafia Dons, has run out of Henderson, Nevada, since 1950, and these stellar citizens are responsible for the perverted/criminal treatment of two of the most noble, longsuffering, gracious and beautiful human beings With whom I have ever been blessed to meet, and fall in love.

Some of you may remember when Darryl Hanna, after many years of silence, fearing the incredible reach, into the highest ranks of Politics and Law Enforcement, of these Nazi bastards, finally publicized her account of being kidnapped and held captive by these people. At least she hadn't been put out on the street corner, at age 13, as had one of my lady friends, to turn tricks to buy food for the family.

The upshot of this, and my blogging this here first, is because I had been warned, by the ME, of their re-emegence from under the rocks where they live, and their arrival, prior to my proving, at least to MY satisfaction, that they are illegally monitoring me, and this site, probably in hopes of their finding where I, and others long aince scattered to the hills, hid evidence of 2 murders, 13 kidnappings, 28 rapes, and other serious crimes too numerous ane heinous to chronicle here.

I apologise for having provoked them into being here, thus having put you, my friends, into harm's way, but thisnis why I have become a recluse, and a hermit, to protect my friends.

More, next time, - Jondalf

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