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Angelic Beings - Post The Christo-Fascist Hackers Did Not Want You To See !

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Michael Student:   "Do you agree with the opinion that "angels" are individual essences who chose to never incarnate for whatever reason or purpose, but are otherwise just like us at the essence level? (i.e. they too have an entity). As permanent residents of astral, they would likely become known as guides and teachers. But, why do they not need to learn lessons from the physical realm? Are they no longer doing grand cycles in the physical, but still cast from Tau?"

Jondalf  -  "You must have been reading one of my minds (remember, I 'quantum commute' amongst about 300 of my closest analogs, so sometimes even I don't know what I am thinking - lol).

Of the 9 Angelic Orders, only Angels and ArchAngels and Principalities hang out mostly on the Astral (Higher and Lower) Cherubim are native to the Akashic Plane, Seraphs gravitate to the Transcendental, Thrones are mostly on the Buddhic.

Dominions, Virtues and Powers are generally Causal Plane Beings.

Unlike "free-willed" ensouled evolving fragments and Entities, the Angelc races were "constucted from", not "cast from" The Tao. THEY DO NOT HAVE FREE WILL! They are analogous to androids with Artificial Intelligence, each order has specific hierarchical functions and purviews. They are the maintenance robots of the Metaverse, with far greater Intelligence Quotients and computational speeds and data capacity than ANY ensouled being could ever imagine. THEY DO NOT HAVE SOULS! I repeat: they are not connected to any ESSENCE, other than that of the Usurper (if non-"fallen", or non-Neutral), and ultimately, the Tao. They are their own Essences, said essences being programmed with their purpose."      -  Jondalf Thrasher

At least thats what I get from the Akashic. The Urantia Book has all the very detailed details, and the channeled book "The Keys Of Enoch" has some interesting factoids, as does "OAHSPE". The "Dictionary Of Angels" is a good compilation of earthly textual references.



Keys Of Enoch:

 - Jondalf Thrasher

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