Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Current State Of 'Sprachland'

To all of you interested in the apparent proliferation of underage exploitative "webcam" sites, based in 3rd World Countries, and the investigation and prosecution of porno producers worldwide, for use/abuse of underage models, and who have been equally intrigued/outraged by stories of American "Kidnapping/Behavior Modification" like Darryl Hannah's:


" 'Kill Bill' Actress Daryl Hannah Launches Sex-Slave Crusade After Escaping Sick Trade

Kill Bill star Daryl Hannah narrowly avoided being sold as a sex slave in Las Vegas in the late 1970s and is now coming forward with her seedy secret to help others forced into prostitution. The actress, who has joined forces with international human rights groups to help free sex slaves, reveals she was studying theatre in Los Angeles when she leaped at the chance to model for an album cover in Sin City. The 46-year-old told crime show America's Most Wanted that she quickly realised the modeling trip was a scam and she was about to be forced into a sex-slave ring. Hannah told show host John Walsh she and another girl escaped out a window and fled back to Los Angeles, but she has always been haunted by the memory of how close she came to becoming forced into prostitution. And now the environmentalist and humanitarian is using her movie dollars to help those who weren't so lucky after learning there are more than 14,000 girls smuggled into America annually from Eastern Europe and Asia who become part of secret sex rings. She says, "The more I learn, the more I am moved to take action."

- http://www.tennisforum.com/showthread.php?t=279427

I have been dealing with this sick shit ever since the CIA "behavior modified" me at UC Berkeley in the '60s. Two women I love dearly were victims of the same group that got Darryl Hannah, THEY STILL EXIST, AND HAVE NEVER BEEN BROUGHT TO JUSTICE! MAYBE BECAUSE THEY ARE FORMER MEMBERS OF THE DEPT. OF JUSTICE !

I have waged a one-man campaign against them for many decades. I actually have evidence of their crimes, which I have tried to get MANY DAs and Police Depts., even the FBI to use in their prosecution with no takers (videos of them abusing my friends, when my friends were underage, which my friends gave to me for reproduction, proliferation and safe-keeping).

If you are a follower of my Blog: "Letters To My Future Selves" you willI have noted that I have taken to resorting to more surreptitious means over the years, most recently using a "bait and switch" con to try and generate a large pool of porn users who have now seen the tapes I was given. The more people who have direct experience with evidence of criminal activity of this sort, the better. This can lead to, if nothing else, hundreds of depositions and attestations with which the Porn criminal's legal defense teams have to deal, increasing thereby the prosecution's "preponderance of the evidence"!

I recall the abject frustration of one family who lived in a 'trailer park' inhabited by meth cooks, 'tweakers' and Confidential Informers in one of the cities to which I was sent. They had 2 WAY attractive daughters, 16 & 17, precocious and wild, who, in the course of being arrested for simple marijuana possession ran into some of Colorado's finest, and to make a long story short, were taken advantage of by these public servants, in exchange for no drug charges being filed against them (just like the plots in a hundred bad "Trailer Park Trash" porn movies).

Not an untoward occurrence in the world today, and it would have ended there had not the 'boys in blue' continued to extract "payments' for the next 6 months! The parents were old druggies, reported the incident and were studiously ignored. They and the girls were outraged but unable to figure out how to "fight the power", until one weekend they mounted a hidden security camera in their living room, the parents called a friend of theirs at City Hall, who they knew knew the officers in question, told him they were going out of town, would he check on the girls? please over the weekend, etc., and the next week they had evidence of crimes being committed. For one reason or another, the tape was never used by ANY prosecutors, EVER, but everybody, like myself who was privy to the incident. has been harassed about its whereabouts fr years.

The reach and clout of groups like the one in Henderson, about which I have written before, is astonishing, rendering most potential witnesses and/or opponents of any stripe fearful, and ineffectual in shouldering their Libertarian responsibilities. Just recall what someone trying to silence my critique of Colorado drug law enforcement did to all my online accounts LAST MONTH, AFTER HAVING CONTINUALLY HACKED MY ACCOUNTS AND CPUS FOR DECADES, DESTROYING 2 NEW LAPTOPS IN 2 YEARS.

Realize that tactics like this have been used against me since the '60s, to no avail ! My 2 Cherubim Guardian Angels (literally) always prevail. Most of my long term friends, and Federal Gov. Intell. Agencies since the 60s, have seen the manifestation of this "dumb luck" for decades, and doubt it not!

In any event, I will "endeavour to persevere" to protect and seek justice for my friends (and your friends too). I have not been able to visit with many of my favorite people, most of my life, because I could lead the bad guys right to 'em. This has rendered me quite bitter over time, and made me the curmudgeon I am today, sorry.

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