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Kingdom Of Heaven Gained Through Stealth (Project Camelot)

I have to look up my former post referencing this, but I have the inside info on the Metatron Dispute:

Project Camelot Library Index:

Interview with Ashayana Deane, Part 1 (of 3)

- I was there when it was created.  The story predates the Zohar, and can be found in The Dictionary of Angels, but briefly I "Jannes" and my partner "Jambres" were two Priest Caste, practicing Egyptian Magi. We were familiar with the Custodial Gods, and their habits, and we managed to stow away on one of their "Vimanas" (Shuttlecraft) and sneak onto the hollowed out asteroid they had in orbit, named "Heaven".  Once inside, we secreted ourselves within the maintenance spaces in the walls, came out to steal food and water, and hunkered down, planning on hitching a ride offplanet. Our presence was discovered, and all sorts of "eradicate the vermin" operations began.

Because IHVH had essentially tranferred the Angelic Host's allegiance from his person, to the human race, the Angels, we knew, were prohibited from using lethal force on even two stowaways without IHVH's express consent.  Seeing as he was off someplace else, doing something else and could not be reached, and all the attempts at any of the Orders following us through the narrow conduits and gaps in structural details failed because angelic beings are larger than humans (sometimes up to nine feet tall, like Thrones and Principalities) AND they are much less flexible, they were stumped.

Until that damned Azazel came up with the idea of building an Android Angel (kinda' like Data, on Star Trek) that was our size and indestructable, designed to flush us out of our lair, and it did, having been given 3 times the normal Angelic dataprocessing power, so much computational advantage that ever afterward this construct became IHVH's scribe, and this is recorded in many esoteric texts about the Angels.

Oh yeah they named it: Metatron

And Drunvalo and his ilk are NOT gonna like me bringing this up again.  I left Sedona in 1999, leaving Mr Melchezidek, AND "Gabriel of Sedona" (a sworn enemy of mine) behind, and essentially surrenduring the 'field' to their stories and propaganda.  But I swore to return, and disabuse all of their cosmic missapprehensions, and so I shall.

One odd footnote to all this though, I was told in 1974, by a TRUE Priest of The Order Of Melchizedek, that this episode instilled a long-lasting animus towards the Custodial Gods within the Egyptian Metaphysico- Religious Fraternity, resulting in the opposition by the Egyptian Head Priest/Mage to the co-option of the Children of Israel by the Mosaic abuser of Demiugic Tech (the Ark of the Covenent - a transdimensional timeline control mechanism, capable or rendering branching events contrary to the plans of IHVH dissolute, and their supporting waveforms dissipated.) .

Thus Moses (aided by Yahweh) and the Head Egyptian PriestMage did battle Magickally much as described in the Bible, and the Mage was defeated, and Moses led the Israelites toward their 'promised land'.  Because of his defeat in this Magickal battle, the Head Priest/Mage was constrained to pledge to divulging ALL of his Metaphysical knowledge in a future lifetime.

That lifetime was the incarnation known as Aleister Crowley.

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